Thank You Messages from the Fringe Fandom

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The fans wish to thank everyone involved in making Fringe for five seasons of unforgettable stories and characters.

Fringe started airing the year I moved to a new country and started my Bachelor of Science degree. It was always on in the background while I was studying for finals and questioning what to do with my life. Walter’s passion and enthusiasm for all things scientific motivated me to keep going even when all I wanted to do was drop out and run off on adventures like the Peter we met in the first episode; and the complicated relationships between Walter, Peter & Olivia reminded me to always be in awe of love and human nature. I am so grateful to the writers, directors, editors, and the actors who worked so hard on this show, and to the crew who made me feel welcome when I visited the set during the last month of filming. Thanks for creating this unconventional show that means so much to me!

-Rachel Charish, Canada (@VoivodGirl)

Thank you so much for Fringe. It has given me endless hours of entertainment, a strong female role model, and belief in the redemptive power of family. Mostly, though, as someone who has recently returned to Australia after a long time living in Vancouver, Fringe always makes me feel like I’ve come home. Thank you so much for this amazing program, it will be sorely missed.

-Alison, Australia

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication that went into the making of Fringe. This show truly turned my life around. Fringe taught me to always question the impossible because you never know what might happen. Because of Fringe, I stopped playing my life on the safe side. I realized that by not risking anything in life, I was risking even more. Now I am finally living life fearlessly and following my dreams. Without Fringe, none of this would be happening to me. I would’ve never had the courage to delve into something that I thought would be impossible. I would’ve never found people that I can relate to and would’ve never discovered my talent for writing. Because of this show, I have never been so happy in my life; I finally feel like I’ve found where I belong.

-Shaylie, USA

I have never felt this strongly and passionate about a show. The cast, the crew, everything is perfect. I will dearly miss it and wish it did not have to end. I come from a dairy farm background so having Gene in the show also made me really happy. I do not think that I will ever be able to appreciate a show as much as I have appreciated Fringe. Thank you to all the brilliant minds behind it you all are inspriations to me. Thank you for 5 wonderful seasons.

-Allison, Wisconsin

Thank you for the incredible journey that was this series. The amount of work, effort, and pure skill that is shown through out this show is phenomenal. (Also, to Anna Torv and John Noble, it’s great seeing some Aussie talent!).

-Maggie, Australia

Thank you all for absolutely everything. You’ve truly enhanced my life, and are extraordinary people.


-Nicole, New Jersey

Thanks Anna! “You will always be our Olive!” and I’ll never forget you! But I’ll miss you and Fringe so much! Hope to see you soon in new project!

-Eli, Italy

Thanks for a splendid and delicious trip over the years with Fringe! You’ve tapped into a main vein in the zeitgeist of *something*. What that *something* is, I’m not sure. Maybe an undiscovered river running deep under our subconsciousness. Maybe we won’t know until years after Fringe is gone. Maybe we need a few years to digest the themes. Maybe that’s why Fringe never caught on to become a mainstream hit; its themes of love, revolution, music, science, God, family and keeping on when times are tough run deep and need time to be fully digested. Like a good book that can be enjoyed many years later, I think Fringe’s message will transcend time. Many things in this world that don’t catch on, have come way before their time and the world proves it isn’t ready. I think time will only prove that Fringe is one of those things. Bravo!

-Nicole, Oregon

From the very beginning, this show grabbed a hold of me and just wouldn’t let go. I have so much love for this show. It’s intelligent, imaginative, creative, and also, it’s all about family and the bonds we form with each other. What I discovered along the way was the level of commitment of all the people involved in making this show. From the showrunners, to the cast and crew, everyone involved have always been kind and gracious, not only to the fans but to each other. That’s something special. This show made it, beyond all odds; constantly making an amazing television show week after week. For that, all I can do is express my appreciation and gratitude to each and every one of you. Thank you for pouring your hearts into this awesome show. My hope is that you can feel the love back from all us fans.

-Therese, California (@Lakesidenorth)

-Anna Elizabeth, Atlanta, Georgia (@GodsGirl1989)

I think there isn´t a THANK YOU big enough to fit how grateful and thankful we are for the show and everything you gave to it and to us we love you, cherish and remember forever. You will always have a special place in my heart.

-Daniela, Argentina (@DaniOTHfan)

Thanks, FRINGE for all the laughs, tears and all-around awesomeness! Is it too late for a FRINGE movie?!


