Fringe 5×11 “The Boy Must Live”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer


Dear Golden Globes,

I know the ceremony is over, but there was clearly a glitch tonight because Michael Cerveris did not receive a statuette. He must be recognized for his outstanding performance in “The Boy Must Live,” therefore, I suggest you send him his Globe as soon as possible.



P.S. I will gladly host the Golden Globes with Louise if it means I can meet Meryl Streep and have the opportunity to replace Ms. Poehler in this scenario:

On Friday, Fringe returned to its most basic component-Parent/Child relationships. Behind its complex layers of science fiction storytelling, Fringe is at its core a story about a boy who is loved by his father and a girl. Walter’s love for Peter is where it all started so it makes sense that another father/son relationship will help save the world and make amends. Michael, the boy who amazingly never gets cold even though he is bald, is September’s son. surprise Well…he’s more like September’s clone than son since the boy was created by the Observer version of IVF. (Seriously, Joel, what happened to the females?) The apple clearly did not fall too far from the tree since little Michael developed feelings, and together, these special Observers formed a relationship. Donald sensed the need to protect and care for Michael, and he did, showing that the love a parent has for a child can defy the odds. For crying out loud, the boy had a 0.0001% chance of surviving, yet he did. Way to go dad! Alas, life is never this simple and the juxtaposed father/son stories illustrate that love can accomplish the near impossible, but the consequences are not always good.

  • Damn, Peter looks sexy with those welder’s goggles on. Keep doing what you are doing buddy.winkingwinking

  • The tank returns!! applause

Fringe511TheBoyMustLive0000439 Fringe511TheBoyMustLive0000460 Fringe511TheBoyMustLive0000481 Fringe511TheBoyMustLive0000648

  • Donald has a picture of the sailor kissing the girl hanging on his wall. I am so fascinated by his apartment.


  • Wow, Walter is super optimistic that Donald is still alive. I have my doubts.
  • Windmark has a boss? Is it Lord Sidious?
  • Well, hello 2609! It looks so bleak. Olivia would probably like this era-dark, gray colors.

  • Guys, guys, guys! Walter has no reason to fear reverting to hubristic Walter anymore. The child observer made him realize that everything he knew or thought he knew as a “great man” could fit into a thimble. Great writing. thumbs up
  • It’s The Commander. Who is this guy? worried Is he the First Observer?
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHH, it’s September with hair and stubble!!!! surprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprise

  • Well, that’s an interesting hand greeting. I’m gonna adopt that.
  • Peter to September: “We’ve lost a lot.” Then, he exchanges painful glances with Olivia. broken heartbroken heartcryingcryingcryingcrying

  • Exposition time brought to us by Donald, the Observer formerly known as September.


  • The Observers took out September’s tech as “punishment”???? LMAO Oh yeah, take out the tech so the Observer who already feels emotion can fully experience it. Total punishment.

  • Okay, either Donald likes to pet bald heads because he misses his own or he is totally Michael’s father.

  • I must now pause and comment on Olivia’s facial expressions in this scene because Anna Torv’s silent moments have spoken volumes this season. I just love the mini-emotional journey Olivia has in this one scene. At first, she watches Donald with intrigue and admiration. She is happy to see her old friend alive and well.

  • Then, she sees him take out the music box and interact with Michael. She knows!!! She recognizes Donald’s body language and knows he is a father which most likely triggers her own memories with Etta. broken heart

  • She continues to hear how special Michael is and it hits her-this boy can help her get her daughter back. Throughout the entire series, we have always seen Olivia put the world and her responsibilities to it before her own life. She has sacrificed her life and relationship to Peter for the sake of others, but this time, she wants to be selfish. I once thought Olivia would protect Michael at all costs because he is a child and not just a key component of the plan, but Olivia is willing to give him up for another chance with Etta. She is going to put her desires first even if that means endangering the boy. Donald said it himself that the scientists will study Michael so who knows what physical or emotional trauma he will endure, but Olivia is willing to risk it to reunite her family. I love and applaud the bold character exploration. applause

  • Olivia: “Peter, I think we’re going get our daughter back.” cryingcryingcrying GAH. THIS IS HUGE. For the first time, Peter is the one anchored to the ground and keeping expectations realistic instead of Olivia.

  • That’s it! That’s how the Fringe team will save the world. Play jazz music! Jazz makes evil Baldies feel.
  • BOOM! Damnit, why won’t Windmark die?!?!?!at wits' endat wits' endat wits' endat wits' endat wits' end

  • OH SNAP. THINGS. JUST. GOT. REAL. For the plan to work, Walter will have to sacrifice himself. sadno talkingno talkingtime outI don't want to seeI don't want to see

  • WHITE TULIP REFERENCE!!! big grinbig grinbig grincryingcrying
  • Donald with the funnies! More Observers should go rogue and take out their techs. They could start a comedy club with that wit.

  • Move over Vulcan salute, there is a new hand gesture in the Sci-Fi world.


  • It’s Astrid!!! Gosh, I miss her. This is my biggest pet peeve of Season 5: Astrid reduced to a three sentence character in each episode. Girl deserves better.

Fringe511TheBoyMustLive0011043 Fringe511TheBoyMustLive0011064

  • WTF?!?! I don't knowI don't know Why did Michael do that?! This kid needs to be grounded and dang, poor Olivia is teary eyed. This is the second child she has lost in the crowd and this one is not even hers. And he was her ticket to seeing her little girl again. SO MANY FEELS.


Thank you Fringe Files and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. Awesome! I think “Live long and feel” is going to stick.

  2. Oh what do you know? If it was Peter who was willing to give up Michael for a chance with Etta, you would slam Peter and criticize him but as per usual, you swoon over Olivia and her pure selfishness.

  3. Mary, i totally agree with you about Michael Cerveris. He was totally BRILLIANT in this episode. He was PERFECTION!!! So many major feels and emotions. And so incredibly smexy with hair! Peter wearing welders goggles …. more of that please. And i so agree with you about Olivias emotional journey. Anna has just kicked some major ass this season with her portrayal of Olivias quieter moments and emotional subtlties.

  4. Good reaction post! 🙂

  5. Michael’s muteness led all of them to forget he could hear and understand. So he did what he thought needed to be done.

    I had a feeling that “the plan” would be subverted and the whole scavenger hunt be useless. Going through with it would have been boring.

  6. Awesome, Mary!
    I loved the part with Madame Tussaud’s wax museum! 🙂
    Cerveris is an incredible actor.
    I think that Michael knows that the plan is flawed and he and Donald have a plan of their own, that’s why he went off the monorail…
    Olivia gets a shot of Cortexiphan in the next episode!
    I hope they don’t kill off Walter. 😦
    I wanna see if Walter finds White Tulip…
    And here is a negative critic for the writers of the show. 😦 Why did they do a retcon? 😦
    “The boy is important” is a line that September said to Walter, referring to Peter. 😦 Now they want us to believe it’s Michael who is important and that they’ve had this planned all along. No way, Jose! Disrespect towards the fans. 😦
    Also, where is more Polivia in season 5?
    They kissed only once and it lasted three seconds. 😦

  7. Wow—Another good one Mary!! I have to say this ep blew my mind on a whole new level—-and you totally nailed it about Olivia finally giving in to HER heart and feelings first! *I feel like drowning in my own tears just thinking about it*

  8. lol @ ive lost more kids than timelines… perfect recep Mary!! cant wait to see what you and Louise do for the series finale, although i wish this wasn’t the end ;'( we can all cry together

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