Fringe 3×08 “Entrada”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

“Entrada” is definitely on my list of favorite television episodes ever. I just experienced the full spectrum of Tumblr feels and then some! I can’t still can’t get over how well the Fringe crew executed Col. Broyles’ redemption. applause He went out with a hero’s death, helping Olivia cross over to the other side. In every version, Broyles will do what’s best for the greater good, especially when it comes to Olivia, and that’s why I love him. I will miss you buddy. sad Knowing he is still alive in the blue universe softens the blow though. It is such a relief to see the Olivias back in their respective universes, but the future looks bleak. That scene at the end between Peter and Olivia was heart breaking.  I’d hate to be in Peter’s shoes right now.

  • Peter, you are in bed with a harpy! angryGet out of there, but without calling too much attention to yourself, of course. Yes, he is trying to hack AltLivia’s computer. Try “OperationKillthePoliviaFandom” as the password. AHH!! She is awake. I don't want to see
  • Yes, he is testing her with the Greek phrase. AND SHE FAILED. HA, that wasn’t in your “Olivia Dunham 101” textbook now was it?

  • Peter, you finally know what I’ve been yelling at you this entire season! GIVE YOURSELF THE BIGGEST FACEPALM EVER.

  • Oh snap! She has her gun. She knew she failed the test. nail bitingIs she gonna shoot him? THIS IS SO INTENSE. She wants his blood? What’s in the vial? Peter: “No, I’m gonna get answers. And if I find out that you did anything to Olivia, then I’m going to kill you.” applauseapplauseI love protective Peter.
  • Uh oh, Peter’s vision is going blurry. The substance is causing paralysis. surprise I hate you AltLivia.
  • “Cover blown. Extraction needed.” Yeah u better go! Just go, don’t collect your $200.

  • LOL Walter just tried to cover for Peter. hee hee “Since we came back from over there, Olivia and I became more than friends.” Walter: “It’s perfectly understandable.” laughing But it’s not that understandable when there were SO MANY signs.

  • You are on my NAUGHTY list, evil Brandon! You are willing to kill Olivia. no talking ARGH! Wish I could smash your lab equipment.
  • GAH. Col. Broyles just saw Olivia. DO SOMETHING!
  • Walter! Stop eating that pastry AltLivia got you. “She tricked my son and he fell right into her vagenda.” rolling on the floor Now, I get why fans say that word. happy
  • Yes, 100 points to Astrid for figuring out Olivia was in the Bronx when she bought her beguiling pastries. Broyles: “Let’s split up and show up and show her picture around.” Walter: “I’ll take the pastry job.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • Broyles is considered a hero at the bar. raised eyebrows C’mon, Broyles, help Olivia! Be the hero folks see you as. YES! He is in her cell. What’s on her face? broken heart She didn’t give you up Broyles because she is good! Return the favor. “You are here to make yourself more comfortable.” That’s right, call him out. Olivia: “This all began because a man came over here to save a boy and 25 years later, I came back to save that same boy.” My heart can’t take this! broken heart Breathing exercises commence. Trying. Not. To. Hyperventilate.

  • Col. Broyles help her!!!! Nooo. He is leaving!

  • C’mon Mrs. B, convince Broyles to help Olivia. Diane: “We need to restore hope.” I LOVE MRS. BROYLES. applauseAn amazing female character after only two episodes!
  • Broyles is right, Peter. If anyone could survive, it is Olivia. Your girlfriend is a BAMF.
  • Olivia is on a gurney again and she was just flipped… like in “Bound.” Love references to past episodes!!!!!
  • Yes, someone took out the evil doctor. It was Broyles! “You came back for me.” OH FRAK! Adrenaline in the heart AGAIN! Poor Liv, that’s happened way too many times. sad
  • Better enjoy that coffee darling cuz your time in this universe is almost at its end. HA, AltLivia’s reaction to being pricked. laughing Broyles (after giving Peter a gun): “Don’t shoot yourself.” rolling on the floor
  • “Dunham freeze!” Yes! He stopped calling her, “Olivia.” Dang, AltLivia has a hostage, and Anna Torv needs an award for her performance. Great thinking Peter! The hostage is really a shapeshifter. FUDGE NUGGETS! Her shot her in front of the daughter, surprise but his accuracy was impeccable.
  • Yeah, go ahead and give us your wily smile AltLivia You are done for.
  • AltLivia developed feelings for Peter?!?! No, no, no. I don’t want to believe that. no talking I hope she is lying. Peter, get your hand off her cheek!!

  • Nooooooo. surpriseShe was telling the truth. She does have feelings for Peter. She was taking back pictures of her with Peter.

  • I’ve missed that tank. Hurry up, guys! Broyles: “Please make this worth it.” Gunshot! Oh no. Was he shot?!?!?!
  • YES!! She has crossed over and she is in all white. Whenever she was in the tank in Season 1, she had black clothing and now she is in all white, like a savior. She has a pure heart and has fully accepted her role as hero in this world. Oh no! surprisesurprisebroken heart Nooooo. She’s down. Hurry Astrid!!! nail biting

  • Col. Broyles!

  • How nice, that dude finally got his legs. It’s the missing piece to the machine. surprise
  • Peter and Olivia reunited!!!! big hug “You were the only thing that got me through. If it wasn’t for you, I would never have made it back. You saved my life.” broken heart I would hate to be Peter…the pain he must be feeling.

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. OH MY STARS….SO MANY FEELINGS RELIVING ALL OF THIS!! Awesome recap as usual Mary! Yes-that darn Fauxlivia did develop feelings for Peter which I’m not sure how when she has cutie pie Lincoln to go home to…LOL!!! Anyway, you might as well forget the breathing exercises and just get an oxygen tank for the rest of the season! 😉

  2. Oh this Episode was so powerful!!! It still gives me get tingles to hear about it again. I remember being so happy when Olivia stepped out of that tank. It will be a little bit more of a rough ride but it gets better. But they are beautiful episodes. Esp Marionette & Firefly. 6B will be your beacon of hope.

  3. This episode is magnificent!!!!! This reminds me of all my feelings when I first saw it!!!! I couldn’t breathe the entire time!! ;p Definitely one of my all-time favorite episode!

  4. One of the greatest episodes of the season! Poor altBroyles. 😦 😦 😦

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