I would like to give a huge thanks to everyone that had everything to do with Fringe! There has never been a Show to touch me as Fringe has. I have been there since the Pilot! The wonderful cast will be forever remembered! Especially Anna, Josh, John! Mr Wyman has done wonders with every direction the Fringe team led us. Fringe will always live on! Thank you for giving every die hard Fringy 5 Superb Seasons to remember! Good Luck to each and everyone of you in the future!

-Stephen W.

Thank you for an AMAZING 5 seasons of television. Know that your hard work is fully appreciated by us, fans of the show.

It actually started out as watching the return to television of Josh Jackson having been a fan since The Mighty Ducks days, but it’s evolved into something that has changed my view of what TV can be.  Now, the show is an obsession, one which I’ve passed on to my sister who watched seasons 1-4.21 in 2 weeks, just in time for the season 4 finale. Just watching Walter eat weird foods gets me craving for some too!!

So, I’d just like to say thanks- for the great Walterisms, the out-of-this-world (literally) plotlines, Lincoln and Alt-Lincoln, peanut butter and bacon sandwiches and of course, POLIVIA!!

Oh and basically making the Bishop clan Australian!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  It’s going to take some time to get over the end of Fringe…..

Jessie's photo

-Jessie, Sydney, Australia

Thank you for all the nights of the heart filled / stopping, edge of my seat, adrenaline rushes and the bond that was made between myself and all the characters due to all the hard work you put in! And I have to add that Anna Torv is one of the most beautiful women to walk the earth. If she would ever need a 29 yr old male from Chicago, IL to come to Australia to help with her kitten adoption (actually anything for that matter), I’d be on a plane in an instant! My Friday nights will never be the same and you’ll truly be missed!

-Ryan Collins

You made us laugh, you made us cry. You made us gasp in wonder, you made us shout with joy. You broke our hearts, you gave us hope. You made us Fringe Fans! Thank you, Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Jasika Nicole, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown, and all the rest of the cast, crew and showrunners. And thank you Ari for your great videos and promos. Thank you for bringing these characters and this beautiful story to us for the last 5 years. You truly have given us, the fans, the greatest experience ever! Words cannot express how I feel!

We will miss you!

-Annette (@Missnett1), Norman, Oklahoma

Thank you for creating a show that is the perfect mix of sci fi, drama, comedy, heartfelt family moments, horrifying squick, and angst.
Thank you for both the Blue and the Redverse.
Thank you for characters who feel like real people.
Thank you for being my comfort show.

-Kathryn Mackenzie, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

FringeWeek.Ill never forget it

-Keyshla, Puerto Rico

We thank you for the 5 fantastic years that Fringe has given us the fans. I have been personally affected for the better by the series. It is not just a television show it is an experience. One that I will never forget. Fringe has been and always will be the greatest show I have ever seen. I look up to Olivia’s character and strive to be like her. I am sad to see the show end.

-Theresa Akins, your greatest fan in Stockton, California

This show has not only been one of the most influential of our time, but it has personally followed me as well. Fringe began and followed me through some of the toughest years of my young life; I cannot even begin to state what that means. The show itself will be remembered for years, even decades, to come because of the biblical proportions to which it impacted its audience. Even as it departs, it continues to command a respect from the community that watches it so religiously. Because this show was never truly about the science, its story revolved around the people present. It is that aspect of Fringe that I’ll miss the most. After all the gruesome cases, each and every one of the characters commanded unique paths that defined them. Thank you for these amazing five seasons, remember to imagine the impossible, and never forget the journey.

-Eloise, Oregon

I wish I had the time to create something heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Something that was equal to the love, tears and happiness that the writers, cast and crew have brought to me and so many others. But since I don’t have that time, I find myself with the herculean task of expressing myself through these words that are far too limiting. There were so MANY people that made Fringe possible that one can hardly name them all. To the actors, the writers and the crew: A white tulip. For every single one of you to hold as you move through your own individual paths. So that you may never forget that you are worthy, never forget that life is a journey and not a destination, and never forget that you, like all great syndication, have reminded US of the awesome beauty and terrible vulnerability of what it means to be a human being. As limited and finite as we feel, shows like FRINGE help us to see that no matter what, we endure. And that is my wish, for every single one of you. May you create happiness, always.

-Vi, SD, California

Thank you. Just plainly thank you. For being more than just another 1 hour show, for being about family and love, for being smart and for making us think. You will be dearly missed.

