Fringe 5×05 “An Origin Story”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Peter, Peter, Peter. Did you not learn your lesson the first time? You and super sketchy tech do not mix. Although the Observer tech embedded in Peter’s neck throws a huge monkey wrench into our plans for a Peter and Olivia happy ending, it is nice to see this very, dark side of Peter. For the past four years, all of the actors have had the opportunity to “play” with their characters. They explored alternate universes and different timelines, but Peter was always the constant player. Joshua Jackson wasn’t given a chance to use his full bag of acting tricks until now and I’m curious to see how far down the Observer path his character will go.  How will his new abilities influence the plan? Will Peter be the savior or will he impede the Fringe team from destroying the Baldies? And what about Walter and Olivia? How will they react? It frustrates me to no end that Peter’s turning point happens right when Olivia has decided that she will use every last drop of cortexiphan in her body to save her marriage. Way to take the term, “star-crossed lovers” to a whole new level. Olivia does not want to lose Peter again, which means she will have to emotionally open herself fully to him to understand what he is going through and express her struggle as well. And we all know this is a GINORMOUS undertaking for her- the girl who nearly forgot what it’s like to be scared. These soul mates have an arduous odyssey ahead, and all we can do is wait anxiously for that moment they take their conversation to the bedroom…

*This episode had several facepalm moments so I decided to have fun with the Olivia gif from 5×04. Hope you like it.

  • Peter is trying to find his daughter in Olivia’s face. cryingcrying Aw, Etta had a Boston snow globe. crying I’m drowning into a puddle of tears. It is TOO DIFFICULT to watch Peter and Olivia grieving. I don't want to see

  • I have this theory. The Fringe set is powered by the fandom’s pain. It has to be true. How else do I explain this scene of Olivia in the bathroom while a piano version of Etta’s theme music is playing in the background.

  • Are the Observers trying to create a window into the other world? I thought the bridge was closed in Season 4?! What is going on?!?! Are the boxes from another time or another universe?!I don't know
  • Walter wants to keep Etta’s perfume. crying Gosh, this family’s name is synonymous with tragedy. Oh man, Etta’s phone is ringing. Anil wants to meet with Olivia. worried
  • This is not good! The Observers can transport items from the future. NOT. GOOD. AT. ALL.

  • OH SNAP. Anil and his team captured an Observer. Ay ay ay, Peter wants blood. worried
  • Uh oh. Really Peter, really? Do you not remember the last time you worked on sketchy tech?! Let me remind you…you disappeared!

  • I’ve never seen Olivia this emotionally distraught. cryingcrying Great Astrid and Olivia moment. I MISS Astrid. She needs more screen time.

  • Walter is using his toys to describe his plan to collapse the wormhole just like the old days. big hugLove the subtle references to prior episodes.
  • These Polivia moments seriously need a warning slate beforehand. Watching Olivia frightened for Peter’s safety is the worst.

  • “This is my friend. He is meaner than I am.” HA Nice going, Anil, and it’s actually true…Peter is getting kinda scary.

  • Observer: “You don’t even know what you don’t know.” Huh? Mr. Baldie, you speak in tongues.

  • Did the Observer just refers to humans as ants? Oh, you are going down buddy.

  • Olivia is holding Etta’s necklace, and Walter just came in with a video of Etta’s birthday. Fringe, do you want me to die of sadness?!?! cryingcrying
  • Walter understands Olivia’s fear. He is the only who could.

  • Thank goodness the Polivia shippers have Walter. I believe in him! He will do everything he can to make sure these star-crossed lovers remain intact.
  • Hell yeah! Peter and Olivia are ready for battle. Frak, it’s an Observer. He is gonna crush Peter like an ant! surprisesurprisesurprise Yes, that’s my Olivia- doing what she does best. applauseapplauseapplauseapplause

  • They did it! They created the blackhole! Someone catch me…Peter and Olivia are holding hands and smiling at each other in the getaway van. love strucklove strucklove strucklove struck What the eff? How did the Observers recover so quickly?
  • Peter, where are you going?!?!

  • Olivia is so scared for Peter’s well being. Way to kick her when she’s down, world…she is looking at the Resistance posters with Etta’s face. sadsad

  • OH SNAP! Peter is getting physical with the Observer. “But you ascribed meaning to something that was not there. You saw what you wanted to see. You believed what you wanted to believe, because that’s what your emotions do. They ascribe meaning to something that is not there. They fool your perception as to what is real.” UGH! I hate it when characters I despise speak the truth and provide insightful comments. Peter: “You are nothing but tech. I would be ten times what you are if I had that tech in my head.” OH CRAP!! Don’t do it, Peter.time out shame on youYou have that look in your face. Don’t do it!!!! I don't want to see
  • Oh boy…Olivia is gonna watch the tape. I need a new box tissues and an ambulance on hold for when I go into cardiac arrest.

  • Nooooooooooooo Peter!!!!! Don’t do it!!  I don't want to see I don't want to see
  • THE TAPE!!! broken heartbroken heartbroken heart Congratulations, Fringe team. You just achieved a new world record- Most Hearts Broken in one TV Season.

  • Peter! WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME?! Damnit, they are playing the piano version of Etta’s theme music again!

  • Dear Fringe production team,

  • Really?!?! Did you think my heart was not crushed enough?!

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” “hellyeahfringe,” and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


A #HurryUpMary Update

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  1. ***SPEECHLESS-MARY*** This recap truly says it all! I was literally shaking and in knotts over that birthday tape!!! That scene really set me back….LOL! Awesome recap as always and looking forward to the next one! #MaryHurriedUp

  2. Excellent reactions as always Mary! You managed to find something funny in this overall sad and angsty episode. 😦 (Why are you guys afraid of adding color to your wardrobe? 🙂 )
    I loved the moment when Peter held up Etta’s photo to Olivia’s face…
    The last scene in the episode was very emotional and heartbreaking… Peter and Olivia always seem to be operating on different wave lengths… When she stopped being numb and decided to grieve with her husband, opening up to him, he chose to close his heart to everyone who loved him and pursue his own path of vengeance…
    I don’t like where this is going… Peter is slipping away fast…

  3. Thank you Evelina. It was heart breaking to watch Peter hold up Etta’s picture to Olivia. He was trying to find his little girl in his wife. ::Overwhelming sadness:: I hate seeing the characters that I love suffer. -M

  4. Ive got to say Mary i should know better then to read these recaps whilst at work!! I want to laugh out loud and i want to cry at the same time!

    I cant handle this episode its too emotionally painful to watch…. especially Olivia watching the tape… my heart is in a million pieces.

    Just when you think it couldn’t get worse then there is this episode 😥 (cant deal with all these feels)

    Im loving all the gifs you have chosen to use in this recap! great work once again 🙂

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