Fringe 5×07 “Five-Twenty-Ten”: Reactions from First Time Viewer

I liken this episode to skydiving without a parachute. We were pushed out of the airplane at 13,000 feet and as we descended, we witnessed Peter’s transformation. At 12,000 ft, he is capable of seeing the world as the Observers see it. At 11,000 ft, he tilts his head. At 10,000 ft, he manipulates events to produce the future he wants. At 9,000 ft, Peter lies to Olivia and we see another skydiver mocking us with his fully functioning parachute. At 7,000 ft, he activates the tech that releases the cylinders. At 5,000 ft, he tells Olivia it is logical to split up. We try yanking on that line in a last ditch effort to see if by some miracle a parachute will appear, but nothing happens. At 2,000 ft, Olivia finally finds out that Peter has implanted the tech in his head and we can finally breathe a sigh of relief that this descent is almost over, but we see the earth below us and we are reminded the worse has yet to come. Peter and Olivia will hit their lowest point soon, and it will not be pretty. They will cry and mourn, and we will finally go SPLAT.

Blair Brown finally made her Season 5 appearance and portrayed a different Nina Sharp than what we were use to. As I read through my reactions to 5×07, I realized that I never once referred to Nina as “Ms. Terminator” (the nickname I gave her in Season 1) because she is a changed person in 2036. She is no longer the duplicitous COO of the company responsible for the majority of fringe events, and therefore, didn’t deserve the nickname. Even in Season 4 when Nina was depicted as being more loving and warm, I had my reservations. How could I not? There was a Nina shapeshifter helping David Robert Jones so I was always questioning her actions. But this Nina just breaks my heart. For the first time, I saw her as a broken human being. She lost her leadership position at Massive Dynamic, her surrogate grandchild, and the love of her life-William Bell. We always knew she had experienced great pain working beside Bell and Walter, but this time the turmoil was physically visible as seen by her emotional reunion with Olivia. Nina fears losing more which is why she tells Walter love wasn’t enough to save Bell. Way to throw salt into our gaping wound, writers. Love is not enough? sad Walter’s monologue at the end was as much about Peter and Olivia as it was about Peter and Walter, and this frightens me. Peter and Olivia are no ordinary couple, but perhaps, their love won’t be enough this time. This is not good, guys, I’m doubting the power of Polivia. sadbroken heart

  • Uh oh, Peter is using his Matrix vision. DOUBLE UH OH!!!! He just tilted his head like an Observer. He sees the future?!? TIME TO GET THE TECH OUT!!! You had your Observer fun, Peter, but this is too much. Oh frak…he smiled at his little girl on the poster. All he needs is a red lightsaber to complete his Darth Vader transformation.

  • Gah, it’s so difficult to watch Olivia worried about Peter. “You left without me.” cryingcrying

  • The Fringe team needs to find the cylinders. applause Woohoo. I’m so excited to find out its purpose. Bell wanted to help Walter defeat the Observers but then betrayed them?!?! surprise What?!
  • DAMNIT, Peter! His ear is bleeding. That’s right, Olivia; continue questioning the changes. Gah, her worried facial expression is like an emotional dagger stabbing my heart. broken heartbroken heartbroken heart

  • The gang is gonna see Nina! Industrial revolution dance time!

  • Rollin’ like a BAMF

  • A mother/daughter reunion. Sometimes I forget about the reset in Season 4. This Nina raised Olivia, and even though Olivia doesn’t have those memories, I like to believe they rebuilt a mother/daughter relationship. I love the reactions from Astrid and Walter. big hug

  • Here come the waterworks…Nina referenced Etta’s death.broken heart cryingI’m drowning in a pool of my own tears!
  • Walter to Nina: “The man I was before, do you see him in me now?” crying Don’t question your goodness! You are good. You are good! You are like Obi-Wan Kenobi good. “I am different. I have Peter. He won’t let me become that man again.” Hate to tell you this Wally, but Peter has his hands full with his own hubris issues.
  • LMAO The Observers can check their hats and briefcases when they enter a restaurant. rolling on the floor
  • Yay! Another Olivia and Astrid scene. I miss Astrid so much. I thought that after Etta’s death, Astrid would get more screen time, but it is not as much as I hoped. sad Oh, Astrid. If only you knew what was really happening.

  • Walter!! Did you have to be so mean to Nina?! I believe you are telling the truth but…ouch!

  • Anyone else find it interesting that Peter is wearing an analog watch when he is so technologically advanced now? Anil has a digital watch. thinking Food for thought.
  • Great Scott! That’s the one of the old Fringe cases!!!

