Merry Fringe-mas


Ever wondered what Christmas with the Bishops would be like? What traditions would they have? What gifts would they give each other? What would you give them?

Let’s be creative and have fun imagining Christmas with the Bishops in the comments section. And don’t forget the Science Channel has a Fringe marathon all day today.

Merry Fringe-mas Everyone!!

-Mary & Louise

Special thank you to Fringe Files and Daydreaming for the screencaps.





Peter.Xmas[1] Peter.Xmas[2]




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  1. First off–These pics are so good….LOL—Love the one with Etta—(Even though it breaks my heart 😦 !!!!!!

    Okay–here is my ideal Christmas at the Bishops….

    Walter dresses up like Santa to surprise Etta with all her gifts and her favorite gift is a dandelion doll that Peter found just especially for his ‘Little Dandelion’! Walter gives Peter and Olivia a gift card to Damiono’s so they can have a date night and then Peter stands under the mistletoe to give Liv a bouqet of White Tulips and then leans in for a kiss but before his lips reach her’s she stops him to give him his present which is the news that they are going to have another Lil Bishop!!! Peter is so happy he cries and then him and Liv share the sweetest kiss they ever kissed!!!—The End

    Merry Christmas Girls!!! 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas Mary & Louise all the way from Australia!!!

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