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Lyn (@runpaceyrun) is an Australian Fringie temporarily living in Vancouver. She shares why she made the move to Canada six months ago.

I came to Vancouver because of Fringe. My four trips here were all for Fringe.

When the final season was announced I decided that I couldn’t stay in Australia and watch my show disappear…I just had to be close so that I could farewell it. So, I decided that I would take six months off work and be here until the end. I saved as much money as I could, put all my belongings in storage and sold my car…just to be here for Fringe. This trip was going to be my White Tulip to the show I love.

My trip started with TFE (The Fringe Event). It was a wonderful thing to be able to finally meet people I had spoken to so often on twitter. Getting together and talking all things Fringe was just awesome for me, as none of my friends back home watch Fringe. It was great to be surrounded be so many Fringies.

Most of my time in Vancouver has been spent doing something related to Fringe. My friends, Michelle, Diego and I went on many Fringe quests. These quests often involved tracking down and then visiting previous filming locations. The three of us went on many quests and found a lot of great filming locations. It was also a wonderful way to see Vancouver and its surrounds. One of our favourite places was the Hilltop Cafe that was featured in “Northwest Passage.” The food was so good. I had a strawberry milkshake in honour of Walter and it was a work of art. I will post pictures of our food. The pie, of course, was wonderful. We had a picture taken inside the cafe and I sat exactly where Peter was sitting. The three of us ate at many of the cafes and restaurants featured in Fringe. My waistline is definitely objecting to that now!

A lot of the other quests involved the eternal hunt trying to find where Fringe would be filming next. I saw a lot of Season 5 filming and that experience alone is priceless. I also met some other Fringe fans who couldn’t come to TFE but visited later to see some filming…and I caught up with others who returned in hopes of seeing some more of season 5 filming. Michelle and I were also lucky enough to deliver the Ambergrams and coins to the studios so that they could be given to our wonderful cast and crew. Although most of my time here was taken up with Fringe (as it should be), I have still managed to see a lot of Vancouver. It’s a beautiful city and I love it so much. I would really love to live here.

Has your experience in Vancouver lived up to your expectations?

I came to Vancouver with the goal of seeing as much season 5 filming as I possibly could. I also wanted the chance to get to know some of the wonderful crew that help make Fringe. My expectations were surpassed in a huge way. The crew of Fringe are truly lovely people and very generous with their down time on set. My friend Michelle and I were lucky enough to get to become friends with some of the locations people, some of the camera guys…especially the camera A team,  we got to know some of the lighting grips, we chatted to a lot of PA’s (production assistants) who do an amazing job, and we also got to know some of the background wardrobe staff and hair stylists. It was also great to meet and become friends with the on set teacher that was working with Rowan (Michael, the child Observer). All totally awesome people.

The crew of Fringe is one big happy family…and I feel very fortunate to have been able to watch them work. They worked very long days…in all kinds of weather and seemed to always be positive and upbeat.

I was also blessed to be able to chat with the cast a few times and watch how they go about preparing for each scene. One of the highlights of my time on set was meeting Michael Kopsa. He is such a charming man…nothing like Windmark at all. For that I am very thankful! It was also amazing to meet the directors, Jeff Hunt and Paul Holahan. These two directed some of my fave Fringe episodes. They both seemed a little shocked when we went up to them and asked if we could have a picture taken with them. I was also lucky enough to meet Joel Wyman. He is a wonderful man who truly loves Fringe. I just wanted the chance to thank him in person for all that he has done on Fringe.

I also made some wonderful new Fringe friends whilst I was here. They come from all parts of the world and we shared some great moments together because of our show. Fringe friends forever…that’s what we’ve become. That’s the real gift that Fringe has given me and continues to do so.

What has it been like visiting the shooting locations? How do you find out where the show may be filming?

