TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM 8×04 “Who Wants to be a Godparent”

Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Monday’s episode was a crowd pleaser. Read the reactions from viewers:

  • @indy_lover Laughing so hard at the new #HIMYM I am crying. Finally, it’s back.
  • @richpalin Tonight’s #HIMYM episode is all you need to watch to know it’s an all time classic
  • @drjavisworld #HIMYM is back!!!! Quality episode!!!!! Just like the good times!
  • @agar06 Every time I watch #himym I love that show more and more. It’s just so good and funny and awesome. It’s the best.
  • @pepe_cm23 The new chapter of #HIMYM is just legen…… Wait for it
  • @IzeOfTheWorld41 This new #HIMYM is halarious!!!
  • @RebecaWD7 BUENISIMO el nuevo episodio de #HIMYM XDXD
  • @ummrenell is that a bowling ball in a onesie? LOL #himym good to know a funny episode can still pop up from time to time
  • @kirkdigiacomo Is it just me, or did this show used to be funnier like seven seasons ago or so? #HIMYM
  • @michaeldoes Haven’t laughed at an episode of #HIMYM like I am right now.#hilarious. 😂
  • @fernz_ Oh wow Robin 😛 I’m sure that catsuit is the same one you wore in Avengers. #HIMYM
  • @bdfrancis What’s with the writing in #HIMYM nowadays? Since when does Robin want kids? The writing in these past few episodes is almost as bad as glee
  • @SoCalKindofGal Hilarious episode of #HIMYM today!!
  • @_JessicaRojo_ Another good episode of #HIMYM. Not surprised.

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