Fringe 5×06 “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

I wish I was writing this post with fewer questions than I had last week. Sadly, this is not the case. I had high hopes that episode 6 would provide some answers, or at least move us in the direction of answering the questions, but it didn’t. I don’t want the writers to explain the importance of the mini Observer in one episode, but I believe they should tie up some loose ends before presenting a new one. Why can’t they give us more information about Donald? I’ve never had any qualms about unanswered questions on Fringe but since this is a season with only 13 episodes, I am really worried everything is going to be left until the end. I don’t want to lose those precious hours in the final episodes to explanation because I prefer the focus to be on the characters. I am well aware that the Fringe production teams loves the characters as much as the fandom does so they will probably find the perfect balance, but it still worries me. I can’t help it. When it comes to the Bishop/Farnsworth Family, I get very nervous when outside factors impede my time with them.

Okay, that’s the end of my rant. Let’s talk about the episode. THE CHARACTER FROM “INNER CHILD” RETURNED AND HE WAS AN OBSERVER. When I saw the Season 1 episode, I thought he was an Observer but was perplexed to why would he have empathic abilities? Observers aren’t supposed to have feelings. Perhaps he is the first Observer since he still has some human characteristics. One theory someone mentioned to me after I saw “Inner Child” was that the boy could be September. This would explain why September is so attached to the Bishop family, but this would also create a paradox. The little boy met Peter and Walter in 2008 so there would be no need to save Peter since he was alive. Then again, Observers experience time differently so…maybe? I don’t know. It’s like trying to decipher Walter’s equation to save the world…I don’t get it. Time will tell though. In my opinion, I don’t think the boy is September, because that conflicts with my viewpoint of my favorite Baldie. I always imagined September as the Observer who went rogue and developed feelings. winking

Also, how awesome was the Peter and Walter scene at the end? Walter was voicing his concerns about himself, but his words applied perfectly to Peter. “Am I the person that would leave in the middle of the night on his own?” It’s as if Peter’s inner voice possessed Walter. I hope you’re listening, buddy.

  • Walter is watching tape seven and in it, he is walking on Quincy Street. Didn’t Etta say she and her parents lived on Quincy Street?
  • Olivia went looking for Peter when he didn’t come home. sad She is trying so hard to hold onto him. broken heartcrying GAH! My favorite! Peter and Olivia foreheads touching! They are snuggling! big hugMerry Christmas to me! “Peter, when you feel like this, I just want you to include me. I want to understand what you are going through and I want you to understand what I’m going through.” crying

  • Yowzers, what happened to the apartment complex? Looks like there was an explosion. WHOA! Who is that woman with the robotic eye?! She and Ms. Terminator could be BFFs.

  • Umm, Walter, I don’t think you should be exploring by yourself. Oh snap! Where did he go? surprise
  • “What we have done is we have opened a space in the membrane that separates the two universes. A ‘pocket universe’, if you will.” Who is “we”? Who helped Walter create the pocket universe? Was it Bell? I don't knowAw, Walter is doing his interdimensional universe dance.

  • It’s the Bishop family, badass car! I want to go on a roadtrip with them badly.

  • Say what now? Cecil has been there since 2016? That sucks.
  • Only Polivia could make crossing universes ADORABLE!!

  • Ugh, it’s Captain Pain-in-my-a**

  • Wait, where’s Astrid? Did she not enter the pocket universe? Who is Walter talking to in the tape apart from Donald? I don't knowThey’re looking for the apple glyph!!
  • WHAT THE WHAT?!?! It’s the kid from “Inner Child.” It’s the Fringe glyphs!! big grinbig grin

  • Walter in the recording: “To understand his purpose, refer to Tape Eight.” UGH! Walter, you’re killin me with the cliffhanger! I’m ready for some answers!!

