Fringe 3×10 “The Firefly”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Since Fringe is on hiatus, I decided to pick up where I left off in Season 3. As you know, “Marionette” was the last newbie post I published in order to catch up to Season 5, however, I still recorded my reactions to each episode. I was planning on going back and posting the rest of Seasons 3 and 4 after January 18, but let’s face it, I was experiencing Fringe withdrawal so I decided to publish some newbie reactions until the show returned with new episodes.

One benefit to being caught up now is that I can re-read my initial reactions and recognize the multiple layers in key scenes – like September’s line, “It must be difficult being a father.” GAH! This lines carries so much weight. He was referring to Walter but the fact that he said it to Peter makes this moment exponentially more heartbreaking. Being a father in Season 5 has been hell for Peter. He’s suffered so much and he has chosen the dark path he is on because he believes that’s what he is supposed to do as a dad. He has to avenge his little girl. C’mon September, “difficult” is putting it lightly. Being a parent in the Fringe universe is cruel. crying

  • The music. Walter without pants. I love this teaser. big grin

  • OH.MY.GOSH. It’s Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future!!!!!!! Fandoms are colliding!

  • Why his Doc Brown’s Roscoe’s son is talking to the Observer?
  • It’s breaking my heart to see Olivia give Peter the cold shoulder.broken heart Walter knows Roscoe Joyce?! LMAO He is a fan! laughing

  • GAH! Peter and Olivia are watching an old couple laughing,broken heart and she just gave Peter the book back.broken heartbroken heartcrying My heart aches so much.

  • September just stopped the crooks from robbing the jewelry place, stopped the bullet, and called 911?! He’s like a bald vigilante. Why did he take the inhaler?! He is one complex dude. I don't know
  • Peter wants Olivia to have the book. He is trying to get her back. Don’t give up, Peter! applause

  • Walter, I saw that. You had a fanboy moment.laughing
  • WHAAAT?!?! Bobby told Roscoe he would meet Walter Bishop and help him. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!
  • September: “It has begun. Everything is motion.” What has begun?! September can drive? I don’t why but I find I am just mesmerized that Observers know how to drive.
  • Did you just mix your chemicals with milk, Walter? no talking Aww, Roscoe loves strawberry milkshake like Walter!! Oh snap, it’s September.
  • “Give him the keys and save the girl.” Uh oh. I DO NOT LIKE THIS.

  • Dang! September saving Walter and Peter led to Bobby’s death. Walter got his son back but Roscoe lost his. That’s the reason he broke up the band. September is making Walter see first hand the pain his actions have caused. sadsad
  • OH MY GOSH! September caused the car crash!surprise She doesn’t have her inhaler.surprise “Give me the keys and save the girl.” Great scott! UGH. SO CONFLICTED.  Why does the world have to put my characters in such difficult situations?! Walter: “Everything since has been the sequence culminating in this very moment, and if I save this woman and let you go, then I’m afraid the consequences… you’re gonna die, Peter. They’re gonna take you from me.”crying

  • GAH! Peter was almost hit by 3 different cars.
  • BE CAREFUL PETER!!!!! I can’t watch.I don't want to see Nooooo!!!!! PETER!!!! Is he okay? PETER, ANSWER ME! Whew, he is okay.whew!
  • Walter is so relieved. Right there with you, buddy.

  • LMAO Roscoe called Astrid, “Kelly.” Awww, Walter made a friend and Roscoe is grateful to remember what his son feels and smells like. I’m not sure my body can handle more emotions. crying
  • No not the milk! Nooooooo! Peter!!!!surprisesurprisesurprise Oh my gosh, he is having a seizure. My heart has stopped beating.

  • I have been through too much in one episode. That was frightening! THAT WAS NOT NICE AT ALL! The writers are throwing me around like a yo-yo.

  • Walter is making Peter rosemary, chicken noodle soup and he is wearing his Violet Sedan Chair t-shirt. big huglove struck Wow, really writers? Way to go…you just had to mar this beautiful moment with the thought that Walter is going to have to let Peter die in the near future.

Thank you Fringe Files and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. Yay! More reaction posts! Thanks, this should tide us all over. 🙂

  2. YAY! This will definitely help with the “low”atus.

  3. Ha, ha…
    The best line ever:
    “That could’ve been us if you kept your libido in check” 🙂
    My stomach hurts from laughing so hard… This is great, Mary… Louise should start doing full photo recaps from Season 1 as well…
    Next up: S01E2 “The Same Old Story” photo recap and S03E11 “Reciprocity”. 🙂


  5. love it!! thanks for keeping us occupied while we wait for the new ones 😀

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