Fringe 5×01 “Transilience Thought Unifier, Model-11”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

I don’t even know where to start. There were so many moments in this episode that felt like gifts to the fandom. It is quite obvious that this final season will not only conclude the stories of our favorite characters but will also be a love letter to the fans.

The first episode sets this up perfectly. It moves the story forward for the Fringe team, but it also serves as a commentary on television. The episode itself is about making TV content that people love. You may totally disagree with my interpretation, but there has to be a reason why Markham’s house is filled with TV screens. What happened to all of his books? When we first see him, he is watching television. We, the viewers, watch the western he is viewing, but then our attention is directed at the other western- the story of Olivia and Peter reuniting in a desolate world they have no experience with. They are waking up in their own wild west in which the natives are fighting the settlers, aka the Observers. This is the story, but like any story on TV, there must be a soundtrack. Cue Walter and his search for music. The soundtrack guides the viewer’s emotions and conveys elements of the story that are not communicated in dialogue. As Walter tells Windmark,  “Music helps you shift perspective, to see things differently if you need to.” Even in this harsh world, music gave Walter hope. The soundtrack is a critical element to producing a great TV show and Fringe has done a phenomenal job producing beautiful scores. The story, the editor combining scenes together (Transilience Thought Unifier, Model-11), and the music are some of the necessary elements needed to create a TV show, and when they join perfectly, great content is made. That’s what the show is! Fringe is outstanding television, made up of the high caliber acting, directing, writing, editing- anything needed to produce a show. Unfortunately, that great TV show is sometimes overshadowed or not appreciated, but there is still hope. The fans are that hope. They can grow from scorched Earth, just like the dandelion, and just like the Fringe fandom.

  • Good thing I have my oxygen tank prepped and standing by because this is a dream come true, literally. I have spent many moments day dreaming what a perfect day would look like for this beautiful struck

  • And then in typical Fringe fashion, the perfect day took a right onto “Tragedy and Heartbreak Boulevard.”

  • Peter watching Etta sleep is too friggin’ adorable. It will NEVER get old hearing Etta call Peter, “dad.”

  • Egg sticks?! Yep, right there with ya buddy. That stuff looks disgusting. sick HA He just called her, “Aspen.” laughing
  • Hold up, the Observers are poisoning the air?! Meanies! Non-Observers live up to 45? This world is whack. Wait, so how is it that Broyles and Ms. Terminator are still alive? Do they sleep in special oxygen chambers that delay the effects? Also, why did Walter accuse Peter of abandoning them?
  • Whoa, is this a reference to how Waltnernate met his mistress? Walter: “I fell in love in Japan once. I almost married her.” I don't know
  • Those walnuts are worth almost $3,000?!?! That’s it, Fringies. This is how we will save the show!!!! We all need to buy pounds and pounds of walnuts, then find a time machine, go to 2036 and sell the walnuts. We can then bring that money back and fund more seasons of Fringe. Problem solved! thumbs up
  • Walter and Etta together! Walter: “To me, you will forever be, a little girl.” crying

  • No way!! Markham bought Olivia, and turned her into a coffee table. surprise angryYou transformed her into FURNITURE?!?! UNREAL. angry

  • Fudge nuggests…my feelings. crying I am being stabbed with emotional knives!!! Peter’s reaction to finding Olivia and Etta’s face at the realization that she will finally meet her mom are gut-wrenching. crying

  • Damn, Etta is her mother’s daughter. The girl can take a hit.
  • Loving these daddy/daughter moments. Peter just clutched Etta’s face asking her if she is okay after seeing her lip bleeding. big hug OH NO!! They trapped Walter!!!surprise

  • OH BOY. BREATHE. Olivia is out of the amber. Peter and Olivia. Olivia and Etta. Either I’m dead or I’ve turned into a vampire because I have no pulse right now.

  • Okay, I need to discuss every second of that scene. YEAH, IT WAS THAT GOOD THAT EVERY SECOND WAS PERFECT. First, there was the Peter and Olivia foreheads touching moment. big hug Can the MTV Awards include a “Best Touching Foreheads” category? ‘Cuz my goodness, Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson are honestly the best in the biz.

