Fringe 3×07 “Abducted”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Ladies and gentleman, this season’s MVP award in the Peter and Olivia love saga goes to…wait, we have a tie. Henry Higgins and the NY Cleaning Lady! Thank you sir and ma’am for giving us hope and helping these two beautiful human beings find each other. I adore the MVP winners.

  • OH BOY. I can tell this is gonna be a good episode. “Through suffering comes redemption.” thumbs up
  • Okay, I DEFINITELY know this episode is gonna be amazing. There is a child. What has Etta taught us? Olivia + kids = ADORABLE scenes. OH NO!!! Max is being kidnapped. sad
  • It’s Henry!!! applause HA, she wants to buy him breakfast. YES, Olivia just told him she has to go home!!!! applause Please help her Henry…pretty please.

  • “The Peter Bishop Act of ‘91” laughing He got his own legislation. It’s the Burlap Bear book. I miss Ella!! crying
  • Why is Broyles so attached to the case? Great Scott!! The candy man took his son. surprise Broyles: “When I got him back, he wasn’t a little boy anymore.” surprise
  • Whoa, the Candy Man drains the life out of the kids. He must be using the spinal fluid to rejuvenate himself.
  • It’s so nice to see Broyles married in this universe. Yes, Mrs. Broyles is gonna allow Olivia to talk to Chris. Go, Mrs. B!
  • Lincoln just brought Olivia red vines. day dreamingThat boy is head over heels for her. It’s cute, but sorry buddy, she belongs with someone else. Olivia is on a roll-she cracked the case. I knew it…the Candy Man is stealing youth.

  • GAH! Chris is an Olivia fan. Well…he is really an AltLivia fan, but if he knew our Olivia, I’m sure he would be a fan too.

  • Olivia is so great with kids!!! I want to see her interact little Etta. big grin

  • Henry got the boat! I love this guy. love struck
  • Okay, seriously? The pastor lost his wife to influenza? This universe can heal crispy Lincoln but folks are still dying from curable diseases? Odd.
  • It’s Wyatt Toomey and he’s young. Wait, she got all of that intel from a doll and his face? Olivia is a BAMF.
  • Olivia to Broyles: “I’m going home.” HAPPY DANCE TIME!!! happy

  • Whaaat? FAKE OUT. The pastor is the Candy Man and he is going to Broyles’ house. surprise Gosh, Olivia is an amazing heroine. She delays her escape to help Col Broyles. She can’t walk away when she knows she can help. Hero.
  • He has Christopher. sad Woohoo, Broyles to the rescue.  applause The parent/child moments on this show are beyond precious.
  • Henry is getting seasick waiting on the boat. rolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • I LOVE THE KIDS IN THIS EPISODE! They are all Olivia fans. Max won’t stop talking about her. He wants to grow up and be like Olivia. Get in line little boy. OH SNAP Broyles heard the conversation. surprise He knows that she knows. Whew. He is gonna look away. I applaud the gesture but I still don’t forgive you for working with Walternate. no talking

  • Henry: “Where is it you’re from?” Olivia: “I’m from a parallel universe.” LOL No big deal. Like a BAMF!! I LOVE this episode!!!

  • Dang, Olivia is like spiderwoman climbing those rocks. Uh oh, Walternate has been notified of the security breach. Hurry, Liv, hurry! Go. Yes, she crossed over, but how is going to stay there? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! They took her out! at wits' endcryingcrying

  • Really, really?! We have to go from Olivia risking EVERYTHING to return to Peter to Peter snuggling in bed with AltLivia? The writers are diabolical! phbbbbt Of course AltLivia has never seen Casablanca because she doesn’t have a heart. Okay, my emotions are getting carried away…time to practice those breathing exercises Fringe fans suggested.  Ugh, they are kissing. PETER!!! angryangryangryat wits' end

  • OH EM GEE!!! It’s the cleaning lady!!! She called Peter!!! “Her name was Olivia. She has a message for you. She is trapped in the other universe.” YES!!!!! applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause OFFICIALLY STARTING A FAN CLUB FOR THIS LADY. Love her and want to give her the biggest hug ever. BEST EPISODE EVER!!!

Special thanks to Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. OH MY GOODNESS…THAT PHONE CALL WAS SO EPIC!!!! But seriously the next episodes are going to leave you insanely heart-broken! And by the time you get around to season 5 you should just go ahead and have yourself committed…..Yes it gets worse!!LOL!!

    Great recap-again…and I can’t wait for your reactions to the coming drama! 😉

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