-Pauline, France

Fringe saved my life. The summer before season 4, I was in a really dark place. That fall when season 4 (2011) premiered I was so confused (I’d watched a few episodes here and there) so I found season 1 online and I became obsessed. Olivia’s character became my role model. I would ask myself, “What would Olivia do?” In December, I had to get surgery on my foot and that’s when I watched season 2 and the rest of 3. With Fringe playing every Friday and the DVDs I had, I was finally happy again. They gave me something to live for. They [taught] me valuable lessons and quotes, plus it was funny. Fringe saved my life and I always wanted to thank everybody for making this wonderful show. I don’t know where I’d be without it. It’ll always be here for me and will always be in my heart. THANK YOU!

-Becca, Michigan

If there was one thing I could say, it would be thank you. This show not only kept me questioning everything, it gave me a place where my mind could feel understood. Where all my weird science thoughts and theories and day dreams were possible. As crazy as this show was, it gave me a place to feel normal, to feel that it is ok to question everything. And I will be forever grateful to all of you who made these characters and storylines come to life, and made them a part of mine. Thank you Fringe.

-Meghan, California

-Jane (@fly2mebutterfly) Atlanta, Georgia

I first began watching Fringe during the ninth grade. It was a time in which I was struggling with depression, and everything was hard. But Fringe became a beacon of light. It gave me something to live for each week, and I made it through. I don’t know if I would’ve been strong enough without it. I’m glad I never found out. But I love this show, and I don’t honestly know what I’ll do without it. There is so much I could say about it, why I love it, but the truth is what does it matter? It’s an amazing show and I love every last nuance of it. I wish it never had to end, but I’m so happy it’s getting its proper ending and I’m endlessly proud of the cast and crew, as well as the fans, for making it this far. We are amazing, every last one of us who was involved in Fringe or a fan of it, for making it this far. And while I’m devastated to say goodbye, I’d also like to say: Congratulations for being the best you could be. I will never forget Fringe and what it did for me. Thank you.

-Maddie, New York

I believe there are no words enough to thank you all for your amazing work. I also believe you have no idea of how much difference you made in our lives. You actually made us believe in the impossible and showed us that love is the answer and that we must never give up on our goals in life. We will certainly keep looking up to find our rainbows and I hope there’s always a dandelion to lead your way. Thank you for all the knowledge, the laughs, the tears and even the gross stuff. Thank you for being a part of our lives in so many ways. We’ll miss you a lot.

-Melissa, Brazil

What everyone else said and so much more.

-Jamie Marie, Pennsylvania

Fringe is a great series on its own merits, but what distinguishes it from, and elevates it above, the rest is the passion that the cast and crew share for the show and its fans.  I found the Fringe community through tweets from the cast and crew.  Thank you for not only creating one of the greatest shows, but also for sharing your enthusiasm with us.  It transformed Fringe from a TV show to an experience.  I will be sad when it’s over, but happy that I can say I shared in Fringe Fridays.  “At the risk of sounding sentimental… I’ve always thought there were people who leave an indelible mark on your soul.  An imprint that can never be erased.”  Thank you!

-Jenn Collins

Oh, I will miss this show!  “Fringe” grew in my mind from a show about weird science to a show about exploring the deeper connections and complicated relationships between people.  Yes, the science will always be mind-blowing, but it’s the bonds between Walter and Peter and Olivia – and everyone else who helped them along the way – that I will remember most.  Thanks for making us think on a different level!

-Jessica, Georgia, USA



I honestly don’t know what to say, except- Thank you. Thank you for: the unbelievably real characters; exposing me to an incredibly talented cast; the humbling expertise of the crew; the invaluable friendships earned due to supporting Fringe, the Fan interaction by our awesome show-runners and helping me decide a career path. Mostly a HUGE THANK YOU for FRINGE! As time passes and memory falters, my DVDs will ensure that I never forget the great show that was celebrated every Friday.

-Zama, South Africa

Thank you all so much for restoring my faith in television as story-telling medium. Over the five seasons we’ve been treated to intelligent thought-provoking stories, and engaging finely-portrayed characters. I sincerely hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of these universes and characters. Thank you again – and good luck with your next projects!

-Tim, Israel

This is a message to all the cast of Fringe of which I believe to be one of the best shows of all time. This was an amazing journey and as a fan I thank you for that. To Anna Torv, I say wow beauty and talent all rolled into one. To Joshua Jackson, I say you’re awesome and John Noble, I say you, sir, are an icon and a legend 😉 and Jasika Nicole as Astrid, you were amazing. So thanks and good luck in the future.

