Top 5 TV Moments This Week: Bromance, Bromaine Lettuce, & a Broposal


If I didn’t know any better, I’d think it was November sweeps or something, because this week of TV was frakkin’ AWESOME. Proposals, guest stars, season premieres, Ford product placement—it was a red-letter week! Here are our top 5 moments from this week in TV…

1. Ben proposes to Leslie on Parks and Recreation (uniting the nation in bipartisan joy)—I think I was as shocked as Leslie by this amazing turn of events. With Ben getting an offer to run a campaign in Florida, it was looking like a rocky road ahead for these adorably awkward lovebirds, but when Ben made a surprise visit, he left all of us flabbergasted by getting down on one knee and popping the question. Well, he tried to ask her to marry him, but Leslie didn’t let him get very far. But the bottom line was YES!!! I adore these two, and I’m already planning their wedding. Hint: it involves a park, waffles, and a Li’l Sebastian impersonator.

2. Klaus and Damon team up on The Vampire Diaries, becoming my new favorite couple in the history of homoerotic vampires—Seriously, how good were they together? They have almost as much sexual tension as Stefan and Klaus, but with more witty banter. I hope Damon and Klaus use each other to make their unrequited-loved ones jealous (Elena and Stefan, respectively). You can read my reactions to this week’s Vampire Diaries episode here.

3. Happy Endings returns, reminds us how much we missed it—FINALLY our favorite post-Friends friends are back, with more dysfunctional fun than ever. Max was Misery-ing Penny so he could hook up with her hot physical therapist (but it’s okay, because she did the same thing to him once); we met Sinbrad, Brad’s puppet, who was complicit in Brad’s lying to Jane about not having a job; and Alex and Dave struggled to “keep it cazsh” while making various(ly horrible) plays on the word bro, e.g. bromaine lettuce, Bro v. Wade, brovine growth hormone, etc. Man, I missed these guys.

4. Laurel kicks a** on Arrow—Okay, so I wasn’t totally sold on Katie Cassidy as the main female love interest on Arrow (blasphemy, I know), but after this week’s episode, I am 100% Team Laurel ALL THE WAY BABY. She might be my new favorite character. Instead of standing by and hysterically yelling “Stop it! You’re killing him!” while her current and former boy toys took a heavy beating from some angry bouncers, Laurel jumped right in and showed off some of her Kung Fu moves, taking down Douchey McDoucherson before he could say, “Watch the hair!” You can watch the whole spectacular scene for yourself here. This episode was the turning point for me, where Arrow went from a guilty pleasure to a legitimately good show.

5. Ryan Hansen from Veronica Mars guest stars on The League—The awesomeness of this was underscored by the fact that I stumbled onto a rerun of Veronica Mars right after I watched this week’s League. Still, it was great to see Dick Casablancas (or Kyle the actor/model/caterer, if you only watched him on Party Down) playing Jenny’s former flame on The League, where he had the misfortune of walking in on Jenny and Kevin in an awkward situation. Look for Hansen to make an appearance on 2 Broke Girls next!

What do you say, fellow TV fans? What were your favorite moments on television this week? Leave your top 5 in the comments section, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus!


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