‘Revolution,’ You Officially Have My Attention

Photo courtesy of NBC

Until this point, I was only moderately interested in NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama Revolution, but last night’s episode was the tipping point at which I became officially hooked. Apparently all it took was a Romeo & Juliet love story, some Captain Neville back-story, and Frank Lapidus. Who knew that was all you needed to get me to watch a TV show? (It’s sad but true—I will watch pretty much anything with a forbidden love story and Lost alumni.) Let’s go over the highlights of this week’s episode that have led me to commit to this show:

  • The budding (okay, maybe “budding” isn’t the right word, but the seeds have definitely been planted) romance between Charlie and Jason, whom we just discovered is the son of Captain Neville, the current nemesis of Charlie’s family. At the end of the episode, Jason faced off against his father, who wanted Jason to deliver Charlie to him. Instead, Jason threw Charlie from the moving train rather than hand her over. But hey, at least he gave her a warning to watch her head before he tossed her out of the train. I bet he only does that for the girls he’s really into. Jason is totally my new favorite character because his storyline involves two of my favorite things: forbidden love and daddy issues. Now, if only he had a younger brother he was devoted to protecting, then he’d have the hat-trick. But I guess Charlie’s got the monopoly on that one.
  • Interesting back-story on the ruthless Captain Neville (featuring some great acting from Giancarlo Esposito). We got a glimpse into Captain Neville’s John Lockean transformation story (I’m referring to the character on Lost, not the well-known philosopher), which started with him getting fired from his desk job on the day of the blackout. Pre-blackout Neville was a pushover who let his boss and his douchey neighbor walk all over him, but at some point he snapped, and he told his son that they had to learn not to be weak, or they wouldn’t survive. (Great pep talk for an eight-year-old, by the way.) Neville is like Locke in that he kind of came into his own during a time of chaos, and the fear and uncertainty sharpened him into who he is now. Also, he really likes knives. Granted, Locke’s journey focused more on faith and destiny, but that’s just the nature of Lost, whereas Revolution seems to be leaning more towards issues of freedom, morality, and human nature.
  • Frank Lapidus!…is what I exclaimed when I saw guest star Jeff Fahey appear on screen. Lapidus was one of the best parts about Lost‘s final two seasons. I still can’t look at him without thinking of his line, “We’re not going to Guam, are we?” Hands down, one of the best lines on Lost. Fahey’s character on Revolution was not nearly as awesome as Lapidus. In fact, he kind of stabbed Nora and tried to kill Danny, but, you know, bygones and whatnot.

What did you think of “Soul Train”? Was it the best episode yet? Or am I just biased due to the aforementioned plot points? Are you officially hooked on Revolution? Still holding out for your “aha” moment? Or were you already there? Do you have a favorite character yet? Which Lost alumnus do you think will show up next? I’m hoping it’s Ken Leung. Share your predictions and thoughts on this week’s episode in the comments, or tweet us!


P.S. Did I mention that JD Pardo, who plays Jason, was on Veronica Mars? Because I feel like that’s always relevant. And awesome. And another reason he’s my new favorite character.


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  1. Oh my Louise- We are totally long ‘LOST’ sisters!! Yes, i am loving Revolution as one of my favorite characters on TV EVER probably next to (Olivia Dunham) is and forever will be, Juliet Burke from ‘LOST’!!! Which has been my reason for watching Rev so far but after last night’s episode I can see that this show is really going places and I am totally buying a ticket on the Revolution Express!! I also LOVED seeing Lapidus and can’t wait for another ‘Lostie’ to show up next! I think it would be neat if it were Evangeline Lilly next as I would love for her and Liz Mitchell to somehow get handcuffed in the wilderness again!!! I also like to pretend that Charlie and Danny are Sawyers….LOL!!!! Anyway, just know that I LOVE all your ‘LOST’ refrences….as lets be honest before there was ‘Fringe’ there was ‘LOST’!

    • Haha the same as me…. I love Elizabeth Mitchell and she comes in at very close second to Anna Torv…. LOSTIES ALL THE WAY

  2. I felt similarly about Revolution. It has picked up its pace quite a bit since the premiere. The Neville back story was awesome; a couple of coworkers at DISH and I have been Esposito fans since his Gus days. I just heard that last night’s episode crushed the competition in number of viewers. I might re-watch the episode on my Hopper later tonight. Having a DVR with a lot of memory allows me to save all of the shows that I watch on a regular basis. I don’t have to worry about picking and choosing like I did with my last DVR. As long as Abrams doesn’t deploy as many mysteries as LOST had, I’m a fan until the end.

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