TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×06 “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found”

This week the Fringe team entered a pocket universe, fought the Observers, and oh yeah…Peter developed his Observer abilities. Just a typical day in the Fringe universe. Read the reactions from fans.

  • @rigsby_john Is Peter gonna get drunk from the power of his new implant??‪#nothingisimpossible
  • @KymberlyBishop Sweet, befuddled Walter is my favorite but I also like tough-talking Walter. ‪#Fringe ‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @nfinitegladness This season of Fringe is so stressful! I just want Peter, Olivia, Walter & Astrid to be okay. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @oconnellaboo My heart burst, and then my brain froze!‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @NataliaQuique OMG, travelling between universes again! My favourite fringie topic!‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @chuckLiving Fringe, you are amazing. Every week you make me feel every emotion. I vow to cherish these last few months together.‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @fringe_campaign Guys I need to see Olivia kicking some asses, I miss her.‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @crossesallover ‪@johnnob58004412 is doing a fuckin amazing job on this eppy. Pardon my French. ‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @aimeeinchains Olivia will help Peter. He can’t forget who he is. ;)‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @LaNe_Pixie I LOVED THE EPISODE. I think Josh Jackson is doing a wonderful job with the new path Peter has taken. ‪#Fringe
  • @Jessie_Kad Peter called Walter “Dad” again!!! Shows ‪#NothingIsImpossible with this season of Fringe! Which I’m loving MORE and MORE!
  • @lauraracero Love the final scene between Walter and Peter. Broken Walter. “Dad”. And then Peter goes Observer! Thanks ‪@johnnob58004412‪@VancityJax
  • @goldenmonkey7 And for everyone who says Olivia has never lied to Peter… um have you watched season 1-2? ‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @fauxmeonce Hear that? It’s the sound of Fringe fans rushing off to watch Inner Child. ‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @DixieGirl256 ‪@FRINGEonFOX Incredible show tonight.Blew my mind… broke my heart… and then broke it some more.Great performances by Noble and Jackson!
  • @runpaceyrun Peter called Walter “dad”. The Bishop Boys are back …well sort off! 2 broken souls about to be healed by the love for each other &Olivia!
  • @agentdunhams Srsly distressing moment when liv was alone with the observer. i was in sheer panic
  • @RKron Dammit Donald, why won’t you show your face?!‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @mikerastiello Walter Bishop may be one of my favorite characters ever. “IS THAT RASPBERRY FILLING? RASPBERRY FILLING!?” ‪#Fringe
  • @ruinme ‪#Fringe you are raising so many more questions- a feat I did not think u could do, not like this! I need more! ‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @JMHaughey Ohh ‪#Fringe, you never cease to amaze me!
  • @21st_Fall I need my Olivia Dunham back 😥 ‪#Fringe
  • @wikiaddicted723 Tipping my metaphorical Fedora to ‪@VancityJax and his awesome performance tonight. The little smile in next week’s promo was chilling.
  • @Fringeship I have a pit in my stomach. I am not a patient person. Peter needs to disclose what he did…now :/ ‪#NothingIsImpossible
  • @mrjoshuawesome #Fring‪e, time physics ‪#fail. ‪#NothingIsImpossible… Maybe. But still it should be consistent.

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