TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 5×12 “Liberty” 5×13 “An Enemy of Fate”


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Fans went to Twitter and tweeted “KeepLookingUp” one hour before the series finale. This was the hashtag chosen by Fringenuity, but the fandom received a big surprise when Fox introduced a new hashtag for the second hour of the finale: “#WeCrossedtheLine.” Bravo Fox!! I don’t know about you, but I was floored when this occurred. The fact that Fox chose a hashtag that harks back to the fan’s first twitter event, “#CrosstheLine,” demonstrates that networks have changed dramatically in how they involve and recognize fans. Ratings still and will always be important when deciding the fate of a show, but fan support is gaining more and more attention. The tweets, collected by @angelamorales18, are a sample of the Twitter activity that is helping to revolutionize the television industry.


  • @JLJMcCarron: Mystery, suspense, surprises, but most of all: LOVE. The finale was the whole series of ‪#Fringe in one episode.
  • @GodsGirl1989: SPEECHLESS…..I can’t even find the words to what all I’m feeling right now…..EMOTION OVERLOAD!!!‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @kierack: Walter holding hands with Michael was very much reminiscent of him crossing over with Peter‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @Crystalyte3: ‪#WeCrossedTheLine to save what many said couldn’t be saved. ‪#KeepLookingUp ‪#Fringe
  • @angieonthegogo: ‪@jwfringe The DUNHAMATOR…for the last time!‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @SeanWorsdale: Fringe finale was amazing! ‪#Fringe ‪#wecrossedtheline‪#keeplookingup
  • @libbyhoffmann: Just finished ‪#Fringe series finale, so bittersweet. Thank u‪#JJAbrams for sharing such an amazing story in an incredible way‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @108DANNY108: Damn you white tulip. Why must you all yank the heart strings out‪#KeepLookingUp ‪#fringe
  • @tonyv619: I’ve never understood why the observers weapons don’t really kill people….they just throw you back ‪#Fringe ‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @danigeeky: Amazing how from universe to universe, Olivia’s gun remains intact, lol. ‪#KeepLookingUp ‪#Fringe
  • @Belle98: September and Walter are breaking my heart. ‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @LopezC_Ana: Astrid I adore you and it would not be a Fringe team without you‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @ameliatornatore: Not watching until the west coast airing, but sending this now. Fringe was one of the best things that ever happened to me.‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @PhotoPhoto12: Oohhh jeez, that scene between Walter and Peter was heart wrenching!! How mean. ‪#fringe ‪#WeCrossedTheLine‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @a_squared_2: I remember when crossing over was kind of impossible. I guess rules get broken during a series finale. ‪#keeplookingup ‪#Fringe
  • @lauraracero: #Fringe started with a man breaking the world for saving a boy. And it ended with that same man saving the world with the help of a boy.
  • @TorreyHam: #FRINGE Finale was all I could have wanted. An emotional and satisfying end to one of the greatest stories television has ever told
  • @JulzHendricks: How many times does Olivia have to be the hero? ‪#Fringe‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @Starbuck7121: OMFG so much Olivia and Anna Torv badassery is about to go down I’m practically vibrating with excitement. ‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @108DANNY108: What Micheal is watching That’s all that going to be on tv now after fringe is over. ‪#KeepLookingUp ‪#fringe
  • @Reinbeast: Fringe’s ending keeps hitting me in waves. One minute happy, next minute watery eyes. #WeCrossedtheLine
  • @MomentumDefered: CORTEXIPHAN. AW YEA SHITS ABOUT TO GET REAL.‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @Jeremy_2566: ‪@sky1insider Heart in my mouth as Olivia escaped with Michael! Brilliant, gripping first hour. Only an hour to go! ‪#KeepLookingUp‪#Fringe
  • @frakintosh: I love you, Dunham. Always thinking with portals. ‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @WalterBishopFAN: omg I can’t believe #Fringe is over. I can’t stop thinking about it! Definitely one of the best sci fi’s in years!
  • @Ocean5ouL: That’s it Fringies.. the neverending hiatus just has begun. Thank you, Fringe Family.. you are all wonderful.
  • @pixelsmith24: So the question is, what am I going to do with my Friday night’s now?!?


