TV Twitter Reactions: Parks and Recreation 5×09 “Ron and Diane”

Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Megan Mullally and Christie Brinkley were guest stars on Thursday’s new episode. Read the reactions from the show’s fan base:

  • @PopCulturedToo Rob Lowe as a lonely neurotic on #parksandrec is hilarious. So funny.
  • @BensonHDriggers #ParksandRec brings it every week. Best cast on TV. Best show on TV.
  • @DuckyDoesTV Tammy II and Leslie’s chase scene/fight sequence was hilarious. God I love me some #PARKSANDREC
  • @keschaberg i hope everyone else noticed the similarities between Chris and Carl’s costuming tonight. #parksandrec
  • @SonicFAN_92 The last 5 minutes of Parks and Rec, I couldn’t stop laughing during it. Like uncontrollable laughing. I love this show. #ParksandRec
  • @darariella one of the funniest episodes of #parksandrec tonight. so good.
  • @adanzis Seeing Ron Swanson giddy is hysterical. #ParksandRec
  • @theTVmouse DUKE AND DUCHESS SILVER. Excuse me while I bury myself in all the happy, wrap it in Christmas paper, and live there. #ParksandRec
  • @daanblaack I laughed my ass off almost this entire episode of #ParksandRecimpossible to not call it one of the funniest shows on tv
  • @mjames89 One of the best #parksandrec episodes in a while. Tammy Swanson brought the fastball, as usual.
  • @LizzDubs That episode of #ParksandRec was perfect. I’ve got nothing else to say.
  • @anSAMtha This is literally the funniest episode of Parks & Recreation ever#choking #parksandrec
  • @teesh_22 Ron just did the absolute most adorable thing by Swanson standards. I simply adore this show. #ParksandRec

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