Finding out where Fringe was filming was something that I had to work on during all my visits to Vancouver. With each visit, I built on my experience and developed contacts. But for the most part I got my information from twitter. There are many wonderful Fringe fans out there who would send me messages when they saw filming info on twitter. I have friends in Vancouver who work downtown and they would email me when they had seen filming notices posted on buildings. Also, my friends and I would simply spend many an afternoon or weekend simply walking around downtown or track back to previous filming locations that we thought Fringe may use again. This proved fruitful on many occasions this season. I also became an expert in looking for “Parking Restriction” signs. In downtown Vancouver, this is usually a sign of upcoming filming.

What is your preferred method of communication with Fringe fans and why?

I do have a Tumblr account which was created because of my love (*cough*  obsession) with Peter Bishop and his beautiful peacoat. I’m on Facebook and am a member of several Facebook fan groups, and as several Fringe friends will tell you, I do love email. But I have to admit that I’m totally addicted to Twitter.

I created an account during my first trip to Vancouver in the hopes that it would help me find where Fringe was filming. It certainly helped me do that. But the greatest benefit of all was that I connected with so many other wonderful Fringe fans from around the world. Twitter helped me realise that I was not alone in my obsession with Fringe, its characters and storylines. Twitter helped create a fandom that l am totally proud and honoured to be a part of.

How would you like the Fringe fandom to be remembered?

When people talk about Fringe fandom l hear words like passionate, dedicated, intelligent, creative, brilliant, organised and powerful. We will be remembered for all of these things and more. But I think what we will be remembered for goes far deeper than that.

The wonderful thing about Fringe fandom is that, in my opinion, it is filled with love. That love was seen and felt by the cast and crew well before the final season of Fringe was announced. I think Fringe fans will be remembered for that love and dedication. I have to say that I wish that every Fringe fan could have been with me when I was talking to some of the crew when Fringe finished filming its final scene. Several of the crew (that I got to know) came up to me and told me how much they loved the coins that were created for them.  It really meant a lot to them and they loved the coins above all the other gifts they received. I could see how much the coins meant when l looked at their faces, I could feel it in their hugs and I certainly heard it in their voices. Those moments with the crew are something I will remember forever.

Fringe fans-you should be proud of yourselves for being a part of that project. You will always have a connection to the crew and cast of Fringe. And you will be remembered.

If you could take an item from the Season 5 set, what would it be?

The answer to this should really be “what wouldn’t I take.” Things like the Bishop and Dunham gun holsters, the super cool guns they used on the Observers, a piece of amber from the lab, Gene (un-ambered of course), the bullet that saved the world & Olivia & Polivia, a RESIST poster with our gorgeous baby Bishop’s face on it, Peter’s boots (yep, I have an obsession with those as well), Olivia’s leather jacket, or really anything created by our brilliant props department.

But if I could only take one thing, then it would be the ring Peter wears around his neck. It’s a symbol of love and hope. And these are the things that Fringe has brought back into my life and I am eternally grateful for that.

In a perfect world, I would also love Peter’s peacoat but as yet, Peter hasn’t worn it (and Joel promised me he would try and get it into Season 5…I have the signed tweets to prove it).


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  1. So happy that you guys interviewed Lyn she is such a great Fringie and represents all us Aussies proudly!!

  2. Lynn Finch @dixiegirl256

    Lyn is the penultimate Fringie— intelligent, thoughtful, motivated, courageous, spirited, and full of love. One of the best things about 2012 for me was The Fringe Event, and one of the best things about that was getting to hang out with Lyn. She’s a beautiful soul and represents Fringies well!

  3. Ohhhh Lyn words cannot describe how I felt when I read this interview! What an experience! I just am dumbfounded with joy! Oh to see the final season being shot in person! Beautiful Vancouver! I never even thought to do anything like that and since I am unencumbered by minor children, I could have done that! I never even heard of the Fringe Event!

    One more thing to add what us Fringies are! (inspired by you) is Adventurous and willing to take good risks! With all my Fringie love, Theresa

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