  • @aimeeinchains: God, that was painful to watch. Poor Olivia…‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @NataliaQuique: I hope it is worth the pain, poor Olivia! ‪#KeepLookingUp
  • ‪@torayy14: Peter please this is Olivia we’re talking about. She got shot in the head and she survived ‪#KeepLookingUp
  • @birdandbear: REDVERSE REDVERSE REDVERSE!!! I missed You!!!‪#KeepLookingUp
  • #WeCrossedTheLine
  • @ShelLynn81: OMG OMG OMG alkjdfal;ifu ;lakdjlk I have no words!!!! The whole lab was just unleashed!!! LOVE IT!! #WeCrossedTheLine
  • @Starbuck7121: Incredibly satisfying to see Windmark get mushed with a car by Olivia. So glad she was the one to finally take him out.‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @KristyvdV: Loved the mix all the ‪#Fringe events and the shout out to previous seasons with cortexiphan and the white tulip! :,)‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @amweber13: Thank you, ‪#FRINGE. I got hooked only 9 months ago, and they’ve been the best months of my life. ‪#WeCrossedTheLine and I am so proud
  • @kittenwhiskblog: I agree: “You were my favorite thing. My VERY favorite thing.”-Walter My words exactly to Fringe and the cast‪#WeCrossedTheLine”
  • ‏@YankeeJosh: What the heck am I supposed to do on Fridays now? Be social and interact with people? ‪#Fringe ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • ‏@omega287: A tulip for ‪#Fringe That was an awesome finale, BRAVO!‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • ‏@tangomega: ‪@kirkacevedo I was hoping to see you tonight, but you’re forever a part of ‪#Fringe, Charlie! ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @newmoniker25: Great ending to an amazing show. Now to kiss my sleeping son on the head and whisper “You are my favorite thing.”‪#wecrossedtheline”
  • @Fringenuity: #Fringe “It should not exist, but someone wanted it to exist. Someone ensured its survival, because they thought it was important.”
  • @fringetoast: Seriously. I think i need to have a word with the Fringe camera man. The back of Peter’s head does not a kiss make ‪#POlivia
  • ‏@kirbysox: ‪#WeCrossedTheLine love love loved the ending! Bad Robot you didn’t disappoint. Will miss Walter, Peter, Olivia, Broyles and Astrid!!!
  • @birdandbear: ‪@WarnerBrosEnt So…Walter gets rescued in the movie right? Summer 2015? ‪#WeCrossedTheLine ‪#Fringe
  • @ndavgun: How come child observer didn’t reset/reboot the fringe universe all the way back to Walter saving boy Peter? ‪#WeCrossedTheLine‪#FringeFinale
  • @Wetterfrosch_xD: my highlights of the 2 hour fringe series final: the olivia/olivia hug and the park scene ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @KatmirStone: ‪#WeCrossedTheLine … “Fringe” should return as a miniseries and a movie.
  • ‏@LBlazevich: Olivia Dunham will forever be in my heart. ‪#WeCrossedTheLine‪#KeepLookingUp ‪#Fringe
  • @ObscureCynic: Am I the only one who wanted to see Bell being experimented on in the Observer labs during the finale? ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • ‪@LailaJean: John Noble & Joshua Jackson r destroying me. “The time we had, we stole”. Fantastic work, as always‪#wecrossedtheline
  • @AntonEgorovRd: I’ve still got lots of questions on ‪#Fringe, but “What you don’t understand you can make mean anything”, so I’ll do‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @guitarguy14: ‪#WeCrossedTheLine wow. Not the explosive ending I half expected, but an incredible story. Did Peter remember?
  • @recklessjess98: When I saw September was dead, I could not even …‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @travisprinzi: I have no idea about JJ Abram’s life story, but based on ‪#Fringe and LOST, daddy issues make for damn good television.‪#wecrossedtheline
  • @bluebird47_: sooooo… did I miss something or have they forgotten to explain Olivia’s memory slips in 5.03??? ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @osmosis05: Walter walkin off into the sunset. a hero who sacrificed himself to save the world and his family…beautiful. ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @Teemara: Anna Torv, one word…… Amazing ‪#Fringe ‪#WeCrossedtheLine
  • @GrowingupGareth: Olivia is so bad-ass! What a send-off! ‪#Fringe ‪#wecrossedtheline
  • @GlassHeart5: Peter + Olivia 💜❤ ‪#FringeFriday ‪#wecrossedtheline ‪#byeFringe
  • @noz4a2: Am I the only one who got emotional when Alt-Liv & Olivia hugged?‪#WeCrossedTheLine ‪#Fringe
  • @pixelsmith24:  So, power outage in New York City…Oh wait, that’s just Olivia being a BAMF once again!!! ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @NataliaQuique: The world’s a lab, Walter&Belly’s, hehe… ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @birdandbear: OOOOOOH EWWWWW I hate those things!!! But YAY!! xD‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @tribeoftyrones: AAAHHHH GENE!! ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @dalliel: If that was Astrid’s shining moment then I’m sure Jasika is very disappointed!! ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • ‏@oconnellaboo: ‪#WeCrossedTheLine and there ain’t no goin’ back – who would want to?
  • @JoshJacksonNet: ‪@VancityJax thank you for giving us five amazing years, too! We have all been truly blessed by this outstanding show.
  • @peterleung: Hell hath No Fury like a Mother on Cortexiphan Scorned. ‪#Fringe‪@TheDavidFury ‪@JWFRINGE ‪@JPFRINGE
  • @sykestynine: when the best tv show to ever exist ends so does ur life
  • @ambern9 Um..I need an epilogue w the Bishop family. What do they do now? Do they have a boy named Walter? Is there a Fringe team? ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @Maroon5_222 ‪#wecrossedtheline my life is over. This show was my life
  • @geek4fun MT 1 year ago we started the Twitter events with ‪#CrossTheLine. Tonight we’re ending an era because ‪#WeCrossedTheLine. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL.
  • @daangraff ‪#Fringe I can’t believe you’re gone. What an awesome finale! ‪#WeCrossedTheLine ‪#Fringe
  • @fanlingo The moment where ‪@VancityJax mouthed “I love you, Dad.” Can I just die, now? ‪#Fringe ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @ICGenie Farewell and thank you to Fringe. Brilliant from beginning to end ‪#wecrossedtheline


