‘Fringe’ 5×03: “The Recordist” – Louise’s Review from TheTelevixen.com


Photo courtesy of Fox

This week’s episode was about heroes. I know what you’re thinking—every episode of Fringe is about heroes. Peter, Olivia, and Walter are the epitome of heroism. All they do is risk their lives to save the world, whether it means eliminating themselves from existence, using their abilities to fight evil, or getting bangs. The Fringe team has over four seasons’ worth of proof that they’re some of the bravest, most selfless people in the universe, but this episode was sort of a tribute to the unsung heroes who have helped them along the way, sometimes even at the cost of their lives…

*Read the rest of my review over at TheTelevixen.com!


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  1. What am I going to do with you -Louise, the end of this review about brought me to tears! One of the best recaps ever!! You and Mary’s love, support and enthusiasm for our precious ‘Fringe’ makes y’all River-Comic-Book worthy hero’s as well!! Your part of the comic-book would read, “And this was the Incerdible Mary & Louise who dedicated a WHOLE week to celebrating ‘Fringe’ with a fun fringtastic post everyday on their amazing web-site Pop Culture Nexus. They will forever be known as two of the greatest fringies of all time!”

    Love you gals! 🙂

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