Fringe 3×11 “Reciprocity”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Fringe Season 3 Cover

Peter’s middle name should be “heartbreaker.” His actions have broken the hearts of so many, particularly the two people who love him most.  The scene in which Walter finds out Peter has been killing shapeshifters reminds me of the moment in 5×07 when Olivia discovers he has implanted the Observer tech in his head. Walter and Olivia are frightened by what they see. Peter is not their Peter anymore. He is a weaponized version of the man they love, and it’s really interesting that it’s Peter with the connection to machines because he’s the emotional glue in the Bishop-Dunham family. He is the one who brought them all together. He is the source of emotional strength for Walter and Olivia. Peter helped his father become a better, more compassionate man, and he helped his wife, Olivia, break down those emotional walls she built over the years. And though we do not know how Season 5 ends, I think it is safe to say that Peter will play a similar role to the one he had in Season 3. He will be the key to salvation or destruction. While I would like to see Olivia save the world, I know she will not be alone. She will be with Peter, and really, that’s how it should be.


  • Field trip to the apocalyptic, death machine! DANG, that machine is big. HAHA The the other Olivia’s password was a U2 song lyric, and Walter just called her, “Fauxlivia.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floor LOVE IT!
  • Uh oh…the machine is opening and Peter’s nose is bleeding. worriedworried Peter: “Something did trigger it. Me.” no talking

  • I spy a Fringe glyph on Peter’s bag! surprise


  • Walter wants to regrow his brain cells for his son. “I’m not whole, Nina. If I’m to figure out how Peter is connected to the machine, I have to get smarter. It’s the only way I’ll be able to help my son.” cryingcryingbroken heartbroken heart

  • It’s Olivia!!!! Aw, cute banter…you two are gonna be the death of me. Make up already. waiting Gah, she touched his hand!! love struckwinking


  • Poor, Astrid…the underappreciated lab assistant.


  • Snickerdoodle, the dead body is a shapeshifter and his data storage unit was removed. surprise They have a mole!!! surprisesurprise OH CRAP! The doctor is the mole! He heard Walter tell Peter they found the shapeshifter.
  • Poor Olive. Fauxlivia is still messing with her life. broken heart


  • This is not going to be good…Ms. Terminator found Bell’s retroviral serum to regrow brain cells. Walter!! surprise WTF. Don’t sniff random stuff without running experiments.thumbs down

  • That’s right! Olivia and Broyles being BAMFs. thumbs upHAHA Walter is taking an IQ test.


  • Oh wonderful, Walter is growing chimp DNA in his brain. d'ohThat’s what happens when you sniff random serums without testing them first.
  • Olivia: “The last few weeks have been really hard for me. I’ve been so focused on what the other Olivia did to me that I… I just haven’t thought about what she did to you.” “And I want you to know that I’m sorry and that I get it now. The good news is… is that she’s gone. I know it doesn’t feel like that at the moment, but she is gone. And, um, we can get past it.”kiss They are making progress!!applauseapplause

  • HAHA Brandon is the number one suspect now.
  • WTF?! Peter just killed the new shapeshifter. I don't know What is going on?! Uh oh, Olivia wants to read Fauxlivia’s notes. time out
  • Oh man! Walter found the list of names in Peter’s room. What is his little boy up to?  Al I think of right now is September’s words, “It must be difficult being a father.” sad

  • Noooooooo! Olivia is sniffling reading the journal. crying“You know, this may have started out as a mission, but it turned into something else. She was starting to have real feelings for him.” Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike Fauxlivia? Chick is back in her universe but still causing Olivia pain.

  • Peter is in Zach Albert’s apartment. worried You are just leaving a trail of disappointing actions, aren’t you? It’s Walter! Oh Snap! HE JUST DID THAT. surprise Peter chopped off the shapeshifter’s fingers and some of the mercury landed on the camera.

  • Broyles was almost in an accident. I hope this isn’t a sign of something horrible to come- just like that accident Olivia was almost in at the end of Season 1. Walter is so frightened by Peter’s actions.crying “Then why didn’t you tell us? If you weren’t doing anything wrong, why didn’t you tell us? I don’t know what’s happened, but this is not you.” cryingcryingbroken heart

  • Olivia is debriefing the Bishop men. Peter, you idiot! You are lying to Olivia and covering up your shady actions. YOU ARE MAKING MATTERS WORSE!! ARGH. I have a hand impression on my face named “Peter” from the many facepalms he has made me do.

  • Walter thinks the machine has weaponized Peter. THIS IS NOT GOOD. nail biting
  • Oh, Bell, you are like a piñata- just full of surprises inside. Why were you searching for copies of The First People’s book?

Thank you Fringe Files, dunhamgetinmybed, and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. Wow, Mary, you’ve outdone yourself… I’m loving these… Can’t wait for the 3×14 one and all the cute Polivia stuff in 6B! 😉 I really can’t believe two weeks have passed without Fringe episode… 😦
    The best lines:
    “We are ready to perform the vasectomy,
    -Say what now?” 🙂 🙂 🙂
    50 shades of Peter… 😦 Poor Olivia…
    I remember how I hated the fact that Peter was lying to Olivia just as I disliked it now in Season 5…
    So sad that there is only a handful of episodes left… 😦
    I’ve seen the photos from the Fringe 100 episode party… I wish there was a photo of the three leads… Anna took a photo with John but Josh didn’t take a photo neither with his TV show dad John nor with Anna…. 😦
    Is it true that Josh and Anna don’t get along? I have no idea myself, I’m just saying that I’ve been hearing a lot of that stuff lately…. 😦 Someone also mentioned a potential relationship between Anna and J. Wyman??????
    This is all probably just gossip…


  3. I am sick of this Peter bashing on this site. Peter may be making bad decision but STOP with your poor Olivia, poor Walter, Peter is hurting their feelings crap. Peter has FEELINGS TOO last time I checked. He was screwed over by the people he trusted, too you know. I suppose you are sooo obsessed with Walter and Olivia that you ignore EVERYTHING Peter has been through.

    I mean ignore Peter finding out he is from the AU and his real father is over there

    Ignore Peter finding out he has the power to destroy both universes

    Ignore Peter finding out he unwillingly cheated on Olivia

    Ignore the fact he lost Etta twice and finds out he had a non existent son.

    I’m sick of this Peter hate.

    • OMG CAN U STOP TROLLING!! any website you can find that hasn’t banned you, you insist on putting in your two cents… everyone is sick of it!!

      • Why don’t you mind your business? If you are allowed to annoyingly confess your love for Anna torv and hate on Peter, I am allowed to be sick of Peter and josh bashing.

  4. How am i annoyingly confessing my love for Anna and hating on Peter? Your the only one that is annoying here. You troll tumblr and any webpage related to Fringe and nobody can stand the site of you. That is why your banned from every one of those webpages and why you have to continuously change your tumblr account. GET A LIFE i bet if Josh met u in real life he would HATE U for being such a BRAT

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