Top 5 TV Moments This Week: Con Men & Fan Cons

Thanks to the election, about a third of my shows weren’t on this week, but the ones that were new had some truly memorable moments, including a Castle episode that put the “fan” in fantastic, some lovable bad boys on Once Upon a Time, and a historic tribal council. Here are our highlights from the past week of television…

1. Firefly references on Castle—This week’s Castle episode featured a murder at a fan convention, much like one where you might find a Firefly booth with hundreds of fans waiting in line dressed in brown coats and Jayne hats. This episode included enough winks and nods at Firefly (not to mention a number of other cult sci-fi shows) to make a browncoat like me positively giddy. There was the “Ariel’s moon” comment, the “Creavers” (Reaver-like space cannibals), and of course, the greatest moment of all, Castle saying that he liked, “that one Joss Whedon show.” (*Cue nerdgasm*) Also, when Castle was pshawing the fictional TV show Nebula 9, he mentioned that it only had one season and got canceled after 12 episodes. Did I mention former Star Trek: Enterprise commander Jonathan Frakes directed the episode? It was basically a sci-fi geek’s dream come true.

2. Michael Raymond-James and Colin O’Donoghue on Once Upon a Time—This week’s episode was happily ever AWESOME, due in large part to the emphasis on two charismatic new characters: charming car thief Neal (True Blood vet Michael Raymond-James) and the cheeky Captain Hook (Irish stud Colin O’Donoghue). They both had great onscreen chemistry with Jennifer Morrison, and Neal actually managed to coax a few genuine smiles out of our surly Miss Swan. Of course, this was back when she was just a troubled teen on the run, not a destiny-bound daughter of two legendary fairytale characters. Still, I think Neal and Hook bring out a lighter side in Emma, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of these two saucy scoundrels throughout the season.

3. The Vampire Diaries—I’ve never liked Elena more than I did in this episode. When Damon warned Elena that going up against Connor would be dangerous and Elena growled back, “SO AM I, DAMON!” I got chills. I thought it was perfect that Elena’s first kill was motivated by her need to protect Jeremy rather than her thirst for blood. Add to that the final scene between Damon and Stefan, and the impending return of Katherine (!), and it was enough to make me forget about April and the unfortunate revival of the dreaded diary voiceovers. And that’s saying a lot because those two irritants could have easily ruined what was an otherwise fantastic episode. So far, this season is shaping up to be expectedly exceeding of expectations.

4. This line from Parks and Recreation: “I grabbed all the brownies from the dessert table and four bottles of wine. Get in the car. We’re going to Australia.” This quote from Leslie Knope is my new life motto.

5. Tribal Council on Survivor—I’ve been watching Survivor for over half my lifetime, and this might have been the most entertaining tribal council I’ve ever seen. For the first time in history, not one but two immunity idols were revealed before the vote. Yet somehow, neither person in possession of an idol was voted out, nor did they play their respective idols.  Malcolm felt pressured to show his idol after Lisa told Pete about it, and then when Jeff jokingly asked if anyone else had an idol they wanted to reveal, Abbi happily obliged. The best part of moments like these is that it’s the only time Jeff ever looks surprised. After 25 seasons, it’s hard to fluster Jeff Probst, so when it happens, it’s something special.

What did you guys think of this week of TV? What was your favorite sci-fi reference on Castle? Are you enjoying Vampire Elena as much as I am? Do you know where I can get Michael Raymond-James’ tragically underrated series Terriers on DVD? Comments section! Go! Now!



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