Astrid Farnsworth Appreciation Day

We love Astrid Farnsworth. She is funny, intelligent, a ray of sunshine, and an extraordinary friend. One can only aspire to have a friendship like the one she has with Walter. She is one of those iconic, secondary television characters that fans die to see more of, sadly though, Astrid has been reduced to a three-line character in each episode of season five. A shorter season understandably means sacrificing major plot lines for supporting characters, but c’mon-the amber laser device has had more screen time this season than our favorite junior agent!


This is why we have decided to declare today Astrid Farnsworth Appreciation Day. Share your favorite Astrid moment in the comments section. Is it when she met her Redverse counterpart in “Making Angels”? Or how about when she made that badass U-turn after hearing Walter was in danger in “Grey Matters”? Tell us! Show your love for the girl who maintains the lab well-supplied with Red Vines.


-Mary and Louise


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  1. I love Astro, Asteroid, Asterisk, Afro, Aphid, Esther Figglesworth!

  2. My two favs from Astrid are Making Angels and when she goes badass in S4 finale!!!

  3. When she said, “Just about Wally.”
    And when she sang in BB. I know not technically her but whatever.

  4. SUGUS MARI (@SugusMari)

    That shy and sweet hand wave at the end of Worlds Apart! It conveyed all my feelings too. Best good bye possible.

  5. One of my favourite Astrid moments that stick out is in season 3 episode 9 Marionette after Olivia returns home from the Altuniverse and they making coffee and Olivia ask’s her about Peter’s relationship with Altlivia & then Astrid responds with;
    ‘ He thought that she was you….what ever feelings that Peter had they were not about her they were about you and they were real they still are’

    And i obviously love the dynamic between her & Walter.

  6. Making Angels! Very emotional scenes.

  7. I think my fav was when she gave Walter that kiss on the cheek this season! ❤

  8. I hate to duplicate a favorite moment but I must. I completely agree with SugusMari. I just love the adorable and gentle wave between Astrids in Worlds Apart. I do agree that we have been cheated time with Astrid this season. I am just glad she survived—even if it is only to see her burn tapes out of Amber. Who could not adore her?!?! ❤

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