TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×09 “Black Blotter”

Dunham Hot Cocoa Walter took some Black Blotter, Astrid wielded her gun, Peter defended his family, and Olivia showcased her motherly instincts. Read the reactions from fans collected by @pixelsmith24 :

  • Favorite Tweet of the Night Award: @BrandomSalmon Why are Olivia and Peter sleeping in separate beds? Is sex forbidden in 2036? #Fringe #FreeYourMind
  • @XenaDeLaRosa Who is Donald? I think the fairy is Donald… #FreeYourMind
  • @Torvite Nice to have some tender moments with Peter and Olivia!#FreeYourMind
  • @jancuret This episode is truly extraordinary!!! I did NOT expect that Monty Python sequence!!! #FreeYourMind
  • @recon0828 Its episodes like this that make me love Fringe #freeyourmind
  • @Marieme27 Separated beds + short kiss=What the freaking heck? We want more POlivia. ❤ #FreeYourMind
  • @GabrielleRimok FRINGE WAS SOOOOO GOOD! I defs let it free my mind.. OMG SO GOOD. #FreeYourMind #Fringe
  • @mrmrwani Have to say, Blair Brown undergoes the most transformation on the show, it makes Nina all the more interesting ❤ #FreeYourMind
  • @Kerry_Patricia That last lab scene. GORGEOUS. STUNNING. #Fringe#FreeYourMind
  • @Liorda: Love to all Fringies. Tonight’s ep was awesome. Our love letter. Thanks to everyone. Out of sadness comes love. #FreeYourMind
  • @fringe4ever: #fringe cartoon gene woooooooow #FreeYourMind
  • @tangomega: Thank you #Fringe for taking us away from the madness of reality for awhile. #FreeYourMind
  • @Olotie: Mopping up bits of my brain off the floor… again (damn you… 🙂 #FreeYourMind
  • @HoosierAnthony: Amazing episode, simply amazing. #FreeYourMind I am speechless.
  • @GodsGirl1989: Olivia talking about cocoa….Walter’s montage…..the preview for next week…..JUST HELP!!! #FreeYouMind
  • @fly2mebutterfly: The idiots who have not given John Noble an Emmy already have NO MINDS!! Epic Acting as always!! #FreeYourMind
  • @TheRealJewBilly: Just another episode tripping on LSD with Dr. Bishop thanks for that@FRINGEonFOX I needed to #FreeYourMind
  • ‏@ajrojaras: Oh man do I love Fringe!! #FreeYourMind Wish fulfilled; We saw the child observer again!
  • @ginabad: #Fringe thanks for that terrific episode, just the comfort I needed tonight #freeyourmind
  • @BuryMeInEngland: #FreeYourMind. Best fringe episode ever? With the inclusion of Monty Python cartoons, yes possibly the best ever.
  • ‏@vakkymon: #FreeYourMind #Fringe has still got it! Bringing some wonder and brilliance to a very frustrating day.
  • @alina_1212: #fringe + Monty python = amazeballs! #freeyourmind
  • @Bigdaddymri: #FreeYourMind for a little while with Fringe. This episode was pure entertainment, John Noble was brilliant. Good to see Monty Python, also.
  • @AngryOvs: Walter tripping again. Just another normal #fringe #freeyourmind
  • @kierack: “we call him michael….cerveris.” …that wasn’t the quote? oh, my mistake. #FreeYourMind

Share your reactions to the episode in the comments section.


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