TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM 8×09 “Lobster Crawl”

Photo: Carin Baer/Fox © 2012 Fox Television. All Rights Reserved

Photo: Carin Baer/Fox © 2012 Fox Television. All Rights Reserved

Monday’s new episode of How I Met Your Mother received mixed reviews from fans. Some thought it was hilarious while others are ready to meet Ted’s wife.

  • @Nessun_Fiore ust saw #HIMYM GOD this chapter was Legen wait for it!! Dary!!!#Barney and hes #BroBibs Nailed it!!!
  • @hawki I am in love with baby Marvin #himym
  • @DWall52 Why is #himym so wack now?!
  • @tash_jade Cobie Smulders dressed as Lara Croft. Holy ASDFGHJL. #HIMYM
  • @AutNoel As much as I love #HIMYM I feel like it is dragging and needs to end.
  • @melissaeckholdt #HIMYM punched a hole right in my feels tonight. I need to stop emotionally investing myself in fictional characters. Its slowly killing me.
  • @robfallon25 And #himym continues to be the best most frustrating show of all time
  • @metschick Ted, get a family. DUDE. #HIMYM
  • @DaniHuxford This back and forth between Barney and Robin is just getting plain annoying. Make up your minds! It’s not that difficult! #HIMYM
  • @spooky5 Ugh! Can Ted meet the dang mother already? #himym is more annoying than funny now. :/
  • @Actually_Riles Barney and… Patrice?! What the hell is going on? #HIMYM
  • @ShayLMitchell Why is Robin acting like she’s 16? Lol. #HIMYM
  • @phrosas90 “If you ever wanna see this boobs again crawl you son of a me” LOL they are on fire today #HIMYM is extra hilarious

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  1. I too loved seeing Robin dressed as Lara Croft, but this was a weak outing. It’s insulting for the writers to think that Barney stooping to date Patrice should pass as emotional growth and character development when they’ve done it so much better on so many other occasions. Due to a schedule shift at work, I forgot it was Monday until I saw some of my DISH coworkers talking about it on Facebook after the show was already over. Luckily though, I was able to record everything on the four major networks using PrimeTime Anytime last night, through my DISH Hopper, so I didn’t miss anything. I can’t wait for next week!

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