Fringe 3×06 “6955 kHz”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Guys, I’m ready for Olivia to come home. Things need to be set right in the blue universe. Peter is making AltLivia breakfast in bed and buying her U2 tickets. AltLivia is winning Walter’s heart with food and the Fringe team is being manipulated by Darth Vader Walternate. Things are falling apart and I don’t like it. crying It’s time to phone home, Liv.

Original E.T. Photo:

  • Becky: “It’s starting.” What is starting? Cute baby. Uh oh, folks are convulsing. surprise Yowzers! Becky just pulled the knife on her hubby, and now, she doesn’t know who she is. Time to call the Fringe team.
  • Fudge nuggets! Peter is serving AltLivia breakfast in bed. Gosh, I hate seeing these two together. crying GAH!! U2 concert tickets. AltLivia: “I love U2.” LMAO. It’s the only band you know! I think I’m getting sick…they just kissed and AltLivia adorably touched his chin. sick

  •  Walter to Peter: “If you end up breaking the universe, this time it’s on your head.” rolling on the floor Yeah, you tell him. Sadly, I think this is gonna be true. Peter is the key to breaking the universe…like Dawn, except not annoying.
  • It’s Gene! How are you? I haven’t seen you in a such a long time. Uh oh, father/son trouble is brewing…Walter used one of the machines Peter was using for his secret science fair project.
  • It’s the box! The guy is taking it to another radio tower and he has two different eye colors. surprise Weird, but cool.
  • UGH, Peter, can I smack you?! Olivia not remembering Ed Markham is a RED FLAG. She is not your soul mate. no talking GET YOUR HAND OFF OF WALTER, ALTLIVIA! Stop acting like you care about him. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior. angry

  • The First People by Seamus Wiles. Interesting.

  • Yay, Walter and Ms. Terminator in a scene together. applause They are so great. Aw, Walter is worried about Peter. sad That was a good pep talk Ms. T, but I think it’s more than just a drawing.
  • It’AltLivia doesn’t remember the numbers!! SIGN SIGN SIGN SIGN. That’s another red flag, Peter. She doesn’t have your Olivia’s memory! at wits' end

  • Now, AltLivia is bringing Walter pastries?! time out Girrrrrrl, you are crossing the line. Don’t even try to have the loving relationship Walter has with our Olivia. Just don’t. shame on youshame on you

  • LOL AltLivia looks very irritated that they found the transistor. Uh oh, she has that, “I’ll be back. I’m just gonna do something duplicitous” face.
  • Walter says the best sandwich for  clarity of thought is “avocado, cucumber, and cheese.” I love his tidbits of fun information! He should have a blog. Walter to Astrid: “What are you thinking Watson?” They are so cute! big hug
  • Whaaaat?! AltLivia knows Feller?! Walternate sent him. OH DANG!!! She shot him then threw him out the window, and he’s a shapeshifter.

  • ARRRRGH!!!!!! I am experiencing emotional trauma. Peter just ran and hugged AltLivia, relieved she is all right. sad broken heartbroken heart Stop acting like the victim AltLivia and Peter, why must you be so blind?

  • Drats, the data storage unit is ruined. sadsad
  • Yes, Astrid figured it out the code!! applause Something is buried at each coordinate.

  • Time to dig a hole in New Jersey! Argh, Peter just brought AltLivia coffee. AltLivia is doubting her mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS BIG. C’mon, don’t follow Walternate’s plan. Wait a second, am I actually rooting for AltLivia? I feel like I just betrayed my Polivia heart. worried

  • OH MAN. The buried items are pieces of Walternate’s machine. nail biting How did the first people know about the machine? thinking
  • “Initiate Phase two.” What is phase two?

  • Olivia listen to Peter.  “You have to go home.”

Special thanks to Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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