TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM 8×06 “Splitsville”

Photo: Richard Cartwright/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Read what fans had to say about Barney’s declaration:

  • @ryanoneil How I Met Your Mother used to be funny, right? #HIMYM
  • @MrPetuhtATA I wish Dallas would have a #Splitsville like #HIMYM #seriously
  • @Rubenjonesjr Great episode #himym
  • @Plevy24PSU @MichaelTrucco is awesome on #HIMYM!
  • @LovinOnBuffalo Barney Stinson made my night!! So happy for real plot movement on#HIMYM!
  • @HannahluvsTV A horny Lily is a funny Lily #HIMYM
  • @Cleverfidel #HIMYM is getting all sad and such. Bring back the good times
  • @justexmachina That was a pretty great episode of #HIMYM#BarneyRobinFeels
  • @theTVaddict All this talk surrounding the “autumn of break ups” has me wishing I could quit#HIMYM
  • @blythieb1214 Barney made me feel like a mushy gushy girl on tonight’s #HIMYM.#whatisthis
  • @thelaurengeeee Fantastic #HIMYM episode tonight, finally getting the ball rolling.@ActuallyNPH made me swoon
  • @iris_simpkins46 My feels…omg the Barney’s speech omg i can’t’s just perfection. #HIMYM
  • @kondracula barneys speech tonight….love. #HIMYM
  • @BlakeMoyers #HIMYM tonight was awesome….everyone deserves to have speech like Barney said to them..
  • @TarynAnton That was the best #HIMYM in a long time. #BarneyAndRobinForever
  • @juliemoller1 #HIMYM continues to toy with my emotions.. that Barney and Robin scene was almost perfect
  • @JIllFortriede CRAZY episode of #HIMYM. I LOVE it.

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