Fringe 3×04 “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

This episode might as well come with a tombstone for the viewer that reads, “Here Lieth a Polivia Shipper Who Died of a Broken Heart.” You know, I often enjoy applauding the writers for creating complex, intelligent storylines with emotional depth, but this is the one time I wish they weren’t so good. My initial reaction after viewing this episode was outrage – outrage for Peter being blind and horny, and AltLivia for being a siren…but then, I analyzed what Newton said. He reminded me that AltLivia is actually conflicted about her mission. She is struggling. Seriously writers, it’s like you enjoy torturing us. You make Newton, the guy who I abhor for almost killing Walter and taunting Olivia, make me have some sympathy for AltLivia, his team member?!?! What! Since the season premiere, I thought AltLivia enjoyed being a double agent, but she is actually haunted by the fact that she will have to compromise her values for the mission. She’s certainly not innocent because she agreed to the mission. She knew what she would be asked to do, yet, she did it out of love for her world. She is trying to save her world and help her people, a quality I admire in the real Olivia. ::sigh:: But I just want to hate her…sad

  • UGH, WHY?! Peter and Olivia are on a date at a restaurant. angry I hate seeing Peter flirt with AltLivia. I don't want to seeOh what, you are disappointed Peter won’t sleep with you?

  • Aww, Van Horn is getting lemonade. GAH! He got into a car accident. He doesn’t have a pulse, but he is still breathing? I don't knowFringe event!! Van Horn’s wife is named Patricia! That name was in the previous episode!

  • What does Newton want with Van Horn’s body? OH SNAP. He just shot him in the eye. Van Horn was a shapeshifter. surprisesurprise Dang, can’t trust anyone.
  • Walter: “You with the red hair.” Scientist: “It’s black.” Walter: “I see red. Answer the question.”  rolling on the floor rolling on the floor Medicated Walter is so funny. There he goes again…taking off his pants.

  • Walter is looking oddly at AltLivia. See, Peter even he is suspicious of her. Who is this new girl helping Walter? Where is Astrid? I don't know

  • Netwon: “Well, maybe it’s because I’m looking in from the outside, but I’m willing to wager that somewhere, deep inside his brain, Peter Bishop senses that something is not quite right with you, that something has changed, that you’re not his Olivia.” YES! Who would’ve thought Newton would be the one to give Polivia shippers hope. happy

  • Rachel is calling AltLivia…This is gonna be interesting. Ugh, totally fell for her lie. It’s Newton. I hope he is calling to remind her again that Peter belongs with his Olivia. Van Horn had pictures of the Fringe team…how nice, he is a stalker fan. 

  • Little boy, your daddy is referring to himself. He is the friendly monster.
  • Dang, this must be so hard for Patricia but she is a rock. I really like her. big grin
  • Aw, Walter is eating for comfort. Yes, he got an epiphany. applause Go, Walter, go. OH NO! Ray is in the elevator with him. surprisenail bitingnail biting
  • Back at the cafeteria, Peter is still being a dum dum. no talking Peter: “And you did tell me that your experiences on the other side changed you, but since you got back, it’s like… it’s like you’re a completely different person. You seem less burdened. You’re more patient with Walter. Don’t get me wrong, I like it. The change is good. But… it’s different.” Keep questioning the differences! You are on the right track.

  • I can’t look. I can’t look. Ray is with Walter. I don't want to seeYes, he stabbed the shapeshifter. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Ray hit Walter!!!!!!!! angryangryangryangryangry Dude, you have no idea the wrath you have just brought upon yourself. NO ONE HURTS WALTER. NO ONE!!

  • Hurry, Peter!!

  • GAH! Astrid’s concerned reaction when she finds Walter injured is a Television Gem. I love their friendship. love strucklove strucklove strucklove struck
  • Jeepers Creepers! Newton killed Ray’s family for not taking on a new identity. And you’re back on my hate list.
  • Peter and AltLivia are chasing after Newton. Oh c’mon, AltLivia, at least try to accurately shoot at Newton’s car. You are blowing your cover, but go ahead, ruin it so Peter can find out and get his Olivia back. Ugh, she got the disc.

  • Newton is in the detention center. Newton: “You’re gonna have a very difficult time without me, you know?” AltLivia: “Well, there are plenty of machines here. I can befriend a vacuum cleaner.” laughinglaughing
  • Newton: “But you do care, don’t you? Every night when your head hits the pillow, in the last moments before you go to sleep, your emotions betray you, and you question your ability to pull this off. Words like, integrity, self-respect – they haunt you. They form a line that you’re unwilling to cross and that will lead to your undoing. But I suppose that’s not my problem anymore.” Ugh, Newtown, you just had to remind us that AltLivia actually is a three dimensional character who has values and principles. She actually is a good person in her world, but I just want to hate her right now. It’s so much simpler. angry
  • AltLivia just texted Peter: “Can you come over. We need to talk.”
  • Newton just took the chip. Will it kill him? Okay, that just answered my question.

  • AltLivia: “I lied to you. I don’t want to talk.” And there it is. You just crossed the line Newton said you couldn’t. Don’t give in, Peter. DAMNIT PETER!!!!!!! angryangryangryWHY?!?!?! cryingcryingcrying

Special thanks to Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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    Mary you are on a roll with these recaps!!! You know what—the repercussions of this episode is going to really tear your heart strings to pieces in the later episodes of the season! That’s all I’m going to say just know you’ve been warned! 😉

    P. S. I LOVE….RIP POLIVIA SHIPPERS 2008-2010…BWAHAHA!! At the time it did feel like the beginning of the end!

  2. Another great recap Mary 😀 I believe I may have thrown my remote at the tv during this ep! The only thing that sustained me was Olivia see Peter in her mind on the other side. He ‘bleeds through’ bc of her love for him. Take note this is important for your sanity in the future.
    Question?.. Where is that gif with Olivia in the red silk from? It doesn’t look familiar? Do I need to go back to my season 3 blueray? I always just watch the eps from my seasons downloaded from iTunes. Hmmm…

    Thanks, Jenny

  3. You are in for a painful but rewarding ride with these two. I don’t know that I’ve ever shipped a couple harder.


      Peter died the day that overrated blonde wench made the entire fanbase hate Peter and bash him, all thanks to Olivia. Thank you Olivia, you killed peters character.

  4. Another great recap Mary! Oh the feels from this episode! I still can’t forget and can’t forgive Peter for this! But, be ready, your heart will be broken more in the next episodes! Can’t wait to see your recaps by then! Keep it up! I’m so much enjoying them! They always made my day!

  5. Fauxlivia was totally taking on for the team in this episode. She clearly didn’t want to sleep with Peter. She didn’t look into it. Peter will give his explanations later on…

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