  • Then, there was Olivia’s reaction to seeing Etta. Olivia looks at the stranger perplexed but the blonde hair and Peter’s eyes are a dead giveaway. She knows. She looks at Peter for confirmation, at which point Joshua Jackson gives one of his best performances in the entire series: “I found her.” So short, yet perfect. He continues to talk but Olivia has returned her gaze at Etta and she is scared. That fright is evident throughout her body. Her hand searches for Peter’s arm to grasp as Etta says, “Hi mama.” Olivia’s anxiousness then turns to amazement, “You’re beautiful.” She pulls her once lost daughter in, touching her cheek with hers, making sure she is real and not a figment of her imagination. Then, the line. Olivia knows exactly how old her daughter was when she last saw her. cryingcryingcryingcrying

  • Olivia looks around and whispers, “Where’s Walter?” She whispers! She speaks softly so as to not perturb the little girl she is trying to soothe in her arms. SHE IS A MOM. crying She isn’t just “Olivia, BAMF superhero” anymore; she is a mom now, and those parental qualities are so evident in this scene. Now, please excuse me while I go re-watch this scene 100 times.
  • In case, I wasn’t crying enough…Walter is with Windmark. I can’t watch Walter in pain. I don't want to seeCan’t do it. Can the Fringe team destroy Windmark now or do I have to wait?
  • Another Polivia moment. My tear ducts can’t handle anymore. sadPeter: “I never thought I’d see you again, Olivia.” What?! Really? “Never”?! How bad did their relationship get?! Peter: “I know what you thought of me […] when I left you alone.” Olivia: “No, Peter we lost our child.” cryingcryingcrying
  • Peter: “I didn’t have the will to give up searching for this perfect little soul that we made. Out here for all these years, fighting for these people, defending them. And at the moment she needed her father to protect her, I couldn’t.” OFFICIALLY MY FAVORITE PERFORMANCE BY JOSHUA JACKSON ON THE SHOW! That is his best line ever, in my opinion! Father/Daughter relationships are my kryptonite.

  • STOP TORTURING WALTER. angryUgh, I really hate this Observer. I miss September.

  • I could watch Peter and Olivia stare adoringly at Etta for hours. I want to see this family happy.

  • That Loyalist totally has a crush on Etta. Am I the only one who is thinking of Rolf and Liesl from The Sound of Music?
  • Peter: ”What happened to him?” Etta: “Occupational hazard.” Peter: “That’s my girl.” OMG. Love, love, love, love. big hug
  • YES! Most badass family ever!

  • Beautiful friendship!

  • Cracker barrel! Windmark just made the connection. “Hello little girl.” NOOOOOOOOO.
  • Olivia and Walter! Torv and Noble create unforgettable moments in television. My heart is filled with goodness…

  • And then sadness. Why, Fringe, why?!?! Walter: “I’ve failed myself. I’ve failed the world.” broken heartbroken heartcryingcrying
  • Walter, where are your pants? He found music. It’s the seahorse! It’s a flower growing from the scorched earth!!!! That’s the show you guys, and us. big hug

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. Mary this is my most favorite one yet…. you did it beautifully and every moment you just described was exactly how I felt and the whole Fringe Fandom felt.

  2. So glad to see you here w us in season 5!!! Wonderful recap as always & now I have to go rewatch again!! Your recap had me all teary again :’)

  3. Wonderful recap again, Mary. One of my favorites! Everything is spot-on! Reading your recap just made me tear all over again. Can’t wait to see more of your reactions esp. on 504!

  4. BEST RECAP YET-MARY!!! SO many emotions in this one!! I have to honestly say that the reunion between Olivia/Peter/Olivia/Etta LITERALLY TOOK MY BREATHE AWAY!!!! IT IS LIKE MY FAV MOMENT OF THE ENTIRE SERIES!!!!!! Olivia far exceded my expectations of being a mother!!

  5. Just saw the recap from S05E04 and now these beautiful moments from the s05E01 right here… tears appeared in my eyes, oh, dear God, everything is so sad T_____T

    But.. YAAAY! You can see the final season with us and this is amazing! 😀
    Now you can suffer with us >.<'

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