Fringe 5×08 “The Human Kind”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer


I hate to start off this way, but I was disappointed by the Polivia moment at the end. I know, I know. Many of you LOVED that scene, but, unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations. (Trust me, I’m heartbroken about it) sad It had some beautiful dialogue like when Olivia said Etta saved her life earlier that day. That was phenomenal and heartbreaking, but the scene as a whole was lacking in my opinion. I had my heart set on the idea that Peter would read Olivia’s mind and see moments of their life together that we have not had the pleasure of viewing because of the time jump. This was a perfect opportunity to show flashbacks of them with baby Etta, their wedding, or anything that would happened after the Season 4 finale, but sadly, this did not occur. I was disappointed by this dismissal, but I’ll keep holding onto the hope that one day, I will see those flashbacks. The second thing I believe the scene was missing was grandeur. This was a BIG MOMENT in the lives of these characters and I felt it was too subtle. I guess I was expecting something similar to Xander’s “I love you” speech in the Buffy Season 6 finale. sad I wanted emotional breakdowns and tears flowing freely, but what I want may not always be right for the story. (darn!) Jackson’s decision in not having Peter break down like in the Season 4 finale was correct. Peter had just taken the tech out of his head so there was no way his brain could’ve recovered quickly enough to grieve at that moment. And Olivia was still learning how to accept her emotions after losing Etta as her strength. In that moment, they were two humans still navigating humanity.

Disappointment aside, it was incredible seeing the bullet again. The bullet helped Olivia realize that her daughter was still alive even though she was not physically there anymore. These words were written for Olivia’s story but they were meant for us, the fans, as well. Fringe will one day be off the air, but it will still be alive in all of us. It will never be truly gone because the love we have for the series is “invulnerable to space and time.” The fandom is the bullet. The fandom saved the show and will continue to save the show by keeping its legacy alive.


  • Nooooo. He is taking down Etta’s “Resist” posters in front of Olivia.

  • It’s everyone favorite Scotsman!

Fringe508TheHumanKind0000337 Fringe508TheHumanKind0000358 Fringe508TheHumanKind0000379

  • Oh snap!! Windmark and his lackey are in Etta’s apartment and they found Peter’s serial killer board!! “5:42 You Are Here.” In your face Baldie!!!

  • Olivia is the bearer of bad news. sad Awww, Astrid is frightened.

Fringe508TheHumanKind0001515 Fringe508TheHumanKind0001747 Fringe508TheHumanKind0001831

  • Walter: “I am very frightened.” Peter: “Trust me when I tell you, I am in complete control.” Oh my gosh, that’s the worst thing to say! That’s how all crazy shenanigans start. no talking
  • Walter: “Son, you promised. You said you would be there for me. […] I need you.” A father pleading. crying Olivia: “All I can do is keep our promise to Etta and stick with the plan.”cryingcrying
  • Olivia is in the junkyard to retrieve her magnet. YES!!!! Oracle time! Okay, so it’s official. In 2036, we will all have hologram devices. I want one badly!


  • That’s Olivia’s truck?! Um, AWESOME! The man Simone is speaking of has to be Lincoln. Just has to be, right? But how would he cross over to this universe? And how would he have known to cross when the Observers invaded?I don't know

Fringe508TheHumanKind0004040 Fringe508TheHumanKind0004061

  • Simone will never lose hope! Love her. She is totally in the Hall of Fame of Inspiring Season 5 characters, right next to Edwin Massey. Miss ya buddy!
  • Olivia carries the bullet in her pocket. crying
  • Seriously?! Olivia has to have ANOTHER scene with a kid?! Anytime I see her interact with a child, it makes me miss Etta and Ella more. Oh snap! Are they gonna turn Olivia in?!

  •  AH! Olivia is suspicious of Simone. “You have no faith.” No, don’t say that. I don’t want Olivia to lose faith. sad


  • It’s Windmark and Peter. surprise Windmark has been making adjustments too. surprisesurprise He has led Peter to this place?! Uh oh. I don't want to see

  • Battle Royale! OH C’MON! YOU ARE EVIL WINDMARK!!! That was cruel to the infinite magnitude.

