TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×05 “An Origin Story”

It is extremely difficult to watch our favorite characters grieve, but Olivia’s comment to Peter reminds me that this journey is for a purpose and they will come out stronger than ever. “Etta would want us to be together. She would want us to survive this.” Just like the characters, we will get through this final season together. Read the reactions from fellow Fringies to Friday’s episode:

  • @travelgrl32: #ShowNoMercy was awesome!! It exceeded my expectations!
  • @ShelLynn81: WOW! I mean wow! That’s all I can say! If Peter was ever weaponized, he definitely is now! #ShowNoMercy
  • @angieonthegogo: The writers ‪#ShowNoMercy tonight. Brilliant job. Saturated w/ emotions start to finish. Torv/Noble just kill it.
  • @GodsGirl1989:  THAT BIRTHDAY TAPE……HELP JUST HELP!!!!‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @anttemm: where is fringe’s emmy? What a heart moving Olivia’s phone calls it is.
  • @txbethg: Oh, Fringe. You ‪#ShowNoMercy when it comes to emotional scenes: the video, the Resist posters, Peter on a mission.
  • @Scooter_Texas: ‪#Fringe ‪#ShowNoMercy Is Peter about to go all Jack Bauer Rogue? I certainly hope so! LOVE this show!!!
  • @Bongela_Ice: ‪#Fringe was great tonight. Full of tension and action!‪#ShowNoMercy is definitely Peter’s new motto and I like it!
  • @runpaceyrun: ‪@VancityJax Josh such a powerful performance tonight. You were amazing! Truly BRILLIANT! ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @SheSha525: This dude just said, “You don’t even know what you don’t know.” WTF that suppose to mean? ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @fringe_campaign: There’s no doubt …. When Anna Torv cries, I cry. ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @thiscanbemagic: tbh I thought Peter was going to suddenly turn pale and bald after he put that Observer chip into his brain. ‪#YouKnowYouDidToo‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @MomentumDefered: The way Olivia flinches when she hears Etta’s name… *sobbing*‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @kecreate: John Noble has to be one of the best actors to ever hit the screen.‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @oconnellaboo: Aw, Etta, the ultimate Polivia shipper. “Kiss Mommy.” Seriously, Fringe, ‪#ShowNoMercy, huh?
  • @TVWatchtower: Such raw pain. Peter and Olivia are determinedly throwing themselves into their mission to take the Observers down. ‪#Fringe
  • @MystifyingM: Grief has turned Olivia into the most beautiful, fragile human being this season of ‪#Fringe, Peter’s become a monster. ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @Starbuck7121: The Astrid/Olivia scene feels like such a callback to “Marionette”… which is now my 2nd favorite episode of all time. ‪#Fringe‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @Abe_Abrahamian: ‪#ShowNoMercy Fringe is evolving into an epic science fiction television series.
  • @LetItPlayOut: Astrid gets to use her linguistics…finally ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @PunkaTess: I want Olivia to just get a massive dose of cortexiphan and then‪#ShowNoMercy on The Observers. ‪#Fringe
  • @strawberigrl12: I can’t wait for the resistance to take down these Observers! Then the “shoe” will be on the other foot. ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @GoVeganDotNet: That is some Rambo shit going on there Peter Bishop! ‪#fringe‪#shownomercy
  • @EvilVagenda: That was gross! Peter is an Observer?! ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @Fringeship: How can it end like that!!! ‪#ShowNoMercy to this Fringie.
  • @hannahrodgers: Anna Torv’s ability to display emotion with facial expressions alone is magic. ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @johnnyfanz: Oh my lord Fringe. That was totally totally completely unexpected. I didn’t expect that to ever happen ever. ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @mranderson169 ‪#ShowNoMercy i am in tears… love this show… never end ‪#pleasefringe
  • @Chick_Flix 8 eps of Fringe left to go and I cannot wait to see where we go From here… blown away! Go Peter! ‪#shownomercy
  • @berry_hearts i really hope Peter doesn’t go bald. but shirtless more often is fine. 😉 ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @H0wdySam No ‪#Fringe, I’m sorry, I love you but you should NOT make me cry ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @sjparky Brilliant. Love the ending but uh-oh. ‪#Fringe ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @FaisalRahat OMG ‪#FRINGE! Peter what have you done! Taking vendetta to a whole new level of awesomeness! Can’t wait for next week’s episode! ‪#ShowNoMercy
  • @TMBShelley ‪#ShowNoMercy Now Peter is going to be the 1 w/the super hero powers instead of Liv…Cool! Can’t wait to see what ‪@VancityJax does next!
  • @beckstar78 wow ‪@VancityJax Joshua Jackson really had something to sink his teeth into! can’t believe he followed through with that eek ‪#ShowNoMercy

What did you think of episode 5? Share your reactions in the comments section.


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  1. Yay, made it! Gotta say I’m equal parts excited and terrified to see the next ep. So basically the usual. xD

  2. I so wanna hug Olivia. And Peter too. They don’t deserve that pain. The Observers need to pay big time.

  3. Sigh; I just can’t stand to see Olivia suffer any more, but the loss of Etta is a necessary evil to propel her character to do what I assume will be “the unthinkable” and her desperation will get them closer to the conclusion that will help everyone in the end. Of course, Peter isn’t taking it too well either from the likes of his plan. I wish I had been saving my recordings of all of the shows since they started. Now I haven room to store this entire season on my DISH Hopper DVR though, which has thousands of HD hours of recording capacity. I’m saving a bunch of shows so when my DISH coworker comes over we always have something to watch together (like in the summer).

  4. Anna torv is a beautiful human being while Peter is f-Ing monster? Fuck you, Anna torv fans!!!!

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