-Robert Mcnaught, Scotland

Thank you Fringe cast, writers, producers, directors, oh heck….everyone in the Fringe family. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!! What an amazing cast to bring the, “how do they come up with this stuff?” stories to life! I just can’t come up with the right words for how much I’ve enjoyed this show. Thank you also for the most uniquely wonderfully, heartbreaking and funny Walter. In a five minute span, he’d make me laugh, cry and just plain adore him. I will miss everything about this show a whole heck of a lot. Thanks for the memories!

-Cheryl Remington, Rockville, Maryland

Aside from my husband and daughter, nothing has been a bigger part of my life than Fringe. I will cherish every moment and every character. Thank you for all you’ve done!

-Melissa, New Jersey

First I want to say, thank you all very much for doing this show, I will be very sad to see it leave. All of you made the show come to life, and the way you interacted with each other was special. The costumes, scenery everything made the show great. I hope that maybe in the future, we will be seeing all of you together again.  🙂

-Janet, Bronx, New York


I got hooked on Fringe because of the incredibly moving story arc in the first place, but during the last 4 years this TV show has influenced my life on so many levels. I’ve learned a lot about the TV industry, Twitter, social media, mass mobilization, applied psychology, human creativity, how to design Twitter icons and how to grow an ear ;). I’ve visited Vancouver, I’ve met awesome people, I’ve done things I never did before. Fringe was a milestone.

So, a big THANK YOU to all the people who were involved in making Fringe and to the whole Fandom!

-Sunny, Germany, Bavaria

To the amazingly talented cast and crew, thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into such a beautiful and brilliant series. Fringe may have started out as a very entertaining show, but with characters that you can connect with and a storyline that pulls you right in for the ride with them, it became so much more. It brought so many fans together, some who’ve became very good friends. We’re a family now and that will never change. We will forever follow everyone’s careers, you will never lose our support! I’m also forever thankful that i had the chance to meet Josh, Anna, John and Blair, one of the best days of my life and will cherish that always! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

-Angela Morales, Montreal,Canada

Thanks for this 5 amazing and lovely seasons. It will be always in my mind and heart.

-Maria Danielma, Brazil

Thanks Fringe for an epic 5 seasons. Never have I seen a show that delves so deeply into mythos with such mind-blowing arcs. I think this sums up what Fringe has given me perfectly: “…an indelible mark on your soul. An imprint that can never be erased”

-Melisa, England

I want to thank everyone involved [in] my favourite TV series EVER, FRINGE! The way the show has been created with the ongoing story lines of the observers and the relationships of the characters is amazing! As I watched the season finale trailer for the 30th time today, I sat crying and realised just how deep an impact this amazing show has had on me! So thank you J.J., Joel, Jeff  and the crew of Fringe. And last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST I thank my idols Anna , Josh, John, Jasika, Lance, Seth, Blair and all the cast. If I ever meet you, it will be the most exciting day of my life! I hope one day I meet the beautiful Anna Torv or the amazing John Noble in the land down under 😀

-Kristy, Australia

Thanks to everyone involved with FRINGE, the best show on the air 2008-2013.

It was an experience we will never forget. See you in another timeline!

-Robin, Germany


-Ewan Velázquez, Mexico

We would like to thank the cast and crew of FRINGE for the fantastic five years you have given us. So much to be thankful for. So hard to explain the feelings right now, you will be greatly missed.

There will never be another show like FRINGE, we want to wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and we hope to see you all again soon.

With great sadness to say goodbye. Love you all.

-Carol and Richard, Calgary, Alberta

Dear Fringe cast & crew, thank you for giving me something to believe in. I’ll cherish this show’s beautiful soul forever. I wish you all the best. x

-Bonny, Ireland

Thank you cast and crew of Fringe. It has been an amazing five seasons. I will miss watching you you guys so much. This show will always hold a place in my heart.


I didn’t think much of it when I first watched Fringe but the more I watched the more I got pulled into it. It gave me something to look forward to, something to give me a break for a little while. My parents, well let’s just say that they aren’t the nicest of people and my friends have never really cared about me. Fringe encouraged me to want to rise up and be better than them, knowing that maybe not now, maybe not in a couple of years but eventually I was going to be a better person than they are. It gave me the break I needed, something to keep my mind off it for an hour (and yes, fangirl about) so thank-you for that. I truly cannot express in words what you have all done for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Emma, Australia

Thank you for creating and portraying characters I loved having in my home, telling stories that challenged and intrigued me, evoking every emotion through dialogue and music and engaging your fans. I have very much enjoyed the past 5 seasons – an experience I will treasure for a long time to come.

Thank you – from the bottom of my heart. I wish you all the very best.

-Melissa Gibson, Toronto, Canada

Thank you all for a crazy, thoughtful, delightful ride!

