Fringe 5×04 “The Bullet that Saved the World”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

I have to talk about the elephant in the room. You know what I’m referring to…the moment Wyman threw us into the dark abyss to experience endless depression.

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Guys, this happened. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. This family that we have grown to love over the seasons is now broken. They lost Baby Bishop AGAIN. Someone get me some super glue and duct tape. I can fix this. I won’t let their second chance die…sadsad Why must I be powerless?! Etta’s theme music cuing up is a horrific slap in the face, reminding me that I am a lowly spectator.

As heartbreaking as it was to watch Etta’s death, the most gut-wrenching scene for me in this episode was the moment Olivia looked around after hearing the gunshot and whispered, “Etta.” *Let the tears flow freely.* For the past three episodes, I painfully watched Olivia act emotionally distant. There have been only two moments in which she physically expressed her love for Etta- the hug in 5×01 and the hand touching hand scene in 5×03. While Olivia has never been the warmest person in the world, we have seen glimpses of those emotional, Wyman walls being lowered, particularly when she was around Ella and when she was finally in relationship with a Peter. We’ve seen glimpses of warm, expressive Olivia, so when she was finally reunited with her little girl, I was hoping to see more of that side. In my recap of episode 3, I wrote that I was angry with Olivia for being so removed but I understood why. I still hoped for another repeat of the hug or hand touching scenes, but what I got in episode 4 was way more fulfilling. Bravo writers for exceeding my wish! That moment when Olivia said “Etta” provided everything I needed. I always knew Olivia loved Etta, but this moment proved that her love for her daughter is special. It is supernatural. When she heard that gunshot, Olivia knew. She knew Etta was on the receiving end, and the fact that she knew demonstrates that she shares a bond with Baby Bishop that no one else has. The bond could be a result of the cortexiphan or the simple fact that she was pregnant with her for nine months, but that doesn’t matter. As much as Peter adores Etta, which he has not been shy about, he will not have the relationship Olivia has with the girl. And knowing that was enough. I could live with the fact that they won’t be able to share another heartwarming moment together, because I knew Mama Dunham had a unique bond. I guess I am a lot like Etta in that way. Once I knew that love existed, I could give my soul to the writers to do as they please.

  • Peter looks so BAMF stealing fuel. Aw, he is such an adorable father buying a necklace for Etta. big hug Ugh, why must these Observers ruin everything that is good in this world? Run, Peter, run!  (Sidenote: I would love to enter the “Thrifty Lion” store and see what the set designer placed in there, because as we all know the Fringe crew is meticulous so the items are not random. I wonder if those 4 suits of cards are a reference to the card tricks Peter and Olivia play in “Safe.” Love that scene!)
  • Peter is having doubts about being able to beat the Observers, sad but then Etta jumped in with a pep talk. applause She is excited to teach her parents how to block the Observers from reading their minds. The necklace! Someone give Peter a “Best Dad in the World” ribbon. love struck

  • Ugh, it’s Observer Palpatine.  angry (Thanks Louise for giving him this nickname. Spot on!)

  • It’s Broyles y’all!!

  • Aw, poor Olivia. She is getting super frustrated listening to Walter go on a tangent. hee heehee hee Of course Walter has an easy bake oven!

  • Oh my gosh, is this the basement we saw Walter walking towards in 1×09 “The Dreamscape”?

  • “There was a time when we solved fringe cases. Now, I think it’s time that we create a few of our own.” BAMF line of the season!!!!!! Love the shot of Etta looking at all of the stuff from her parents’ past. Gah, I just want to tell Etta everything that has happened in seasons 1-4. I want her to know how awesome her parents are.

  • Peter’s reaction when Walter told Etta to put the ambering device was so parental. big hug Uh oh, Etta is about to puke after seeing Walter with the jelly donut. You’re gonna need a stronger stomach than that Baby Bishop if you wanna hang out with your grandpa. winking
  • Dude, fight the Observer. Don’t say anything! What did he see? A dove? Huh? Is Broyles the dove?!?! Fudge nuggets! surprisesurprise The Observer knows the gang is in the Harvard lab. Interesting that Broyles knows how to prevent the Observers from reading his thoughts. I am assuming he just picked it up over the years being around them.
  • A moment of pure joy. I’ve forgotten what that feels like. Thanks Fringe. straight face

  • Parental scenes FTW. The lovely father/son moment is followed with a mother/daughter moment. Etta found the bullet in Olivia’s room of their old house. “It made me feel closer to you.” cryingTell her Olivia.  Tell her the story behind the bullet! Olivia just said, “your father.” love struck I love hearing these terms, “father,” “mama,” and “mom,” because of the connotations they carry.

  • Broyles just told Etta the lab has been compromised! surprise surprise IS HE THE DOVE?!?! I love this man.
  • Hey! angryNo one hurts Walter. Good thing he somewhat enjoyed that electrocution; otherwise you would be getting a world of hurt Baldie.
  • OH. MY. GOSH. YES!!!!! AN OLD FRINGE EVENT. I love it when a show refers to previous episodes like in the first episode of Buffy Season 7 when the First took on the form of dead characters.

  • OLIVIA AND ETTA ARE IN THE CAR! Most BAMF mother/daughter team ever! Tell me when it’s okay to breathe again because this action sequence literally has me holding my breath. Yeah, it’s that awesome. Can I be adopted by the Bishop clan? praying I have a lightsaber. Does that make me BAMF enough? I don't know
  • Broyles has a picture of Peter and Olivia.

  • That’s one VERY LONG equation. Well, no one said saving the world would be as simple as the quadratic formula.
  • Etta: “Somebody wants to see you.” Who, who?! surprise big grin This reunion is flawless.

  • I just want to hug the fandom after that scene.

  • Seriously, Observers?! You guys are professional party poopers. They disappear and reappear so fast.

  • Aww, Etta is protecting her grandpa. love struck Oh no, Etta be careful!! She is alone. Peter! Olivia! Help her! She remembers that day? surprise I thought she was too young. Her memory resembles Peter’s, so what does that mean for Olivia’s recollection? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?
  • Yes, Etta grab your knife. [gunshot] I think I’ve been hit. Body. Breaking. Down. Tell my family and the Fringe fandom I love them…

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” “hellyeahfringe,” and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


A #HurryUpMary Update

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  1., I’m just really speechless on this one. That reunion between Broyles and Olivia was one for the books! Seriously I don’t know if I have ever witnessed something so precious on my TV next to Olivia and Etta’s reunion and Olivia telling Peter she was pregnant! The ending totally caught me off guard as I was NOT expecting to lose Baby Bishop again and I was in some major denial for days!! Beautiful and gut wrenching episode a Fringe classic for sure!


  2. These are awesome, Mary! Can I put in a request for reactions to previous episodes? Would LOVE to see one for “Welcome to Westfield” and “6B.” But I’m not very picky– any will do!!

  3. I was waiting for this, Mary! Excellent reactions!
    My favorite: I collect holograms of beautiful ppl. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I wish you and Louise would do reactions and photo recaps of all episodes. My favorite seasons are 1 and 2, and there is only one photo recap from those (and it’s awesome, by the way): 1×01 Pilot…
    You probably don’t have much time right now but flirty Season 1 photo recap would really make the fandom happy, because of all the sad scenes we are witnessing now in Season 5!
    Keep going, I love your blog.

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