  • Simone: “You daughter is still with you, even now.” Go easy on her, Simone.

  • Olivia is going through her BAMF resume. thumbs up Liv, stop losing hope! It’s making me sad. “It’s all just numbers.” Is it a coincidence that she is really good a memorizing numbers? I THINK NOT.
  • Peter, you are making my heart ache. It’s painful to watch you lose yourself. “When he passes through the square, she will be avenged.” sad
  • Olivia! Darling, you should know better! You are on a deserted road by yourself. (Did anyone else get super excited to see the So Weird alum?)


  • Really, Peter?! Windmark is obviously gonna suspect you caused the elevator to malfunction. It’s too obvious.
  • What is Olivia doing? Creating a weapon and being her old BAMF self, that’s what. The necklace! surprise No! She is gonna use her bullet!! Don’t Olivia, that’s your memento. Ouch-right in the head. YES!!!!! She got the bullet back! And Etta’s theme song played for like a second.

  • Peter and Olivia on the roof. broken heart “At 5:13, I will snap his neck. At 5:14, he will draw his last breath.” You are not you, Peter.sad

  • The memories!!!! big hug
  • Peter is taking out the tech. applauseapplause Polivia is back guys!

Thank you Fringe Files and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


A #HurryUpMary Update

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  1. “the love we have for the series is “invulnerable to space and time.” The fandom is the bullet. The fandom saved the show and will continue to save the show by keeping it’s legacy alive.”

    OMG, Mary! I need to stop reading to say that: you make me wanna cry with that! haha. But really, this was beautiful.

    Well, let me finish the post XD

  2. Excellent as always Mary…
    Love the symbolism-bullet=Fringe fandom.
    I loved how Sophie’s choice on Blueray was going to bring Peter back. 🙂 And wait until Lincoln finds out Pete is losing his hair after having lost his petercoat. I mean, peacoat.
    The cat gif was hilarious!
    The Polivia scene was… Unexpected and long-I can’t remember when we’d seen eight minutes long Pete and Olive scene. Also, it was awkward… Just like you said, neither of them completely showed their human emotions, Peter because of the Observer tech and Olivia because she was still learning to accept her grief as well…
    When Olivia handed him the bullet I seriously thought he was going to say: Oh, thanks and stick it in the back of his neck instead of the tech. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Pacey Witter won’t be losing his lustrous locks! (a fangirl in me swoons)
    So do you think Pete and Liv finally did it offscreen after that emotional hug? Twenty two years in amber is a long time to go without!
    Maybe there’s a new baby incoming! Olivia might be pregnant again. 😉

  3. Oh, so much feelings in this episode, in each piece of it.
    The final minutes were really beautiful, but I kind imagine it will be a bit different, too. But I like very much the way they did, too 😀
    (and also, your ideas for flashbacks and stuff.. really good! I think you should have talked with Wyman, hahaha).

    I really liked the character Simone, too.. I think she’s some cortexikid’s daughter 😀
    And the bullet that saved the world, did again! \o/

    Now… I’m not sure if I wanna next Friday coming fast to be a new one episode or not.. ’cause it’ll be one less episode until the end.. there’s only 5 episode left.. how can we handle that? D:

  4. Oh My!!! BEST REVIEW EVER MARY!!! I didn’t even think about how the fandom = the bullet…WOW!! I’m like done 4 the night now!! (Excuse me while I go crawl under the bed and cry) :”'(

  5. I like the end scene; simple. but powerful and touching. nothing was overdone, it was the right person saying the right words with the right emotions to remind Peter what his promise to Etta was and that was enough to snap him out of the observer mode.
    I don’t want to disappoint you further but i don’t think there is enough time for any significant flashback of Olivia and Peter (much to my dismay as well). Also it is best to let the show take you where it takes you rather than having preconceived ideas and than see if the show can match up or live up to it. It is tough for reality to beat imagination sometimes, even in case of Fringe.

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