‘FRINGE’ 5×07 Photo Recap: “Five-Twenty-Ten”

Compared the last three episodes, “Five-Twenty-Ten” was almost a relief for my poor, bruised heart. Ever since Etta died, it’s like we’ve been falling down a bottomless emotional cavern, hitting intermittent rocks and outcroppings along the way, just waiting for the descent to end…until this week’s episode when Peter started to go full-Observer on us, and suddenly *THWACK* we hit the metaphorical pavement of whatever hell we’ve all landed in. Downside: things are looking worse than ever. Upside: it can only get better from here! …Right? *Cue evil laughter from Joel Wyman* Judging by how much Walter kept emphasizing his dependence on Peter to hold on to the man he’s become, I think we’ll be seeing an uptick in the mental unraveling of Walter pretty soon. I’m guessing that little emotional grenade will be going off within the next two or three episodes. And you know, I just don’t think I can handle all three of the Bishop-Dunhams having identity crises at the same time. They’ve always leaned on each other to get through the horrible things life throws at them, but what happens when they’re all in such distress that they can’t even hold themselves up, let alone each other? I’ve done the math, you guys, and it does not look good. Walter can’t lean on Peter to keep it together if Peter is busy trying on fedoras and writing his Observer Academy admissions essay. And Olivia can’t look to Walter for support if he’s freaking out about regressing to his old self. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM YOU GUYS. Let’s get to it before things start to get even worse.

Peter was working on his vacant Observer stare while he stalked a couple of Windmark’s lackeys, watching them with the same mix of determined intensity and vague disinterest with which I watch Project Runway.

Inspector Gadget was secretly concocting his own private mission of revenge, which involved taking out Windmark’s bffs Mueller and Royce. Since he was operating without his team, he needed some help on his rogue operation. Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! …But they were busy, so he called this guy instead:

Anil seemed up for anything, really, and he wasn’t concerned about the reasons behind it or how Peter knew what he knew. Clearly someone didn’t do well on the critical thinking portion of his SATs. (Do they even have SATs in Scotland? Remind me to google it later.) Anyway, I keep forgetting that Anil is still alive. I think I’m way too distracted by the emotional turmoil of the core characters to get attached to any new ones. Besides, at this point Anil is basically just Peter’s flying monkey vengeance minion.

Olivia was appropriately concerned by Peter’s mysterious long absences and his new dead-in-the-eyes look. When he got back to the lab she was all inquisitive about his where- and what-abouts.

Tense! Luckily they had a new tape to distract them.

Poor Astrid… At least she got to have a little fun this episode. Also, why do they insist on showing Etta’s face every ten minutes on those “RESIST” posters? From a creative perspective, it adds an eeriness to the season that fits, but it just seems kind of cruel to keep reminding the viewers of how our hearts were brutally crushed. Then again, I guess that’s probably how Peter and Olivia feel… WELL PLAYED YOU EVIL CREATIVE GENIUSES.

After what I’m sure was an awkward car ride, they encountered a slight obstacle in their quest for the cylinders left behind in Bell’s storage safe…

Oh Peter, Peter, Peter… If you keep bleeding out of random orifices like this they’re totally going to figure out that you’re turning into an Observer. Lucky for him, they were pretty distracted by the pile of rubble preventing them from accessing the facility with the cylinders in it, so they went to pay a visit to an old friend—Nina Sharp! She looks great for someone who’s probably, like, 80. I bet she and Helen Mirren have a club where they practice witchcraft in order to stay beautiful. Nina and Olivia had a little moment (remember when they were like mother and daughter? Good times) and then Nina helped them solve their little rock-pile dilemma, explaining that she had something that could change matter from solid to a gaseous form.

Peter took a time-out to go talk to Anil, who told him that the scene with the Observer in the park hadn’t gone as he’d said it would. Anil didn’t seem concerned about how Peter thought he was able to see the future. Seriously, Anil? You’re just gonna go along with that? What’s wrong with you? Also, Peter was having some sort of Observer aneurysm in the car.

Meanwhile, Astrid and Olivia were having some girl talk about how weird and distant and ear-bleedy Peter has been acting lately…

Speaking of Peter’s sketchiness, he followed the Observers to a restaurant where he put his aneurysm epiphany to good use. The best part about this scene was the fedora cubbies at the restaurant.

Peter succeeded in executing a classic switcheroo with one of the Observers, swapping briefcases with him. I guess the Observers’ psychic abilities don’t include knowing when you’re carrying a briefcase with a skin-melting chemical agent in it.

Walter and Nina had an emotional scene where Walter confessed his fears that he might be slipping back into his old ways, which he proved by being a douchebag and telling Nina that Bell never loved her.

Ruh-roh… Mean Walter reared his ugly head. I can’t really blame him for being a little short with Nina. The guy’s got a lot on his plate right now. Still, it’s disconcerting to see Walter slowly reverting to his old self. I almost don’t recognize him anymore. Oh wait, that’s because I’m looking at this guy instead. Who the eff is this?

Whatever man, it’s your funeral. I don’t really remember this guy’s name, but he helped them figure out how to evaporate the rubble preventing them from retrieving the cylinders. So I guess he can stick around for an episode…

Over on Operation Revengify the World, a few Observers were about to get a not-so-happy surprise when they opened Peter’s briefcase…

And one point for Team Peter in the ongoing battle to avenge Etta’s death. Way to bring back an old favorite from the Fringe vault, Peter.

Peter got a call from Anil confirming that the Observers were officially melted.

They were finally able to actually get inside the facility and get their hands (Ha! Get it?) on the cylinders Video Walter told them to find.

Once they got past the hand scanner and into the dark and creepy lab, Walter made a disturbing discovery…

They found Bell’s safe, and Walter struggled to remember the combination. (Hint: look at the episode title, Walter!)

