Pop Culture Nexus Presents the 2nd Annual FRIMMY Awards


The Oscar nominations were announced this week, which means another big awards show just ignored the best show on television. (Okay, so in this particular case that’s understandable, seeing as Fringe is not eligible for the Academy Awards, but still…) The Oscars just serve to remind us of how many prestigious Hollywood award shows overlook the brilliance of Fringe year after year. Seth MacFarlane can get an Academy Award nomination for songwriting, but after five spectacular seasons, Fringe has yet to earn a single Emmy or Golden Globe nomination outside of technical categories. Where is the justice in that? There’s still a chance that season 5 could earn some Emmy attention though, so all hope is not lost.

As some of you may remember from last year, the Frimmys are an award for which Fringe is the only show eligible. The categories vary each year, but as you probably surmised, Fringe pretty much rakes in the awards come Frimmy season. Keep in mind, we’re announcing these winners before the final two episodes have aired, so we’ll have to update the list as needed. Without further ado, we present the second (and final) Frimmy Awards…

Outstanding Lead Actress: Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham)

Outstanding Lead Actor Under 40: Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop)

Outstanding Lead Actor Over 40: John Noble (Walter Bishop)

Outstanding Supporting Actress: Jasika Nicole (Astrid Farnsworth)

Outstanding Supporting Brain (Non-human): Barry the mutant porcupine’s brain used for testing the Observer tech (“The Human Kind”)

Outstanding Performance Without Speaking Or Making Facial Expressions: Rowan Longworth (Michael)

Outstanding Performance in a Wig: Nina Sharp (of course)

Outstanding Performance by a Dismembered Body Part: Simon Foster’s head (“In Absentia”)
*Runner-Up: William Bell’s severed hand

Outstanding Performance by an Animatronic Toy: The cymbal-wielding monkey in the pawnshop in “The Bullet That Saved the World” (I still think it was totally a metaphor for the entire Fringe fandom.)

Best Crazy Eyes: Peter (during his Observer period)

Outstanding Performance as a Piece of Furniture: Olivia as a coffee table in Markham’s apartment (“Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”)

Good Sport Award for Tolerating Gross Underappreciation: Astrid Farnsworth (The poor woman spent half this season lasering tapes out amber in the lab.)

Most Memorable Character Who Only Lasted One Episode: River (“The Recordist”)

Most Useless Supporting Character: Anil (Okay, so he was occasionally useful in various missions, but he definitely didn’t deserve to last as long as he did. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by all the phenomenal characters on Fringe, but Anil was just a convenient target for all my emotional frustration and devastation over Fringe‘s final season.)

Best Reunion: Olivia & Etta (“Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”)
*Runner-Up: Olivia & Broyles (“The Bullet That Saved the World”)

Best Use of Random Beverages as Part of a Grand Revenge Scheme: Peter’s use of a random cup of tea in order to waylay Windmark (and also ruin his fancy shoes) (“The Human Kind”)

Outstanding Choreography: Walter’s Hokey Pokey dance to cross into the Pocket Universe in “Through the Looking Glass (And What Walter Found There)”

Outstanding Cock-Blocking: Astrid, who interrupted some quality Polivia snuggling time (during which time Peter was shirtless, I might add) just because that radio they found in the Pocket Universe finally started to do something interesting, and Walter happened to be tripping on some expired LSD. (“Black Blotter”)
*Runner-Up: Random decomposing corpse in the woods that disrupted Peter and Olivia’s forest makeout session (“Black Blotter”)

Fringe Throwback Award for Dramatic Face-Melting: Peter’s successfully executed plan to attack the Observers using the face-melting chemical from the pilot episode (“Five-Twenty-Ten”)

Outstanding Vehicle: The truck that came with the electromagnet Olivia picked up (“The Human Kind”)

Biggest Tetanus Risk: Peter removing a piece of Observer tech from his brainstem with an unsterilized knife while being exposed to acid rain. Don’t try this at home, kids. (“The Human Kind”)

Best Morbidly Symbolic Prop: The “bullet that saved the world,” which went from being inside Olivia’s skull, to being worn around Etta’s neck, to helping save Olivia’s life, to being a symbol of hope and a reminder of what Etta died for.

