Fringe Seasons 1-5: Saddest Moments

Deep breaths everyone.

Today is the last day we will watch a NEW episode of Fringe. We’ve laughed…we’ve cried…and then, we’ve cried to the point where we begin to hyperventilate. We have become attached to these flawed, yet heroic characters, celebrating their triumphs and taking part in their pain. And there have been some profoundly brokenhearted scenes. Let’s take a look back at these moments and appreciate the strength the characters possess to have lived and grown from these tribulations.

Season 1

  • Walter returns to St. Claire to help solve a case

  • Nick Lane asks Olive to stop him from hurting others

  • Young Olivia is curled up in the corner afraid

  • Olivia confronts Walter in the diner about his experiments with children

  • Walter visits Peter’s grave

  • Walter is willing to sacrifice himself to stop the creature and Peter fears losing his father

  • Peter attempts to comfort Olivia, clearly showing that he cares for her more than a partner or a friend would, but she fails to notice because she is still grieving John Scott

Season 2

  • Walter and Peter grapple with Olivia’s “death” in the hospital

  • Charlie is murdered and replaced by the shapeshifter

  • Walter is stranded in Chinatown

  • Olivia believes Peter is dead and declares her love for him in song

  • Olivia discovers her partner is dead

  • Broyles finally solves a Fringe case that consumed his life years ago, but it’s too late, because the damage to his family is irreversible
  • Walter says he “needs” Peter 
  • August dies after having experienced love

  • Walter discovers Astrid injured in the looted lab

  • Peter almost loses his father

  • Peter becomes infected and searches Vandenkemp’s body
  • Walter finds out his father’s scientific work is being used to kill people
  • Olivia returns to the room in Jacksonville where she started a fire

  • After Peter’s funeral, Walter asks Elizabeth, “He knew he was loved…Didn’t he?”
  • AltElizabeth tells Walter, “Bring him back to me.”
  • Walter receives his sign from God

Season 3

  • Olivia sees her mom and accepts the Redverse

  • Young Peter tries to return to his universe

  • Peter still has feelings for Fauxlivia

  • Peter enters the machine

  • Olivia’s funeral

Season 4

  • Olivia finds Walter trying to perform a lobotomy

  • Saying goodbye to the Redverse

  • Astrid is shot

Season 5

  • Does the ENTIRE SEASON count?
  • “No, you were three years, one month, and five days.”
  • “I didn’t have the will to give up searching for this perfect little soul that we made. Out here for all these years, fighting for these people, defending them. And at the moment she needed her father to protect her, I couldn’t.”

  • Peter and Olivia lose their daughter AGAIN

  • Peter sees Etta’s last thoughts

  • The birthday video

  • Peter accepts Etta’s physical death and embraces her life that continues on in him and his wife

  • “I HAD a daughter…”
  • Images of Walter’s sin flashes in front of him like a film

  • Nina’s sacrifice

  • The poster

-Mary and Louise


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  1. AHHHH this is making me cry…I will be a puddle on the floor tonight.

  2. this is making me cry as well…. emotion overload at 8am…..oh god why has this day arrived so soon 😥

  3. WOW—-What a post to read right after watching the finale! #JustShootMeNow

  4. 😥 i… juuust… cant
    So sad.

  5. This made me cry. 😥

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