Wow, so William Bell actually did have a heart? Weird. Hey, if anyone feels like making a prequel series about Walter, Bell, and Nina when they were young and promiscuous, I would fully support that.

Anyway, the metal Pokéball thing looked kind of useless until Peter touched it and suddenly two cylinders popped out of the ground like really ugly tulips.

Finally! Something that might actually help explain what in the world is going on with these tapes. They had to make a quick getaway, and Peter surprised Olivia by suggesting that they take separate cars. (Thus mirroring their gaping emotional separation.)

Once they successfully made it out of there with the cylinders, they headed back to the lab to regroup. Walter paid a visit to Nina to give her the photo and apologize for being a jerk.

Whaaaaat??? Wow. That is an extreme Plan B. But I guess when it comes to Walter becoming a power-hungry mad scientist again, extreme measures might be necessary. Especially with Peter out of commission. I think the cat might be out of the bag on his little secret at this point, considering what Olivia found when she got home.

OH SNAP. Peter has gone off the deep end—Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind style. Only instead of hallucinating Ed Harris in his backyard, Peter is obsessively tracking Windmark and his associates in some grand revenge scheme. All hands on deck! Man your battle stations! MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

So the two Bishop men descended into their individual black holes of existential undoing: Walter, wallowing in his final hours with his whole brain, and Peter fixated on his revenge on Windmark, even if it means becoming like him.

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Not Peter’s thick, beautiful hair! This is even worse than when Etta died. Okay, maybe not quite that level of emotional trauma, but still—pretty close. I miss Peter already, you guys. He’s the heart and soul of the show. (Okay, he and Olivia and Walter are the hearts and souls of the show… Like the Holy Trinity of genre TV.) Okay, this is probably a long shot, but Olivia should try pulling a Cher and just slap Peter across the face and tell him to “Snap out of it!” Hey, it worked on Nic Cage. He had gorgeous hair once too, you know. *sobs*

Aside from the horribly painful character developments in this episode, we got a little closer to piecing together the Master Plan. I suspected there would be more of those weird cylinder things for them to find after the one Peter dug up in “A Short Story About Love.” (*Pause to remember happier times*) I hope we get to find out what’s inside them soon. I feel like we’ve collected a lot of random tidbits, but nothing is coming together yet. It’s just like, “Hey, look! A radio! Hey! That empathic Observer child! Ooh, time capsule cylinders!” Like an epic game of Mario Kart, and we just keep picking up blue shells and banana peels, waiting to use them all for our Master Plan. I wouldn’t mind getting some answers before we embark on the next part of this little scavenger hunt. Let’s start throwing some blue shells up in this place! But first, let’s get Peter some Rogaine.

What did you guys think of “Five-Twenty-Ten”? Do you think they’ll un-amber Bell? Will Walter go through with his lobotomy? When will Sam Weiss show up? Do you think Nina can get Peter a discount on a wig from wherever she buys hers? Share your thoughts, or mourn the loss of Peter’s luscious locks in the comments section.

As always, thank you to FringeFiles.com for providing the screen caps of this episode, and thanks to TV.com’s brilliant Price Peterson, whose hilarious Vampire Diaries photo recaps were the inspiration for my own. And thank you for reading!


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  2. Ditto, GodsGirl1989! The Little Mermaid! Now, that was a happier time. *Sniff*

    Also, I would totally dig a prequel with Belly and Nina and Walter. LSD galore!!

    Thanks, as always, for lightening the mood after an extremely depressing and demoralizing episode.

  3. Ha, ha, awesome as always, Louise! You really have a great sense of humor and you are very creative and imaginative. Kudos to you!
    Loved this line-if Peter is busy trying on fedoras and writing his Observer Academy admissions essay. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Anil: Still alive… Somehow… -I actually adore Anil’s accent! He’s an awesome actor. I hope they don’t kill him off. Yet. 😦
    I’m gonna tell Lincoln you’re cheating on him… LOL!!!! 🙂 Blast from the past.
    Were you listening to CAT soundtrack again?-Now there is a legitimate reason for ear bleeding… Great idea. 🙂
    Love the way you synthetisized Astrid’s and Olivia’s girlie talk… “Men. Yup.”
    I guess William Bell literally lent them a hand, huh? 🙂 I hope we’ll be seeing him again. Handless? 😦 Or in a super villain role as always…. Maybe Nina will manage to change him for the better this time…
    Is Sam Weiss Donald?
    And here is what happens with Peter’s thick, beautiful, luscious hair… Mary saw it already, so I guess it’s your turn, Louise…

    Behold, it’s Lex Luthor! With a cute stubble though…

  4. this is classic Louise can not stop laughing. You out do yourself every week seriously.

    loved that you added The Little Mermaid Song there at the end im still laughing.

    Loved ‘ Wtf why is ur ear bleeding? were u listening to the cats soundtrack again’

    Imagine if they did a prequel with Walter Belly and Nina… holy cow that would be epic, they would just do LSD all day!

    I’ Robot.. love it

    Now for the crushing sadness of the 3 week break!

  5. Cortexiphan Girl

    I, Robo!!! is best ahahahhahahahahahaha.

    As always hilarious recap!

  6. This by far the bestest review ever.
    You lift my spirits every time I read them.
    Keep up the really great work, I think we may need it!!!!!

  7. Actually it’s a mix of “Standard Grades” and ” Higher Grades” for education here in Scotland but that was when I was last at school over 21 years ago so I could be wrong (just to clear up the educational question there!). Great recap as always and brilliantly funny.

  8. I seriously love the way you do these! You are amazing.

  9. I wait for these every week. Great job Louise!

  10. Awesome Louise Thank you

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