  • Arrrrgh. Peter stop lying to your wife!! angry
  • So, Belly is a Benedict Arnold and a kleptomaniac?! Not cool. no talking
  • 52010! 52010! It’s 52010 Walter!!! (My mom shushes me) Sorry, mom, but I’m trying to help Walter. It’s 52010! Aw, Peter is taking the pressure off of Walter. He is still human. OH SNAP! surprise It’s a picture of Nina! WALTER WAS WRONG!!! He needs to apologize to her.
  • Really?! Peter activated another device. EPIC FACEPALM

  • Peter: “It’s logical that we split up.” WHAT?! Are you on Walter’s “medications”? Eff that. DOUBLE EPIC FACEPALM.
  • Walter gave Nina the picture. cryingOh no, he wants to take those pieces out of his brain again. But what about the plan Walter?!
  • Oh boy…Olivia is at Etta’s apartment and she found her husband’s crazy, serial killer glass whiteboard. Jiminy Cricket…He sounds like an Observer! It’s crush-Olivia’s-soul-time. “I have it now.” She is terrified!!! And wants to get out of there fast, but don’t Liv…don’t leave him. sadsad

  • Thank the heavens there is an Astrid and Walter moment to warm this frigid and lonely place we are in.

  • Why is he writing origin point? What is Windmark the origin of?
  • Great editing. Father and son are in perilous situations.

Thank you Fringe Files and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


A #HurryUpMary Update

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  1. Good recap as always Mary! I thought this episode was one of the best one’s so far this season as I LOVED the reunion between Olivia and Nina (I am a huge fan of their mother/daughter relationship), also I think every episode for the rest os the series should come with an Olivia and Astrid heart to heart!!!! The kiss Astrid gave Walter at the end totally made my night and weekend and 3 week break!!! One of my fav scenes of the series so far because it was such a broken kiss, to me that kiss said “I’m just really sad and scared at the place we are all at and I don’t want to lose you next Walter”…..I really feel like that kiss spoke for the fandom! (I could be making a lot more out of it then it really was but that is just how I felt when it happend)

    Also this is probably just very wishful thinking but in the promo for 5X08 I thought it kind of looked like Olivia got her ‘Preggers Powers’ back as I am totally sold on the theory that Olivia got pregnant pre-amber and that the fandom will be in for a Christmas miracle in the episodes ahead! Yes, the news of a Bishop baby number 2 would be the best Christmas present I can think of….LOL!!!! 🙂

    • Holy cow if Olivia was preggers i would DIE of happiness and sadness all at once!! AHHHHHH the baby can not have a Observer father!!!

      • I know right?!?! But what if somehow that 2nd baby is September and Peter is the original Observer!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

  2. Born to be wild… hahahahaha I’m dying here ;))) hahaha

  3. I think he’s writing Origin Point because he is now starting to calculate Windmark’s movements, and he’s starting from the origin point of Windmark entering the elevator.

  4. Congratulations, Mary, your recap always manages to make me laugh even when there is hardly anything to laugh about… 😦 Everything is so sad, and going downhill… However, the glyphs spelled TRUST this week, so I guess we just gotta trust the writers… If Wyman thinks this is the love letter to the fans so far, he is sooo wrong!
    Loved the Born to be Wild song you incorporated in the part where Nina is “rolling like a boss”… LOL! 🙂
    Also, you’ve gotta point, it really is funny how the Observers check in their fedoras and their briefcases…. I didn’t pay attention to that, I was caught up in the briefcase exchange…
    I don’t know about Windmark… He looked too smug in the last episode… In a 5×08 promo we see him telling to Peter that everything turned out exactly the way he planned it… So go figure… Could it be that he actually wanted Peter to become one of them and lose his human side of personality?
    I like the GodsGirl 1989 idea that Olivia is pregnant! That would be sooo cool! I wish!
    Here is a small gift from me…
    Wait for it…


      • Thank you GodsGirl1989! It’s a little scary though… 😉
        I seriously loved your idea about Olivia being pregnant and all… We could really use some happiness on the show right about now! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • It is a little scary and a little awesome all at the same time!!!:) I’m glad you are digging my Olivia theory so much! I think it is highly unlikely but would certainly be a Christmas miracle if it came true…LOL!!

    • Oh wow. Observer Peter does not look friendly. I hope he keeps his hair. -M

  5. Loved the recap Mary. You are one funny lady! Loved the screencaps you used and love the gifs! Looking forward to your next recap…. but we have to wait 3 weeks, now thats a facepalm for life!!

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