Fringe 5×09 “Black Blotter”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer


Then Peter gave up his quest for vengeance, fell into Olivia’s arms, and all was right with the world. In my mind, that’s how 5×08 ended, but the writers had to slap me back to reality with a scene of Peter and Olivia sleeping in separate beds. ::EPIC sigh:: C’mon kids, you two are soul mates. No need to ease back into the relationship. Just jump right in. The intimate time with each other can only help you sort out your issues faster. winking Plus, cuddling will minimize heating costs in the lab.

While Peter was having a relatively “good” day – as good as it can get after being de-Observerfied – papa Bishop was haunted by his old lab assistant, Carla, dispensing portentous dialogue. Did anyone else get goosebumps when she said, “You’ve been him longer than you’ve been you” ? I’m just gonna take this as a hint that that I should buy some meditation beads because it’s going to be very difficult to concentrate on something other than the possible meaning of that line. Is Walter going to to revert to his old self? Is the team going to lose Walter to save the world? worried And how did the Fringe writers know that images projected on a character is one my favorite cinematic tricks? Did they read my journal dedicated to the mise-en-scène?

So many questions.

  • When did Walter become a hair aficionado? hee hee
  • Really?! Separate beds?! You two are killing me.

  • LMAO Oh, Astrid!


  • It’s Carla, the lab assistant! surprise
  • After Walter saves the world, he should volunteer for the D.A.R.E. program. I know he had good intentions for taking black blotter, but that was VERY UNSAFE.
  • “Hurdy Gurdy, Man.” YES!! AMAZING MUSIC. applause
  • HELL YEAH!! It’s Peter and Olivia on a mission. thumbs up Just like old times…well, close.

Fringe509BlackBlotter0003696 Fringe509BlackBlotter0003717[2]

  • Peter: “You amaze me. After everything I’ve put you through, I did the very thing I promised you I wouldn’t do – I left you again.” crying “I don’t deserve you. I’m just so lucky – so incredibly lucky to have you.” love struck I feel a tachycardia coming on…YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hands on check. Eyes are locked. It’s time!!!


  • “Based on the decomp of their bodies, I’d say 10, 15 years ago at least.” Since when did Olivia become a forensic pathologist? Ladies and gentleman, we have a spinoff for our favorite characters:


  • Olivia to Astrid: “He was someone Peter and I knew in another timeline.” LOL You crazy kids and your different lives.hee hee
  • “It’s your life’s work. The work I came to burn the night I died.” Did Carla cause the fire?

  • Dang. Carla is delivering some profound lines, “You’ve been him longer than you’ve been you.”
  • It’s Astrid and Walter together. big hug Is anyone else SUPER upset at the lack of screen time Astrid is getting this season?


  • Eff. The Loyalists are there to break up the family outing. GREAT SCOTT! PETER HAS HIS RING ON!!!! surprisesurprisesurprisesurprise How am I just noticing this? How long has he been wearing it this episode?! My Polivia radar must have been malfunctioning.

  • Oh, Peter – go be your badass self. Let that be a lesson to all Loyalists out there.

  • Walter: “Why are these mice shooting at us?” LMAO I miss those days when Walter was carefree. Now, he is all like, “I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.” Still love ya buddy. big grin
  • Oooo, will Carla be the Island tour guide?

Fringe509BlackBlotter0008295 Fringe509BlackBlotter0008316

  • OH MY GOSH! It’s the child observer!! Password? Really?! Pish posh.The Fringe team does not need a password. Is Olivia communicating with the child?! I don't know
  • Animation sequence time. Trippy.

  • GAH!! “This is the hardest day for me.” crying The surrogate parents are saying goodbye to Michael. This is one of the reasons I love Fringe – the portrayal of parent/child relationships.
  • Good gracious someone catch me. Peter and Olivia are playing parents to little Michael. big hug
  • I love this scene! This is what I’ve been hoping to see…Olivia acting like a mom. Ever since Etta died, I’ve been wishing for a flashback of Peter and Olivia with young Etta, because I want to see them be parents again. I want to see them together with a child, and this scene was a tiny window to their parental abilities. Olivia climbes onto the bed, gives Michael a cup of hot chocolate, and begins with four words that can tear anyone’s heart out- “I had a daughter.” cryingOh gosh. This phrase carries so much weight. On the one hand, it is a dreadful reminder that Etta is dead, but it also demonstrates that Olivia has reached an emotionally strong stage where she can talk about her only child.

  • Then, she tells Michael how much Etta loved hot chocolate. I’m sure if I could somehow harness the energy I use crying, I could power my house. This scene wasn’t a flashback but it was close enough. Of all the hot cocoa in the world, Etta’s favorite was Olivia’s hot cocoa. Etta didn’t just love her mom’s recipe, she loved the fact the drink was made by her mom. And that tiny window continues to open slowly. cryingcryingcryingcryingThere was so much love between little Etta and her mom. Olivia, darling, you may think you were not wired to be a mom but your daughter adored you, so you must’ve been doing something right.

  • Olivia’s story reveals she’s not a novice. She was once a mom, but still knows how to connect with a child. She can be trusted. Olivia then asks the same question her daughter asked Peter in 4×19. The throw back to the parent/child reunion in “Letters of Transit” suggests that Michael will serve as Olivia’s surrogate child. I don’t believe he is her child, but he will help her openly express her maternal side which she was too late in showing to adult Etta. I believe Olivia will do everything possible to make sure Michael is not hurt, even if that means sacrificing herself. She won’t let herself lose another child to the mission.

  • As if the hot cocoa scene wasn’t wreaking enough emotional turmoil, the writers had to include a scene of Walter’s sin re-playing in front of him. Kleenax should be sponsoring this show!

Thank you Fringe Files, hellyeahfringe, and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. Cuddling will minimize heating costs in the lab! 🙂
    U didn’t put a sock on the doorknob!
    I loved the gifs for Polivia kiss! 🙂 Incredible imagination!
    The kiss was too short!
    The scene with Olivia and Michael was very sweet. It kinda frightened me what you wrote, that Olivia would do anything for the child, even sacrifice herself… I really hope she doesn’t die. 😦
    Jasika Nicole said, when she was interviewed on the red carpet, that not all the characters are going to make it and it left me wondering about who might die.

  2. One of the best recaps yet Mary!! I felt totally the same way about POlivia playing parents with Michael—It was absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time!!! I mourn all the awesome parenting moments with POlivia that we will never see because of this shortend final season!! Also I LOVE the parallel you pointed out in the Olivia/Michael scene to the Peter/Etta scene…..who knows, I think Mikey’s first word just might be ‘Mom’ to Olivia!! 😉

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