-Jason, Illinois

The quality of this show blows me away. The attention and love put into every aspect is amazing. The writing, special effects, casting, acting, the care in the shots, the music, and on and on. Best wishes to you with all you do from here on out, and thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift. You are my sunshine!

-Mary, Northern California

THANK YOU cast & crew for working hard to make Fringe an OUTSTANDING series, my all-time favourite. It has amazed me in so many ways and made me feel such a wide range of emotions I had never experienced before. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did!!! It has been an incredible journey, one that I will never forget. Thanks to Fringe I’ve [been] part of a unique fandom where I’ve met really nice Fringies which has made this whole experience even more awesome. THANKS to the entire cast for bringing these characters to life in such a wonderful and beautiful way. My love for FRINGE will never vanish! It will live on me FOREVER


-Laura, Madrid, Spain (@LaNe_Pixie)

Thank you guys SO MUCH for an amazing five years of this amazing show. It has changed my life in so many different ways and it breaks my heart to see it end. Fringe has been such a wonderful experience and I know its impact on this world will not fade. Olivia, Walter, Peter, Astrid, Gene, Etta, Elizabeth, Charlie, Broyles, Lincoln, Nina, September, and the rest of the characters and their alternate-universe counterparts will always be with me. Without Fringe, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Thank you so much. Now, please excuse me while I teleport to an alternate universe where this show goes on for a thousand more seasons.


A simple, but heartfelt, thank you to every single person who has been involved with Fringe over the five years is all I can offer. Fringe will forever be in my heart. I love you all!

-Alison, United Kingdom (@FringeAlison)

I love this show for so many reasons but mainly because it’s about this family, these unique characters I’ve come to love. It’s so hard to think of their story ending and to stop spending time with them. Fringe is truly one of the best written and best acted shows ever, in my opinion. It’s reached the top of my list. X-files and West Wing toppled. Thank you so much for it and for the Fandom family too. Thank you.

-Jenny, California

Thanks for your work and performances. Fringe is, and will ever be, one of my favourite TV shows. It’s clever, fun, and some times a little scary. Fringe has so much layers in it and shows that there is a lot of good work put on it (Walter’s lab for instance has all the props you will imagine). There are so many Fringe moments and episodes I liked that is very difficult to pick one up. The show has the best performances on TV from main actors to guest stars. But if I have to choose… my favourite Fringe thing will be the father-son relationship between Walter and Peter. John Noble and Joshua Jackson have done a great job So, thank you, it has been a pleasure to watch.

-Nuria, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain (@nupuripiapa)

My first experience with Fringe was watching the pilot during my senior year of high school in 2008. I initially watched for the premise, but I fell in love with, and stayed for, the characters. They made an impression on me from episode one, and I followed their journeys faithfully for the next five seasons. I’m now in my senior year of college, and I suppose things have come full circle. But during my time with Fringe, it became more than a show that I tune into. It became a regular part of my life: Fridays were Fringe Fridays, and I absolutely refused to go out if it meant missing an episode. It hurts to know the show is ending, but I’ve loved every second of being a part of this fandom. I can’t wait to see the finale, because I know that all of you will make sure it is nothing less than the best Fringe can be. Thank you.

-Karly M., Massachusetts

Thank you, FRINGE, cast and crew, for making me laugh and cry in the same breath. Thank you for being the most awesome, fantastic show that you are.

-Carolyne, England

Thank you for all the work that went into making such a great science fiction show. I hope that Fringe will be remembered for a long time to come as one of the best, I know I will remember it as such. As I’ve begun to re-watch the series, I’ve come to appreciate even more the writing and development of the show as a whole. Thanks, guys!

-Jasmine, Iowa

Thank you for making magic! Friday nights may be empty, but the legacy of Fringe lives on in every friendship forged through our shared love of the show, every person who dares to try something new because Fringe gave them courage to take risks and to believe in love, in hope, in another way to perceive the world. Thank you for 100 episodes of laughter, tears, awe, terror, amazement, exceptional acting, stories, music, productions. Thank you to every cast and crew member, producer, director, writer, Ari & Bart… who took their personal time to share a moment with us; whose love of the show is evident in every episode, every interview, every panel. For each one of you, I wish you much happiness, peace, and success in your next endeavors, and hope our paths will cross again. Finally, thanks for giving us the opportunity to prove that, with our hearts and imagination, we can make the world we want.

