TV Twitter Reactions: Raising Hope 3×08 “The Walk for Runs”

Read what fans had to say about the new episode Tuesday night.

  • @KylieKaucher #RaisingHope was awesome, as usual! 😀
  • @DVRslave Tonights ep of #RaisingHope was a good one, very funny!
  • @mytweendom This #raisinghope is totes hilarious! #suburbanoutfitters
  • @danacas1101 This episode started as a stinker but just got way better.#RaisingHope #hitormissseason
  • @RonnieSilvers This powerwalking scene is highlarious! #raisinghope
  • @MeghanDevine Watching #raisinghope for The first time an it’s actually mad funny yay another show to waste my Time on
  • @cheesybones Sabrina motivating Jimmy with Hope on her back #hilarious#RaisingHope
  • @lexiewhitworth I have never heard someone use the word totes so many times in one sentence. #RaisingHope
  • @BangMinaj_ Raising Hope >>>> omfg hilarious.

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