  • Grrr, the Loyalists and Baldies are coming to crash the party. angry
  • Hurry guys and get the eff out of the pocket universe. OH HELL TO THE NO! The Observer hit Astrid! I wish I could jump into the TV right now. angryangryangry

  • RIP Cecil. sadsad
  • Walter was gonna do his little dance to cross back but Peter had other plans…hee hee

  • Noooooooooooooo! The Observer is choking Olivia just like Windmark did to Etta. sadworriedHer gun doesn’t work. I don't want to see Gah, I can’t watch. Yes! Take that Observer. BAMF Olivia is not to be messed with. Is anyone else super angry at Peter for not letting Olivia cross the portal before him?

  • Peter: “Get Walter out of here. I’ll draw them off and meet you at the monorail. Go!” EXCUSE ME?!?! Separating is the WORST PLAN IN THE WORLD. Remember what happened the last time you guys did that?!?! Etta died. UGH. I am the ‘Queen of Frustration’ right now. at wits' end

  • Uh oh…He is coming into his Observer powers. surprise Major damn. He’s like Neo.

  • This whole radio being stuck on one frequency is not good. I wonder if the writers are gonna bring back the parallel universe.
  • Buckle your seatbelts everyone. This Father/Son scene is going to be an emotional roller coaster. Walter: “I’m losing myself, Peter. I’m losing the man that you helped me become. Whatever happens, don’t let me go.”

  •  Oh, Peter, you are the LAST person who should be talking about not losing one’s identity and goodness. On the bright side, he called Walter “dad” and Olivia smiled. Typical Fringe. They dangle the rope full of promise and hope just low enough so we can reach but when we jump to grasp it, they pull it right up so we fall into the emotional abyss.

  • DOUBLE EPIC FACEPALM!! Peter can see how the Observers see. Very Matrix-y. He’s crossed over… no talking

Thank you Fringe Files, “dunhamgetinmybed,” “hellyeahfringe,” and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


A #HurryUpMary Update

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  1. hahaha love the star wars gif at the end!!!!!! ahh i have epic high hopes for next weeks episode! and i need some more Polivia forehead touching in my life!!

    great recap Mary once again 🙂

  2. Great reactions as always Mary! You finally caught up with the series! Congratulations! 🙂 Now you don’t need to hurry up anymore, just sit back and enjoy. If there’s anything left to enjoy, that is… 😦
    Polivia touching foreheads and crossing universes! Awww… Finally some cute moments between them in this bleak season… 😦
    So many TV couples to destroy, so little time… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I didn’t like it when Peter said to Olivia coldly and informatively: “Cross right here” and left her alone. 😦
    I wonder why Windmark was smirking like that when he saw Peter killing the other Observer… I didn’t like that smile, it was like “Everything is going according to plan”… 😦
    What’s with the huge Etta poster on the building… That was strange…
    Love the father and son interaction in the monorail!
    Olivia is suspecting something… I hope that she’ll find out in the next episode… Boy, I’d be angry if I was her… Her husband was lying to her… Again! What happened with “full disclosure”?
    Peter is unlocking his superpowers! Scary…
    I am thinking about the little kid from the Inner Child episode… Maybe he is little September… Or… Super crazy theory coming up… Maybe Peter and Olivia will have another child 🙂 ; I know they haven’t done anything yet but snuggle, but hey, who knows… 🙂 🙂 🙂 (Maybe the writers will wish us Merry Christmas with another Polivia scene like the one from “Welcome to Westfield). Anyhow, this child will be a mix of a human and of an Observer because Peter’s DNA has changed (or has it?) and he will be September…
    This would explain why September has been so interested in Peter and Olivia and in the moment of creating of the cure for Peter; and it would explain why he was the only Observer to show human emotions… So Walter could be September’s grandfather… 🙂
    If he, however, is not Peter’s and Olivia’s son (since there is no time for him to be born, only 7 episodes left 😦 ), he probably is a little Observer anyway… Maybe tiny Observers are empaths and are actually very nice before they mature and big Observers shove that tech in the back of their necks… And Walter was keeping the boy in the pocket universe because he wanted to study him and see how to make adult Observers feel emotions too…

  3. BWAHAHAHA…….THE LIFE ALERT GIF…..SO TRUE!!!!!!! Great recap-Mary and CONGRATS on being cought up!!! Time to do the HAPPY DANCE! 🙂

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