-Lynn Finch (@DixieGirl256)

I just wanted to say that since watching Fringe, I found myself very opening and welcoming to imagining the impossible possible! I got blown away by the writing and acting and everything about this show! This little show really made it through many hearts and in the end it wasn’t about science or advancement of technology or alternate universes and all, it was all about family and love and being human.
And that’s why I love Fringe from the bottom of my heart! Thank you all for your hard work in all these 5 years, you are all amazingly great! Thank you!

-Hedieh, Iran


-Lyn, Australia (@runpaceyrun)

Thank you so much for your amazing work on this wonderful series.  Even though I’ve never met any of you, I feel like I’m saying goodbye to friends and family. I have so much respect for how you’ve poured your hearts and souls into creating such a high quality product.  I wish you all the best and hope to see more of your work in the future. I was lucky enough to be at the panel at Comic-Con last summer, maybe someday I’ll actually get to meet some of you. You all deserve countless awards for your work – please know that you’re appreciated and amazingly talented and easily should have captured multiple Emmys.

I especially appreciate how Anna Torv has played the struggles of a professional woman.  The challenges of trying to have a personal life and putting on a tough face at work have been very elegantly portrayed. Thanks to Anna and the writers for representing so well what life can be like for professional women.

Best wishes again to all of you.

-Patrice, Idaho

Thank you to the writers that made our favorite show, the most beautiful characters and story! Thank you to the producers that supported the show and the wish of fans even when it wasn’t very gainful to them! Thank you to all the guys that work behind the show! Thank you to the actors and actresses that made our favorite characters comes to life. Thank you so much to everyone ’cause without you, our favorite show wouldn’t exist!

We, as we called ourselves, Fringies or Cortexifans, are proud of being part of a show that supports the love from the fans and we are very thankful, not just for the show, but certainly for you being who and what you are.

So once again, thank you so much to all the people involved with Fringe. You’re the best people in the world and we love you ❤

-Michelle, Brazil (@_nitroglicerina)

Thank you Fringe, and thank you cast & crew for being the white tulip of my life and giving me hope when I most needed it. Fringe’s story will live on. Always.


-Asun, Madrid, Spain (@fightforfringe_)

Thank you. This show has been a constant friend through my entire university career, and I am going to miss it so much. Thank you for the memories I have, of my friends and I screaming at the TV in every final to date, of tweeting obsessively, of crying with these characters, and celebrating with them as well. Thank you for the enjoyment I got out of this beautiful show.

-Fiona, New Zealand

It was just four months ago when the name Fringe tickled my curiosity. I remember my classmates talk about random TV shows once. At that time, I was also looking for anything that I could watch for the semestral break. So, I asked one of them, “What do you mean by ‘Fringe’? I don’t get it.” She replied, “Fringe? Weird science.” I googled Fringe later that night. Or I didn’t. I think I tracked ‘Fringe’ tags on Tumblr first; that was when I knew about Peter and Olivia. I googled more and found out about this ‘alt-universe.’ Sure enough, I knew then that it’s the perfect show to watch. I was soon able to see everything that proves how great Fringe is.

I don’t know how you guys had been able to generate something this awesome, but all a fan could say is THANK YOU – for those five years of telling an out-of-bounds story of love made even more dynamic by the world, itself.

“I thought I was an expert on loss.” I feel the same right now as Walter did when he said that. Yet I’d like to think that ending it is not a loss, but rather more of a farewell – that kind of farewell wherein you know you’re gonna miss something so much because it left that indelible mark on your heart. And Fringe did.

-Christelle, Philippines

You pulled off heart wrenching emotional, yet beautiful scenes, crazy drug trips with walter, laugh ’til you cry lines, several universes and timelines including an ambered Harvard lab and too many ‘what the hell’ moments Proving that Fringe really is the show that could.

Thank you Fringe cast and crew for sharing your unimaginable and amazing talents with us Fringies. Friday nights will always be dedicated to you.

There will never be enough time and words to say everything we want to say so in the mean time, and I know it isn’t enough, but thank you so much for an incredible journey that we will treasure forever.

FringeLove and redvines all round.

-Bianca, South Africa (@FringieSA)

What an incredibly fantastic ride these five seasons have been.  As a TVholic with an affinity for romance and intrigue, FRINGE has been a great treat for me to enjoy without guilt.

To showrunners Jeff & special shout-out to Joel , the producers, hard-working crew, talented writers and incredible cast, THANK YOU for delivering exceptional performances, stories and quality production every week.

Anna, John, Josh, Lance, Jasika and Blair, although your Fringe characters will be missed, I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you on the big or small screen real soon. I am a true fan!

With much appreciation and love . . .

