Henrietta Bishop’s Birthday Party


Peter and Olivia Bishop cordially invite you to Etta’s third birthday

Friday, January 18

Come to the Bishop Residence on Quincy Street for

cake, fun, Walter’s scrumptious cooking,

and the popular game – ‘Pin the Fedora on the Observer’

All guests will receive party bags filled with red vines and amber name plates

The family mascot, Gene, will also make an appearance

RSVP in the comments section by including your name, location, and your gift for the birthday girl


Screencaps from “In a Dream Caps


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  1. hi etta. i will be bringing my twins girls (astro and claire) from midlothian, VA. we’ll be bringing you a lovely gift, a BP-774, the newest shape-shifting device FOR KIDS!! the girls love it when playing hide and seek… they always win now-adays!

  2. That is so cute! I am coming! (and the Observer’s as well? naaaa)

  3. Name: Rebecca
    Location: VA
    Gift: Strawberry milkshake kit for her to enjoy with her grandpa. Happy Birthday, Etta! 😉

  4. Name: Kathryn
    Location: South Australia
    Gift: Mini Observer killing gun, because it’s never too early for her to be as badass as her parents.

    Also I’m totally making Pin the fedora on the Observer an actual game at the next birthday party I have.

  5. Name: Kelly
    Location: VA
    Gift: An alternate universe where clouds are made out of cotton candy and cows can fly 🙂

  6. Name: Lilith
    Location NY, Year 2013
    Gift: For the birthday girl I am buying you a ticket to Baghdad, Iraq, so you can see were your amazing parents first met!

  7. Name: Sheryl
    Location: New Caledonia
    Gift for the birthday girl: Some vinyl records like Puff the Magic Dragon to play on her grandfather Walter’s old-fashioned record player.

  8. Happy Birthday Etta!!! 🙂
    Name: Emma
    Location: SA, Australia
    Gift: Hmmm, lets see. How about I plant a self destructing mini bomb device on all the observers and give you the trigger, hmm? That way you can’t get kidnapped. And lets face it, it’s never too early for you to be a badass.
    Oh, and also count me in on the pin the Fedora on the Observer. It sounds like a lot of fun…

  9. Name: Sheri-lee
    Location: Vancouver
    Gift: 6 action figures from the Fringe Team collection!

  10. Name: Nichola
    Location: Victoria, Australia
    Gift: a diamond necklace to make her feel beautiful.

  11. Name: Annie Liz
    Location: Westfield
    Gift: A doll in a dandelion dress

  12. Happy Birthday!
    Name: Sara
    Location: MO
    Gift: A tiny pair of steampunk goggles, a coupon for a blimp ride, and little light box (circa S1) to test for any cortexi-powers.

  13. Thank you so much for the invitation. I’ll be bringing a glass heart, just in case someone looses theirs – Roslyn, Ontario

  14. Happy Birthday Etta!
    Looking forward to coming to your party and very excited to play ‘Pin the Fedora on the Observer’. I bet your Dad is the best at that game 😉
    Location: Harvard Lab
    Gift: A matching Cross Necklace like the one your Mommy gave to your cousin, Ella :o) Also a bouquet of Dandelions (I hear they are your favorite). One more thing for you will be a new coloring book and crayons so that beautiful art work on the fridge can be updated as you grow. I thought it would be nice to bring Gene a bale of Hay….I think she might enjoy the party a little better with snacks just for her. Lastly-I will be keeping you for the weekend so your parents can go out of the town for some special one on one time because I am thinking it is just about time for you to have a sibling. That would be an awesome gift to all of us. Can’t wait!

  15. Happy Birthday sweet little Etta
    Name: Stef
    Location: Victoria Australia
    Gift: Red Vines, a cute little stuffed cow toy she can call Gene & a bunch of tulips 😀

  16. Happy Birthday Etta!!!
    Name: Andrea.
    Locations: Adelaide, Australia
    Gift: A big cow plushie, tulips and a peacoat just like her daddy’s.

  17. Happy birthday precious girl!
    Name: Shaylie
    Location: Denver, CO
    Gift: A gift certificate to go to the movies with her mommy, just like Olivia did when she was little 🙂

  18. Happy birthday Etta!
    Name: Cerissa
    Location: Colorado Springs, CO
    Gift: A life size porcupine man. I know I know Mom said no pets until you’re older but Grandpa ran out of room in his lab and sometimes a monster can turn into your best friend! Oh and a book about your parents love story that you can read to Porky. *spoiler alert* It starts with “Once upon a time” and ends with “happily ever after.”

  19. Happy birthday, of course I am coming! I wouldn’t miss it for my life!
    Name: Christer
    Location: Skjervøy, Norway
    And as a gift you will get Red Vines, just liked your grandpa like them, a mini Gene and a leather jacket. 🙂

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