TV Twitter Reactions: Ben and Kate 1×09 “Guitar Face”

Photo: 2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. (

Will milk pong catch on? Read the reactions from fans to Fox’s new comedy, Ben and Kate.

  • @ohjessiekay @MissLeslieG on #BenAndKate is pure awesomeness.
  • @alexclew #benandkate and #newgirl are making my night!!!
  • @RebeccaSuns #benandkate & #newgirl make the pain semi-bearable. So much pain. #WisdomTeethBlues
  • @Kori1979 #benandkate funny as always.
  • @BrandonSufronko #benandkate HAHA! It starts and it ends on a hilarious note with a ton of comedy in the middle! Yet another AWESOME episode! 🙂
  • @Flamesfan182 Haha BJ is a great therapist #BenandKate
  • @Sir_Stroker This #benandkate episode reminds me of how I kill my relationships.
  • @britt_anylynn No other new show makes me laugh out loud like #BenAndKate. You need to be watching this show.
  • @tonynavajo04 Watching #benandkate for the first time, the cat that plays Ben is a fool
  • @thegreatdays The sound Ben made after getting hit by that golf ball has me ROLLING!!!! #benandkate
  • @KoloNovaDC Omg this show is like actually hilarious. #benandkate
  • @Dance4Ever185 I wish #BenandKate had more of the adorable @maggielizjones!!! My mom and I love the show! Super funny!

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