Fringe 5 Poster

-Kelly, Brooklyn, New York (@kellykel63)

Fringe has ruined me for TV. So little now is appealing. Everything that has been accomplished here is more than amazing. Anytime I finish a thank you letter or a huge post about Fringe, I think I can’t possibly have more to say, but I’m wrong every time. This is one of those times. The cast and crew are the most talented and loving I’ve seen come together, a true miracle of television. You made me feel better when all I wanted to do was scream and cry. You have my heart and unending gratitude. What else can I do but give my thanks to every one of you, those whose names I know, and those I’ve never seen but who can be felt in every detail? “Thank you” never seems to be enough. I wish you all the best in whatever comes next.

-Erin Bates, Connecticut (@Reinbeast)

Because Fringe has been more than a show, I have learnt how important family and love is. I have laughed, cried, and thanks to Fringe I have met lots of amazing people. Really Thank you for these 5 unforgettable years.

-Xavi Molina, Spain

Hey guys! I just want to tell you how much I LOVE Fringe (obviously). I remember the first time I saw Fringe… I was in Argentina (‘cause my 15 birthday) I saw the promos so I decide to watch the show and it was “Inner Child,” I just fell in love, the show was all I could wish (action, science, love, bizarre situations). Now I’ve seen all the seasons and waiting the final chapter. I’m going to go to University and I’m going to study Chemistry, I hope one day I might be like Walter Bishop (he is an inspiration to me). 
Thanks for making this show, I’m going to miss it.

-Nayeli, Mexico

I have watched since the first episode, where I fell in love with all of you! Thank you so much for bringing us such a wonderful world as Fringe! Thank you for caring about your fans, we feel such a special connection with you. [We] will miss you all so much. xoxoxox  p.s. praying for a movie!!!!

-Julie Macneil, Spencer, Iowa



Hard to put it in words what this show and what you ALL do for this show means to me but ill try.
I have to be honest I couldn’t get into the show the 1st time I saw it, it took me listening to a podcast with John Noble for me to give it another shot. I just fell in love with everything he said. After giving it a try, I gave my heart to every cast member I met…[especially] Astrid.
BIG thank you for Astrid!! And lets not forget about the number of tears I have wept for all the characters I have found myself so into. I just want to say a big thank you to the writers for what they do. If it wasnt for their talent, I wouldn’t have given this show another shot.
And what other show has me wanting to see more and more of  Walter bishop!!!! Dear John Noble you just make my Fridays!!!!And lets not forget about Gene!! LOL Who would have thought I would be looking forward to seeing a cow on a show about science fiction.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the cast and crew and everyone involved in bringing this amazing show to my TV screen every Friday night for 5 fun filled years

-Kimmy, Aurora, Colorado

Where to start?? What an amazing 5 years you have given me. I’ve truly enjoyed every moment of Fringe. It has captured my heart my soul my imagination and has run away with it. This show was more than I ever hoped for. Bishop Boys: Walter(John Noble), my heart breaks every time yours did. Incredible acting blew me away. Peter(Josh Jackson) I loved that relationship you built up/lost/regained with Walter. The love between you both shone onscreen.
Strong(yet afraid on the inside) Olivia(Anna Torv) you kept your emotions quiet & when you let them loose, boy, did I feel it. Astrid (Jasika Nicole) your heartwarming, deep love and care for Walter. Broyles(Lance Reddick) your on screen presence was one not to be messed with. Love it.
Nina(Blair Brown) you kept your cards close to your chest [and] kept me wondering whose side you were on and then what a way to show us you really cared. September(Michael Cerveris) you slowly observed for 5 years and found a way to quietly slip into my heart I cant imagine Fringe without you, Donald. Joel Wyman you have been the most awesome showrunner a fandom could ever wish for, so willing & ready on twitter to listen and interact. TO ALL OF THE FRINGE COMPANY PAST N PRESENT LOVE ALWAYS


Thank you for nudging the gears. For subtlely, and not so subtlely, coaxing [nonlinear] thought. Thank you for encouraging intellectualism. For dismissing the banalities and making thought-provoking television entertaining. With all from the slightest sleight of hand to the broadest action, you’ve initiated tens of thousands of hours of enriching conversation, bonding strangers across time zones and languages. You’ve defied the fetters of time and space, binding people and events across glances and across universes, across single episodes and across multiple seasons, across moments and across timelines. All of you, every one of you, are truly an inspiration. In coming years, we’ll look back and see the revolution your efforts have wrought. Surely, they’ve offered credence to the efforts and visions of likeminded artists and writers such as myself.

