TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×11 “The Boy Must Live”


Read the reactions from fans to the show’s penultimate episode. Special thank you to Angela (@angelamorales18) for collecting the tweets.

  • @aimeeinchains ‪@cerveris Take a bow, sir. Best episode of Fringe this season and one of my personal faves. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @YaGottaBKiddnMe So, there are seriously no more females in the observers time. None at all. I’m sorry but, that makes me laugh. ‪#neverletgo ‪#fringe
  • @good_ol_chris I’ll ‪#NeverLetGo of Fringe. I’m going to cry like a baby ‪#bestshow
  • @_xoxoLex one of the greatest episodes ever. flawless! ‪#Fringe ‪#neverletgo
  • @Sondos_Sanades this Fringe episode have so many emotions and feelings in the air, that even the Observers notice them! xD ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @Izz023 ‪@cerveris it was so refreshing to see September/Donald as a human with so much compassion and emotion. Well done, sir! ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @RaggedyObserver are September and his son, Michael, on a secret mission? did they communicate telepathically? ‪#NeverLetGo ‪#FRINGE
  • @elshannahb I need to rewatch that episode..couldnt see the screen thru my tears..beautiful hour of TV. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @IviFringie Si Peter y Olivia no terminan juntos no lo miro más (jajaja) ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @PapayaGoo ‪@cerveris did a wonderful job transforming our Observer into Donald on tonight’s episode of FRINGE. He ‪#NeverLetGo of September.
  • @Bongela_Ice LMAO at Olivia’s reaction to trunk-less Walter! ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @coreywcraig Way too excited for ‪#fringe series finale next week. Today’s episode was really good set up. Can’t freaking wait!
  • @fly2mebutterfly: I vow to ‪#NeverLetGo of my Fringe DVD’s and watch them EVERY Friday.Don’t want to live without Fringe Friday’s! Yes-Crazed
  • @GodsGirl1989: This episode blew my mind on a whole new level!!!!!!! ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @AUDone44: This episode of ‪#FRINGE is literally jaw dropping. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @Lindseypatten1: Fringe looks AMAZING! *passes out from feels* ‪#fringe ‪#NeverLetGo‪#fringeonfox
  • @ImpossThings6: ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo But really, am I the only one concerned that w/o observers we never get Polivia, or is this their love saves all again?
  • @ojgoldstein: I’m going to miss this show and these characters. At least we’ll have the DVDs so we can ‪#NeverLetGo.
  • @ILGCY: This show is so amazing and beautiful, and it saddens me that so many people fail to realize this! ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @Aaron_Carpenter: I am glad the White Tulip has returned. I was worried we would never see it again. ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @AnnaTorvNet: So much going on my head right now, I think it’s going to explode! Too much in just one episode! ‪#NeverLetGo ‪#Fringe
  • @StefanieParrish: Phew! For a minute I thought he said “sacrifice my son”… glad I was wrong bc how many times can they kill ‪@VancityJax? ‪#neverletgo‪#fringe
  • @TweetOnSistah: Does the palm touching between September and Michael remind anyone of The Color Purple? “You and me will never part…”‪#NeverLetGo
  • @NataliaQuique: Connections. That is such a ‪@JWFRINGE word. Oh, man… you took science fiction and you gave it a heart. I love you. ‪#NeverLetGoFringe
  • @travelgrl32: But it was Walter started all this, so he has to make the ultimate sacrifice!!! 😦 ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @fringeuniverse: Hmmm…Peter wasn’t the boy that was important. Not sure how I fee about that 😦 ‪#neverletgo
  • @lexifer41: I have always adored September! I knew he was alive! My favorite observer is human now. Awesome show! ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @victorianminds: Olivia Dunham IS kicking ass. For the1st time, she’s listening to her emotions.It’s a different kind of bravery but also bad ass‪#NeverLetGo
  • @Irishgirlnc: Hmm, the red & green lights! I thought it was going to work like they did in ep 1.08, putting the person into a trance. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @OliveIsMine: Ooops wrong Observer. He’s still ALMOST dancing. Move those legs my Observer friend! ‪#NeverLetGo FRINGE
  • @victorianminds: I really like the idea of Walter & Donald hanging out & being friends.‪#NeverLetGo Fringe
  • @wistful_: Windmark is learning anger and hate. Not the emotions you necessarily want to get back. ‪#neverletgo
  •  @Ocean5ouL: I can’t help but Olivia Dunham just feels like a sidekick to me. From hero to zero. ;( ‪#NeverLetGo FRINGE
  • @runpaceyrun: The Bishop Boys just make me weep every time. I love them so much. ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @brownbettyhigh: Real emotions from Josh & John in that scene. U can just c it. So good together. ‪@VancityJax ‪@johnnob58004412 ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @smilemoreplz: aweee. Walter and Peter together always makes me smile. They’ve come so far ‪#Fringe ‪#NeverLetGo
  • @cynmack: ‪#NeverLetGo of those fantastic Peter/Walter scenes ‪#fringe
  • @Branion: ‪#Fringe ends where it begins-In the tank. I like Olivia in the tank better than Walter. FRINGE FRIDAY ‪#NeverLetGo ‪#LastSeason‪@FRINGEonFOX

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