Share Your Ideal Series Finale for Fringe Week Part 2

If you are like us, you are dreading January 18, 2013, but we should not let our heartbreak overshadow the momentous occasion. Yes, Fringe will be ending but it is going out on its own terms. It was given its final season because the fans made their voices heard, and it’s time to do that again. Fringe Week in January is a time to celebrate being a member of one of the coolest fandoms in TV history.

In September, we featured stories from fans describing why they love the show. This time we want to hear your ideal series finale in 500 words or less. It can be in any form – script, poem, YouTube video, etc. Be creative.

How you would end the show?

A. Walter bonding with Belly over some red vines
B. Olivia and Peter returning to an Observer-free 2015
C. Astrid saving the world
D. All of the above

This time, the story is in your hands, and we can’t wait to read your conclusion for these amazing characters. Submit your finale to by January 3.

-Mary and Louise

Email or tweet us (@PopCultureNexus) what you would like to see during Fringe Week.


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  1. OH BOY…THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA GIRLS!!!! I will do some brainstorming for Fringe Week round 2 which I am beyond excited for!! For the question above I would definitely pick: D. All of the above!!!!

  2. Oh i cant deal with the fact that my favourite show ever is coming to an end!!

    I just want a satisfying ending where Peter & Olivia are reunited with Etta 😥 agh so many feels.

    I thought it was hard when Alias and Lost finished but it is nothing compared to how im feeling this time.

  3. I am not going to lie, I really, really want the happy ending for this show. If we get Peter and Olivia back in that park in 2015 with their little girl and no Observers, I will probably cry tears of joy for hours.

  4. They will go back in time (somehow Gene is the reason why they can do it) and prevent the Observers from coming in 2015 by creating a bomb med of redvines that will went off at the fabric between time (I don’t know either???).

  5. I’m totally too late for this party, but I’d like to see the ending for “the other side” be everyone– Walternate, Alt-Olivia, Lincoln, Alt-Charlie, Alt-Astrid– sitting around a lunch table eating shwarma, just like in the Avengers.

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