-E. A. Setser, Covington, Kentucky

My life has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs since 2008, and Fringe has been the only constant—something to “tether me to the world,” if you will.
At this time I am very isolated due to PTSD, which was exacerbated by certain events over the last five years. I don’t go anywhere or see anyone, except for family, due to the symptoms of this condition; it’s just too stressful. The only contact I have with others is through Fringe Twitter events and G+ Fringe Communities. It just may be the only thing that has kept me sane!
I have made “friends” all over the world. Mostly, we have only one thing in common—Fringe, but that is enough. It is a simple, pure love for a show that has given us so much pleasure, with characters that the actors have made so real that we can’t help but love them, feel for them, and take a vested interest in what will happen next.
Together we have all fought so hard to keep this show on the air, though viewership has never been very high, but we did it. The power of fans has been shown through the use of social media networking. What might have been a whisper turned into a roar, and the network heard us, but more importantly, they listened. For me, I feel as though I have been a part of something that was so much more than just me…something that mattered…something for which I will be forever grateful. Child abuse survivors have such a difficult time making and maintaining connections, but, maybe for the first time, I have made connections and kept them—as difficult as it has been.

-Jo Jo Lopez-Roma, Shohola, Pennsylvania

Thank u FRINGE cast and crew for this unforgettable journey we took together. I will never forget u and I will always miss you!!!!


Thanks, FRINGE for all the laughs, tears and all-around awesomeness! Is it too late for a FRINGE movie?!


Didn’t get a chance to submit your thank you message? Write it in the comments section.

-Mary and Louise


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  1. Bye Bye “Fringe”, there’ll not be a show like it for a long time to come. This show saved my sanity as I started to watch it when my Aunt started with Dementia and then my Father took cancer. Thanks to the wonderful cast and crew who made this show magical and kept me from going insane in some dark and depressing times. Just like my dad and my Aunt who are now no longer with us…this show will be sadly missed.. THANKS GUYS.

  2. This show has singlehandedly redeemed every year I suffered through disappointing/boring TV shows and movies as I waited for “the show” that I would really love. I am 44 years old. This show was “the one” for me, and there probably won’t be another. Thank you.

  3. Words cannot express my love for this show, the cast and crew who worked to hard. Us fans worked hard to keep it alive. It will always be alive and an influence to the future with no observers. This show will be soooo missed and I don’t think people realized it’s potential till to late. We have a wonderful legacy. Thanks to everyone involved. I am going to gather my Kleenex. Remember to look up and watch for the Rainbow.

  4. I can’t. I love Fringe so much I don’t want it to end.
    Thank you for 5 amazing seasons. Thank you for the intelligent, creative and heart warming show that Fringe is. You are and always will be a part of my life and even though it is ending it will do it with a bang and it forever will be with us fringies. I love you all!!!! I feel so happy to have participated in so many fringe fridays, twitter campaigns, tears and laughter and the all around love for Fringe. I found where I belong, and for that I thank you.
    See you in the future…

  5. Love you so much !!!! Thank you

  6. Thanks, Fringe for Everything.
    Gabriel Luiz – Brasil

  7. Thank you …. ALL of you .. for the hard work, creativity and passion that has been so evident over the past five seasons. Every minute of Fringe has been truly amazing. Best wishes to eveyone involved ! (and YES we would be THRILLED if there was a movie !!! )

    Ralph in Halifax Nova Scotia

  8. Kathy Valentine

    To everyons involved in this amazing series a huge THANK YOU from me, I will miss you. I have followed Fringe from the very beginning. I am 67 years old and thoroughly enjoyed each season. I watched the final episode last night on Go television in Australia, I sincerely hope that a movie will be made of this brilliant show.

    Kathy Jan Juc, Victoria, Australia.

  9. Fringe was the first show to grab me from the first episode and take me on a wonderfully comedic, tragic and emotional helter-skelter for five years. Judos to the cast for their wonderful portrayals and the writers for the story arc that grabbed our attention for five seasons. I will miss Fringe but the S5 finale left me in no doubt that all is well with the world of Fringe.

  10. I recently finished binge-watching all five seasons on Amazon. When the last episode ended, I felt elated, despondent, hopeful and a little lost.What an amazing show!. I caught a few episodes when it was on regular TV, but I was very busy at that time in my life. Now I can say I watched it in full at the perfect time in my life. Recovering from a major surgery, and contemplating my own past, present and future.
    I can only extend a very belated THANK YOU! to all the cast and crew of this show. Three years after ending, it is still a paragon of dramatic sci-fi shows. I don’t think we will ever see it’s equal.

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