An Interview with a Devoted Nikita Fan

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Meet Julie (@KickassNikita). She is a devoted fan of the show who has been organizing twitter events since Season 2. Find out what she is most excited to see in Season 3 and what she would say to the CW executives if she had the opportunity to meet them.

What are you most excited for this season?

I am excited to see how these characters will grow in season 3. It’s different time. They are now “the man.” It’s going to be interesting to see how they adjust to working in the new Division, their Division. I could make a big list of what I’m excited for but I’ll make it short.

  • Seeing Mikita’s relationship grow stronger
  • Seeing more of Nikita and Alex’s sistership because I really missed that in S2
  • Rouge Amanda–she’s going to be scarier than ever! Also Female Roan
  • More awesome Birkhoff quips and him being awesome
  • Seeing all the characters have individual arcs (e.g. how Ryan will adjust to his role “running Division,” Nikita and her uneasiness of Division and government and now being a part of it, the “big thing” that is going to happen to Michael, how Alex adjusts to her identity being exposed to the world, etc)
  • Seeing Owen and Alex’s first official meeting, or should I say interrogation. (I’m not a shipper but I’m intrigued by the possibly of them)
  • More flashbacks of Nikita, Michael, and Owen in “Percy Division” (I’m hoping that Xander [Berkeley] and Rob [Stewart] can come back for those)
  • Kickass action of course!

How do you communicate with other Nikita fans? 

I mostly use Twitter to communicate with other Nikita fans. I have met some amazing and dedicated people on Twitter. They are like my second family. I do not have a tumblr but I love looking at the Nikita tag on Tumblr. I also read a lot of Nikita discussions on imdb and television without pity. When the CW had discussion boards on their website, I used to write comments during s1. I had a CW Facebook page before but I do not use it anymore.

Nikita has always been a show on the bubble during renewal time because of its low ratings. If the show continues to struggle with low Nielsen ratings this season, how will the fans show their support?

Last year, fans organized weekly trends to get the word out about the show. Also, we came together to make a fan book for all the cast and they showed it to the CW/WB execs. The international support for the show is huge. We are smaller than other TV fandoms but we are passionate and dedicated. We have fought for this show from the beginning. We will continue to come up with creative ways to promote the show. We are trending this week so make sure to check @kickassnikita on Twitter for details.

If the executives at the CW Network asked you how they could better engage Nikita fans, what would you say?

First I would say thanks to the CW for continuing to keep the show on the air. Next, I would say they need to do a better job promoting the show. It is harsh to say but sometimes it feels like Nikita fans gets ignored most of the time. The fans are engaged but I don’t feel that CW is as engaged in Nikita as they are for other shows. Fans always have to demand for spoilers, pics, or videos about the show. They rarely mention Nikita on their twitter page which is a shame because the cast is pretty active on Twitter. Also, the CW needs to re-brand the show. It’s an adult action ensemble show not just “hot women with guns.” I would tell them to talk to fans more and ask how they want the show to be marketed because we know what a gem it is. Critics do as well. I am glad the CW made deals with Hulu and Netflix so more people are exposed to the show who would not watch it otherwise. Everyday I see a new tweet about someone finding Nikita on Netflix and loving it so I feel like the CW needs to get more involved and do a little more work.

What is your favorite Mikita moment from each season and why?

This is hard! I have too many.

Okay for season 1, I’ll be predictable and say the end of Covenants (1×17). This was the moment that changed everything. Michael finally had closure for the death of his wife and daughter and was finally able to trust Nikita and fully give his heart to her. He realized that Percy had been manipulating him the whole time and moved to Nikita’s side. These two had all these complications and pent up feelings for so many years and now they were finally together.

For season 2, it would have to be Mikita’s reunion toward the end of Knightfall (2×03).  Maggie was a master of displaying Nikita’s despair when she failed. She didn’t save Michael and now he was gone. Dead. When he came out, there was smoke everywhere and the hug was beautiful!  The audience knew he was alive but the scene was so good that we were all holding our breaths anyway. Just a beautiful scene. The best. What a reunion.

Maggie and Shane have the best chemistry on TV. Period. Case closed.

If you could spend the day with any character from the show, who would it be and what would you do?

It would be Nikita for sure. She’s my favorite character. We’d do a lot of things. She’d teach me how to fight and shoot guns. We would do yoga and maybe I could stay in Operations with Birkhoff and Sonya while she, Michael, Alex, Sean, and Owen kick ass. Yeah that would be a good day.


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