  • @kristinahammock Oh my gosh that was perfection. I am sobbing uncontrollably but that was a beautiful ending to a fantastic show. I will miss you, ‪#Fringe.
  • @fightforfringe­_ AND……….. HOW DO I GO ON WITH MY LIFE.
  • @_Cisco Perfect end to a perfect show! Still crying but I just want to say thank you to ‪@JWFRINGE S5 was truly a love story to us fans! ‪#Fringelove
  • @WilliamJTV We can’t be too sad though, Peter, Olivia and Etta are back together. Plus Walter is somewhere being a good stepdad 🙂 ‪#Fringe
  • @robsul82 In all possible universes, ‪#Fringe will be missed. Sad panda that it’s over, happy panda to have experienced it.
  • @goategg Ah, ‪#Fringe. A wonderful ending to a wonderful show. It’s been a blast, and I shall dearly miss you.
  • @DylanLikesIzzy “You are my favorite thing Peter, my very favorite thing.” Omg I can’t take it. Please no. 😦 ‪#fringe ‪#fringefinally say it isn’t over.
  • @RetroFaz ‪#Fringe finale was Whaaa!!!
  • @spokeninriddles HOW ARE THERE STILL TEARS COMING OUT OF MY EYES?!?! HOW CAN I POSSIBLY HAVE THIS MUCH WATER IN ME?!?! 0__0 ‪#Fringe *forever sobbing*
  • @_Allyria Right now I feel like the fish at the end of Finding Nemo when they escape the dentist fish tank……Now what?! ‪#Fringe
  • @baldurs_87 ‪#fringe was awesome! Even better than I’d hoped.
  • @LuvlypeaceXxl ahhhh last episode of Fringe… love loved it!! ‪#fringe
  • @jem219 I will come to terms with the ending, the rest was utterly brilliant – I am going to miss ‪#FRINGE with my whole heart.
  • @MarioCS1985 En la Series Finale de ‪#Fringe ha habido frases muy míticas…
  • @awoods09 I’m an emotional wreck. Well done ‪#Fringe, you’ve done it again, and for the last time… Raise a glass to the ‪#FringeFinale
  • @grantbrowne The ‪#FRINGE finale was incredible. I can’t believe it’s over. ‪#WeCrossedTheLine
  • @lesleyrebecca I’ll process the last two hours as soon as I’m done crying. ‪#fringe
  • @crazylittleelf This is apparently what ‘all the feels’ feels like. ‪#fringe
  • @mdubes77 Goodbye ‪#fringe don’t know if there will be a show like you for a long time!

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  1. this had made me break down again…. 😥

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