Outstanding(ly Disgusting) Breakfast Food: Egg sticks

Grossest Thing Walter Ate: The decades-old doughnut hole he left in his secret cellar of Fringe artifacts (“The Bullet That Saved the World”)

The Liam Neeson Award for Unapologetic Badassery: Peter’s interrogation of the Observer in “An Origin Story”

Best Use of 80s Synth Pop: Walter sitting in an abandoned taxicab listening to Yazoo’s “Only You” while contemplating the seemingly hopeless state of the world. (“Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”)

Best Balcony Scene: Olivia & Peter (“The Human Kind”)

Best Lost Reference: Peter and Walter staring down the hatch into the tunnels in “In Absentia”

“WTF?” Award for Random Weirdness: The curbside drug butler imagined by Walter in “Black Blotter,” who offered him more LSD (on a platter, of course) and gave him an important reminder about a password needed later on in the episode. Shouldn’t everyone have their own drug butler?

Outstanding Award for Handsomeness in the Face of Decapitation: Henry Ian Cusick (Simon Foster)

Best Father-Son Bonding Moment Involving Projectiles: Peter and Walter playing around with Walter’s potato gun in a raucous and totally unsafe manner. (“The Bullet That Saved the World”)

Best Mother-Daughter Bonding Moment Involving Projectiles: Olivia and Etta shooting gas grenades at Observers while the team made their getaway. (“The Bullet That Saved the World”)

Most Emotional Intracranial Gift Exchange: Olivia & Peter: swapping the Observer tech from Peter’s brain for the bullet that was in Olivia’s. (“The Human Kind”)

Outstanding Moment of Meta Awesomeness: Tripping on LSD, Walter hallucinates that he’s watching the rest of the Fringe team (and Anil…ugh) through the television. (“Black Blotter”)

Most Mind-Blowing Revelation: September is Donald. (My brain is still trying to process that bombshell.)
*Runner-Up: William Bell actually had a heart, and it belonged to Nina.

Outstanding Moment of BAMFness: Olivia finagles a makeshift gun and uses the bullet that killed her to shoot her captor and escape. (“The Human Kind”)
*Runner-Up: Nina shoots herself in order to save Michael and the Fringe team (“Anomaly XB-6783746”)

Outstanding Dramatic Sacrifice to Help Save the World: Edwin (“The Recordist”)

Best Montage: Peter’s flood of memories of his best moments with Olivia and Etta (“The Human Kind”)

Outstanding Moment of Soul-Crushing Agony (AKA the Kleenex Award for Excellence): Etta’s death (“The Bullet That Saved the World”)

(and of course, because you’ll probably never see this anywhere else…)

Best Television Drama Series: Fringe


Congratulations to Fringe on its remarkable sweep of this year’s Frimmys! Now it’s your turn: leave your Frimmy Award nominations in the comments section, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus. Happy Fringe Week!

-Mary & Louise


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  1. “Best Television Drama Series: Fringe”


  2. Wow! You really outdid yourself this time! My favs were:
    -Best performance without speaking or making facial expressions! (Lol! So true!)
    -Best crazy eyes (creeps me out just thinking about it)
    -Best performance as a coffee table (might even be better than her alter ego Han)
    -random decomposing corpse (don’t you just hate it when they don’t have the common decency to do that somewhere else?)

  3. Frimmys are the best awards out there.and you totally lost me at “Outstanding Performance as a Piece of Furniture”


    How about-Best Line Of The Season: “You Were 3 Years, 1 Month and 5 Days” *dead*

  5. Outstanding Moment of Soul-Crushing Agony (AKA the Kleenex Award for Excellence): Etta’s death (“The Bullet That Saved the World”)

    This one may be traded on Friday if Walter makes the ultimate sacrifice…in which I am glad I am watching it alone so I can cry profusely into my old pillow.

  6. Lynn Finch @dixiegirl256

    Updates after the finale….

    Best Line of The Season… “You were my very favorite thing”
    Runner up… “Because it’s cool!”

    Episode requiring maximum number of tissues “Enemy of Fate” 5.13

    Best “Clothes (and hair) make the man” – September / Donald

    Creator of all goodness in the world…. Fringe
    Accepting the award, Joel Wyman, John Noble, Josh Jackson, Anna Torv, et al

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