TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×04 “The Bullet That Saved the World”

We need a medic stat! The Fringe fandom is dying of a broken heart. Nothing could have prepared fans for the ending to episode 4, which will certainly be a #TurningPoint for all of the characters.

PopCultureNexus would like to thank Michael (@pixelsmith) for gathering the tearful reactions.

  • @Gina281 I still can’t believe they just did that! #Fringe has me crying like a baby. RIP Etta #TurningPoint
  • @angieonthegogo Dammit I need to watch that again. Cannot process or believe. WTH?!! Have to wait until tomorrow for Hulu. Sonofableep. #TurningPoint
  • @JinaSensei That was very much worth my time. #Turningpoint
  • @Wetterfrosch_xD I thought I could handle etta’s dead but I CAN’T!!!! #TurningPoint
  • @JLew45 That was… depressing. And unexpected. And depressing. 😥
  • @kristinahammock What a fantastic but heartbreaking episode of #Fringe! I was glued to the TV the entire time. Can’t wait until next week. #TurningPoint
  • @YankeeJosh Oh hell no you didn’t #Fringe. #turningpoint
  • @electricsheeep Everything hurts right now. I just…can’t. #TurningPoint
  • @runpaceyrun I thought that was coming …but it didnt stop me from crying uncontrollably. My beautiful Bishop family in pain again. #TurningPoint
  • @WalterBishopFAN Damn… I’m in shock right now. Can’t believe that happened. can’t believe it ended like that. AHHHHHHHHH #TurningPoint
  • @fringeuniverse That shocked me. Totally, totally shocked me. Floored… #turningpointFRINGE
  • ‏@aimeeinchains What a miserable future, indeed… :”( #TurningPoint
  • @doc_warren can we just virtually group hug now Fringies? I sure as hell need one.#turningpoint
  • @michael1701 I trust Peter is going to go dark and take care of some things. He needs a beard! #TurningPoint
  • ‏@RKron I’m in shock. I will not believe this! #TurningPoint
  • @bsbrock I won’t be able to recover from this anytime soon. #turningpoint
  • @FraggleBerlin @JWFRINGE Could you please stop killing people I love? #TurningPoint Don’t keep doing that!
  • @JaneAwilson2 I’m broken! #TurningPoint
  • @Blazingphoenix1 Don’t mind me, just sobbing my eyes out because… You know #TurningPoint
  • @_mesk Whoa, #turningpoint indeed. Did not expect this to happen. #Fringe
  • @sleeperawake People!!!! Stop crying!! You have to trust Walter! #TurningPoint
  • @BluePhnix88 If Olivia could bring Peter back from non-existence .NO, NO they WILL get their happy ending!! All of them!!!!!!!!!!!! #Fringe #TurningPoint
  • @BrandonSalmon I can definitely say that I didn’t see THAT coming at the end… Wow. ‪#Fringe ‪#TurningPoint
  • @CherylStanaFan OMG Etta! :O 😥 such a good episode with such a sad ending. so excited for next week but sad at the same time ‪#Fringe ‪#TurningPoint
  • @hollyhacker Not sure what was more depressing, seeing Etta’s fate or downtown Newark. ‪#TurningPoint
  • @Sir_Stroker This episode is an instant classic. ‪#fringe ‪#TurningPoint
  • @Pizzawitjo Ahhhh!! Even my laptop is crying!!! …oh wait…those are my tears…nevermind… ‪#TurningPoint
  • @GrigsbyA ‪#FRINGE loved it as always but didn’t feel it when Etta died. Maybe poor casting, writing?Not sure but was not emotionally ‪#TurningPoint
  • @David_DeHart Don’t know the purpose of cutting Ettta was. Perhaps Peter takes an “alt-universe” of Etta and Fringe starts over again? ‪#turningpoint
  • @WestCoastRocks Have to admit that I had a feeling Fringe would throw us something like that. Still sad & a bit angry though. ‪#TurningPoint
  • @jancuret I didn’t realize how much I loved Etta. Until tonight. ‪#TurningPoint
  • @jem219 Eating some toast in honor of Olivia, her extraordinary daughter and her unending strength ‪#TurningPoint
  • @jackjeanh86 Love the Broyles reunion with the team on ‪#TurningPoint ‪#Fringe. Very touching. Kudos Lance Reddick! Got me a little misty-eyed
  • @AnnaTorvNet I’m amazed and heartbroken at the same time with tonight’s ‪#Fringe. An breathtaking episode as usual, but damn, I’m broken. ‪#TurningPoint
  • @berry_hearts i didn’t even cry. I just cussed and swore a lot. #TurningPoint

Did the episode live up to the hype? Sound off in the comments section.


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  1. Oh hey, I see one of my many tweets about last night up there.

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