Fringe 3×05 “Amber 31422”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Shawn and Aaron Ashmore are on my TV screen together and it’s not even my birthday! love strucklove struck  My little TV heart is bouncing with joy. Leave it to Fringe to fulfill this item on my TV wish list. I could probably watch an entire show revolving them (CW get on that!) but I will settle for the 45 minutes that is this episode. In fact, more than that will probably make me too nostalgic to function like a normal human being. Anyone remember Shawn in In a Heartbeat or Aaron in Veronica Mars?

I am trying so hard from letting this post become a diatribe on the unjust cancellation of Veronica Mars.  I’m sorry. I’m veering off course. Back to Fringe and Peter’s game of hide and seek with Olivia. He is like an imaginary friend with a great taste in fashion. Just imagine how awesome he would be as a judge on a Bravo show in which contestants compete to make the most stylish peacoat? Yeah, I would totally watch that. Anyway…Peter tells Olivia it’s Ella’s birthday so she enters the tank to cross over to the other universe. This is the light at the end of the tunnel, guys. This is what I needed after that demoralizing ending in 3×04. Olivia knows she is in the wrong universe. Yes! There is hope after all! Prep the pancake batter Walter, Olivia is coming home! applause

  • It’s evil Brandon. Geesh, crack a smile Mr. Serious, Olivia is making a joke. Argh, I hate Walternate. He is going to experiment on Olivia to discover how she travels between universes without effect. angryangry
  • It’s Peter! applausePeter: “I’m not a lingering symptom. You can’t ignore me.” You got that right. winking
  • Who are they trying to cut from the amber? OH EM GEE!!!! It’s the Ashmore boys! surprise

  • MY HEART IS FLUTTERING! Shawn and Aaron on television TOGETHER.

  • Hello again, Peter. Please, stay a while. big grin OH SNAP!!! BAMF! Olivia just broke through the glass door to escape the explosion with the guys. Exiting the house Olivia Dunham style! thumbs up

  • Yep boys, thank Olivia’s super hearing powers for saving your lives.

  • Olivia just took a bottle of the red pills. What? Why, Olivia, why?!
  • Shawn Ashmore is so pretty to look at. There are so many fandoms colliding. I love it! big hug

  • OH SNAP! Joshua Rose was not the one stuck in the amber. It was Matthew!!! Joshua took Matthew’s life. THIS IS LIKE A LIFETIME MOVIE.
  • That’s a big tank. Oh hell no, Walternate is increasing the doses to dangerous levels. I DON’T LIKE YOU. Holy mackerel, she crossed over to the other universe. surprise

  • Stop taking the pills Olivia! Listen to Peter. Yes, he just gave her a clue that the twins switched.

  • Dang, the Ashmore boys are tricky. They switched again on our Olivia. She is not a happy camper. hee hee

  • Danielle Rose: “Do you know what it was like for him? In the amber? Did he tell you? Well, he told me. He was aware of every moment. His mind was stuck in the last thought he had before he was trapped. This horrible feeling of fear and loss. Wondering about his family, how we would get along. Can you imagine that?” OH. MY. GOSH. That’s what it’s like?! That means…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Peter and Olivia are going to have to experience that pain of losing Etta for 21 years!!!!! (Yes, I know they have a baby they lose in the future)broken heartbroken heartcryingcrying

  • Whoa, Olivia just outsmarted the very intelligent robot Astrid. Joshua changed his MO. That’s my girl! thumbs upOlivia is so smart. High 10! I’m assuming folks in the red universe give each other high tens instead of high fives.
  • Olivia is at Riverdale Mutual by herself. worried Snickerdoodle! He just tasered her- very Veronica Mars-like.
  • Aww, Matthew went to stop his brother. broken heart OH MAN! Joshua isn’t gonna rob the bank. He is gonna amber himself so that they don’t find out about the switch. Joshua: “Matt, let me do this one good thing.” broken heartcryingcryingcryingcrying

  • Thank you Fringe casting!

  • Oh no, don’t do it, Liv. Don’t take the skin sample to the lab. Whew! She is closing the investigation. happy
  • It’s Peter again, and their faces are super close. winkingwinking

  • It’s Ella’s birthday! Wait, huh? Rachel’s husband took a job in Chicago? WTF They were in the process of divorcing.  Did she remarry? Where did this character backstory come from?

  • Olivia wants to go back in the tank! She wants to find out if it’s Ella’s birthday. She crossed over. Call Ella!!  Yes! SHE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! applause applauseapplause applause I feel like hugging the Polivia fandom! big hug

Special thanks to Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. Yeah the actresses that played Ella and Rachel had scheduling conflicts and couldn’t do the show anymore so they wrote them off in a less than satisfactory way. I could care less about Rachel but I was always pissed about Ella. She was supposed to be the first one to realize that Olivia had been replaced! >.< Anyways, great job as usual!

    • I accept the move to Chicago but I was not expecting them to mention Rachel’s husband. I’m disappointed in the writers. It would have been awesome though to see Ella realize her Aunt Liv was replaced. I hope she makes an appearance in a flashback in Season 5. -M


    Also-Yes it it tragic to think of our beloved Polivia being tortured in amber 21 years thinking of how they lost Etta! 😦

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