Fringe 5×12 “Liberty”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer


I typically try to write something witty and insightful for the intro but let’s face it, I don’t think my brain will ever fully process intelligible thoughts again after the visit to the alternate universe in 5×12.

  • Here we go. ONE. LAST. TIME. cryingcryingsigh

  • BROYLES!!!!!!! I’ve missed him. Broyles: “Are you suggesting that I might be the dove? I’m more of Raven don’t you think.” You go, Broyles! Assert your beautiful, bald, non-Observer-y presence.

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Liberty Island!!!! THAT’S WHERE THE DoD IS IN THE PARALLEL UNIVERSE. THIS. IS. HAPPENING. We are going to go to the other side.

  • Ugh, I’m really tired of Darth Sidious disrupting the Bishops’ plan to save humanity. It’s time for him to go. OH SNAP! Darth Sidious can’t read Michael’s thoughts. NOSE BLEED FTW! Way to go Junior!
  • Devising a plan…Olivia Dunham style. thumbs up

Fringe512Liberty0002202 Fringe512Liberty0002217 Fringe512Liberty0002226 Fringe512Liberty0002287 Fringe512Liberty0002301 Fringe512Liberty0002306 Fringe512Liberty0002322 Fringe512Liberty0002336

  • Silly Peter, Cortexiphan has a shelf life of 217 years. Everyone knows that!!


  • It’s the window to see the other universe!!!! SO MANY SHOUTOUTS!!!! love strucklove struck
  • Poor Junior, he is Windmark’s new Chia pet. I would actually but that. “Watch your Observer Chia pet grow!”

Fringe512Liberty0003506 Fringe512Liberty0003521

  • Donald is like Santa Claus entering the lab via the chimney and bringing goodies.


  • Oh boy…here come the waterworks. Now, kids, there’s a reason Cortexiphan shots are never a Living Social Deal. DO. NOT. TRY. AT. HOME.

  • While I hate seeing Olivia in pain, I am enjoying the Polivia touching.kisskisswinkingwinking
  • “I created Cortexiphan. There is no better authority.” Walter! I thought we learned to tone down the talking
  • Walter: “The sacrifice is hard son, but you’re no stranger to it.” Peter: “Neither are you, dad.” cryingcryingcrying

  • She is remembering Etta!!!! Kill me now. My tears are a waterfall.


  • Awwww, Olivia with the comedy. The moments when she is lighthearted are rare and special.happy

  • The blimp! IT’S HAPPENING!!!!!! big grin Olivia is in the alternate universe.applause

  • surprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurpriseWas Fauxlivia in amber too? ‘Cuz girl has not aged. What is her secret? AND THAT HAIR. HOW I’VE MISSED THAT HAIR. day dreamingday dreaming




  • GAH!!!! They have a son!!!!!! I THINK I HAVE DIED AND GONE TO FANFIC HEAVEN.droolingdrooling

  • GAH! WHY MUST I HAVE FEELINGS?! Olivia just saw little Etta. sad
  • I’m loving the soundtrack in this scene!!


  • So is the DVD going to have the uncut version of  the Lincoln/Olivia scene in which Lincoln asks how Peter is doing? Seriously, I was expecting any second for the two of them to talk about the love triangle.

Fringe512Liberty0004410 Fringe512Liberty0004411 Fringe512Liberty0004418 Fringe512Liberty0004419 Fringe512Liberty0004420Fringe512Liberty0004421

  • It’s been a long time since Olivia has had cortexiphan in her body, but girl jumps like a pro. I’m sure I would’ve been nauseous after the first one.
  • The atmosphere in the altverse must have some miraculous compound that makes hair look amazing. Jealous!


  • Hey, remember, when we were complaining how we missed BAMF Olivia, well here we go…


  • SNAPPLE! The Observer crossed over to the Redverse. surprisesurprise As if the Fauxlivia/Lincoln shippers weren’t excited enough, this happened:

  • Bye, Bye Lincoln.wavesad


  • The boat! I MISS HENRY. sadsad Okay, that’s it. I’m officially making space in my closet for Olivia Dunham inspired clothes. Fauxlivia is rockin’ that long, black coat. What is up with that one strand of gray hair? She reminds me of Storm from X-Men.
  • Olivia: “You have a beautifully family.” Fauxlivia: “Thank you. Go save yours. Get your daughter back.”  Where’s an Observer tech device for moments like these to avoid feeling? I DON’T WANT TO SAY GOODBYE!! cryingcrying

  • Polivia snuggling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crying
  • Who is Donald visiting? GAH! It’s December! 513! 513! THE APARTMENT IS NUMBERED 513 like the next episode. Get it, guys?! JK I know you do, because you are a Fringe fan, making your instantly smarter than the typical TV viewer.

Thank you Fringe Files and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.


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  1. What can I say this ep had it ALL! Can you believe that I predicted that Faux and Linc would have a son and they did—now if only Etta had met him and the two of them fell and love and got married and gave Leeham and Polivia the cutest grandkids in the world!

    Okay–I’m getting carried away! Awesome review as always Mary….I know that I am going to miss these more than I imagined! Can’t wait for your review of 513! 🙂

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