Fringe Week in January-Let’s Celebrate Together

FringeWeekPart2[1] FringeWeekPart2[2]

There will be plenty of time to mourn the show’s end after the 18th, so let’s celebrate everything we love about Fringe in the days leading up to the series finale.

Fringe Week returns on January 12 for one final hurrah and we need your help. Help us spread the word about this weeklong celebration and submit your ideal series finale and message to the cast and crew.

It’s an online wrap party for the fans!

Check out the schedule for Fringe Week

*Screencaps from daydreaming


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  1. Can’t wait Girls! Even though it will be very BITTERsweet!!! I’m glad all us fringies will have each other at least! I will help spread the word as best as I can also!!! Thank you two for honoring Fringe with this one last celebration! 😦

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