‘Fringe’ Fashion: Memorable Apparel & Accessories from Five Seasons of Saving of the World

Fringe Fashion

Over the course of five seasons, we’ve seen the Fringe team face evil scientists, shapeshifters, alternate universes, vagendas, and all manner of weird and unexplainable phenomena—and they’ve done it all while looking like Banana Republic models. On a show with such fabulous writing, acting, and storytelling, it’s easy to forget about Fringe‘s outstanding wardrobe, which has included fedoras, cargo pants, plaid, and the most exquisite pea coat ever made. As the series draws to a close, let’s take a moment to look back on some of the greatest moments in Fringe style.

You can’t talk about fashion on Fringe without mentioning the legendary headwear of the Observers…

Fringe fedora

Their fedoras are so important to the Observers that they even have little cubbies for their hats at restaurants. My theory is that they’re all really big Justin Timberlake fans.

Remember in the early days of Fringe when Olivia only wore blue button-down shirts? That was before Peter charmed his way into her cold, lonely heart and she started wearing other colors. I guess you can’t blame a girl for sticking with what works. She always looks great in blue.

Fringe - Olivia blue shirt

We all know Walter’s style is very minimalistic. He likes to wear as little clothing as possible (making things slightly awkward for everyone else). That being said, he has made some surprising fashion statements over the seasons…

Fringe Walter apron

Dream-Walter donned a lovely apron (with nothing underneath) in season 4’s “Back to Where You’ve Never Been,” but we all know he’d dress like that in the waking world as well. Just look at how he wore Altlivia’s sparkly robe and apron in “The Consultant”:

Fringe - Walter robe and apron

Walter sure does know how to put an outfit together.

Peter has become a fashion icon on Fringe, pulling off everything from scarves to plaid, and one of his best ensembles was this number from “Worlds Apart”:

Peter Plaid

After that shirt, the world was never the same again.

This season has been a little darker than past seasons, and the clothing has reflected that change. The Bishops ditched the shiny robes and plaid lumberjack shirts in favor of gray t-shirts and leather jackets. Season 5 was all about the accessories, most notably Etta’s bullet necklace, which helped get Olivia out of a sticky situation, restore her faith in the cause, and convince Peter to un-Observify himself. Can your jewelry do all that?

Fringe necklace

Another highlight of season 5 was the new casual wardrobe of our ridiculously good-looking team, since they didn’t have to go to work anymore. No more blue button-downs for Olivia. She and Peter were both rocking some comfy tees from Old Navy. Witness Peter’s simple but stunning v-neck from “In Absentia”:

Fringe Peter v neck

This was also the Season of the Vests. I guess vests are really in style in 2036, because several supporting characters were sporting them.

Fringe Edwin vest

Edwin’s shirt and vest appear to be from the Steve Irwin collection.

Fringe Hastings vest

Okay, so Hastings was an annoying and pointless character, but I loved his olive vest and paisley tie. Bold fashion choices, sir.

Fringe Donald vest

Donald had the look of a disheveled playwright in his chic black vest in “The Boy Must Live.”

Sometimes even the most practical items can make a fashion statement. For example, Peter’s vaguely steampunkish goggles in “The Boy Must Live” made lab safety look sexy.

Fringe Peter goggles

Speaking of eyewear… Remember Olivia’s glasses from season 4?

Fringe Olivia Glasses

Normally I would be against anything that hides her beautiful eyes, but that woman looks great in spectacles.

As does Lincoln Lee, who actually had two pairs of glasses throughout season 4…

Fringe Lincoln glasses 1

Lincoln’s first glasses from 4×07 “Wallflower”

Fringe Lincoln glasses 2

His other glasses from “Forced Perspective”

Which do you like best?

Lincoln Lee’s other great contribution to Fringe fashion came in season 4’s “Nothing As It Seems,” when this happened:

Fringe Lincoln Lee wife beater

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white tank top worn better.

You’ve got to appreciate the Altverse’s sense of style: cool and casual clothes you can kick ass in. Who knew cargo pants would be cool again in the other universe?

Fringe Fashion Altverse

“Back to Where You’ve Never Been”

And now for the outerwear segment…

One of the best and boldest fashion pieces from season 5 has been Olivia’s leather jacket. It’s exactly what I would wear if I was trying to save the world from Observers (and look good doing it).

Fringe Olivia's leather jacket

Then there was Windmark’s double breasted trench coat, which was appropriately menacing…

Fringe Windmark's coat

Peter and Lincoln both wore some stylish jackets in season 4’s “Back to Where You’ve Never Been.”

Fringe Peter and Lincoln

(Let’s pretend this photo is about their jackets and not the sexual chemistry they wear like a second skin.)

Here’s a better shot of Peter’s plaid coat:

Fringe Peter plaid coat

“The Consultant”

And of course, the most memorable article of clothing has to be…

Fringe Peter pea coat
The Pea Coat.

I have a theory about the finale that the Pea Coat is actually the key to saving the world. Hopefully Donald grabbed it from the original timeline and it’s hidden with the white tulip somewhere. Never underestimate the importance of fashion on Fringe.

What are your favorite fashion moments from Fringe? Leave a comment below or tweet us @PopCultureNexus.

-M + L

*All images are property of FOX Broadcasting


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  1. I love in Brown Betty, Olivia’s plain white t-shirt and pajama pant ensemble. Along with the hair been down, and slightly damp…it’s amazing how hot that woman can look in something so simple.

  2. this is an hysterical post! I love the word you used…Un-Observify…just hysterical and sounds liek a word I would use. I think your description of Donald as a Disheveled playwright is spot on! Luv you guys and gals!

  3. Annette Taber @Missnett1

    The Pea Coat…. nuff said!!

  4. Lynn Finch @dixiegirl256

    The Peacoat that Saves The World…. ThePeacoatFaction members everywhere are cheering!

    The 40’s style from Brown Betty was a big hit for both Olivia and Peter… talk about rockin a vest, remember the breakfast scene?

    And finally, one question. Why is it that Olivia, Etta, and Astrid had no problems finding jeans to fit in 2036, but Peter is STILL stuck with those baggy old work pants. Talk about a miserable future!


    I wish we could have seen Fauxlivia in her gold robe….LOL!

  6. I love the military styles of clothing in the alternate universe. And peter’s plaid coat!!

    I also want a fedora now…

  7. i miss Olivia’s glasses and her blue shirts ahhh why does this show have to end 😥

  8. SUGUS MARI (@SugusMari)

    I will be happy if the finale gets together Peter’s pecoat and Olivia’s leather jacket. They’re a pair made to live for ever after.

  9. What a fun entry 🙂 Thanks for that!

  10. Where buy the Pea Coat?)))

  11. Does anyone knows where to buy a similar peacoat? I’m in love with it ever since I saw it… and cannot find anywhere on Internet that says the brand of it or where to buy one.

  12. I have been dying to find out who made Walter’s tweedy overcoat he wore pretty much nonstop for the first three seasons. Anyone know?

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