Bishop Family Fanvids

Fanvids can be a beautiful homage to your favorite characters, but they can also be a heartbreaking reminder of the pain the characters have endured during the season or series. During September’s Fringe Week, we featured fanvids celebrating Peter and Olivia’s epic love, and this time, we want to focus the fanvids on Season 5. The final season is set in the Observer-dominated dystopia, and one character reminded us that hope can still flourish in a bleak, oppressive world. That character was Henrietta Bishop – Peter and Olivia’s child.  She reunited the Bishop family in 2036 and brought out new facets in the characters we have known for years. For the first time, we saw Walter as a grandfather, and Peter and Olivia as parents, and they all loved her. No one, not even Windmark, could destroy that family love.

Time to open that box of tissues you have been saving for the series finale, because you are going to need it to get through these Bishop family fanvids.

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Created by maitikaHan

Created by thirteentay

Created by ibroketheinternetxo

Created by 9Nova99

Created by hilander777

Created by ValentinaB86

Created by elekta

Created by wakeupdreamingx

Created by Frilencer

Created by NikkiMonique


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  1. Thanks for collecting all these fanvideos! I love fanvideos. I just rewatched I’m Human by Frilencer before I read this. LOL

  2. These were all excellent, but was the 3rd one meant to be NCIS?

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