Fringe 5×13 “Enemy of Fate”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer


Let’s talk about that reset. The reset was an easy escape card which is why I wasn’t thrilled that they used it, HOWEVER, it gave us a satisfying end for the characters. I have no reason to be angry after being given that idyllic version of Peter and Olivia in the park with Etta. The embrace between Peter and his daughter just melted my heart. This is what the Fringe team worked so hard to achieve-the chance for a father to regain his child and demonstrate his love for that child. I was happy. I would’ve greatly appreciated more Astrid and a tiny scene between little Etta and Olivia, but what’s done is done. I accept the finale and I am happy with it. So, maybe you have items on your list that were never checked off, but my hope is that you can find satisfaction in the show’s ending.

  • OH.MY.GOSH.  The 12 Observers who traveled to Walter’s era developed feelings!!

  • Donald: “When we first came here, we did not know the true nature of our expedition. We were not told.” WHAT?! Who sent them?! Who is Papa Observer? surprise
  • Donald: “Destiny change be changed. But you have to have the will change it…even if it requires sacrifice.” Uh oh. nail bitingWho is going to be the sacrifice?
  • Walter: “What I wouldn’t give for a good, old-fashioned tumor-inducing cell phone.” He’s baaaaaaaack. I love old Walter. applause Hey, it’s Louise’s bestie, Anil.

Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0000716 Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0000758

  • NOOOOOOOOO! sadWhat are they doing to Broyles’ car? I don't want to see Spaceballs!! They are reading the glass. They know!cryingcrying

  • Aw, everyone is back in the lab like one, big, happy, world-saving family.

Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0001978 Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0001999 Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0002104 Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0002167 Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0002230 Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0002335

  • Dang, the Observers are sloppy. They left a glove in Broyles’ car. “The most important thing is the plan.” “Olivia…just get it done.” Nooooo! I don’t want to lose Broyles, too! cryingcryingcryingcryingI don't want to see

  • Only Peter can make lasering through amber this sexy.batting eyelashes


  • WALTER SENT PETER THE WHITE TULIP & HE IS GOING TO DISAPPEAR. Say it ain’t so. sadsad “It had to be this way to ensure the future of our humanity- your future, the future of Olivia, and Etta.” crying “The time we had together we stole.” “I want you to give Olivia your daughter back. I wan to give you your life back. As a father, how could I not do that for you?” I can’t. I JUST CAN’T. MY EYES HURT FROM CRYING!!
  • I’m done.

  • December. sad Didn’t really know you, but you were one of the good guys.

Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0004649 Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0004712 Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0004775

  • Michael, help the lady out! She saved you from becoming the hamburger mystery meat served at the Observer cafeteria. The least you can do is answer her question.
  • I’ve missed fun, crazy scientist Walter!!! big hughee heehee hee

  • GENE!!!! Walter: “You always know how to soothe me. You always have.” Astrid: “Walter, this is not the end. We’re gonna win this. And when we do, we’ll be drinking strawberry milkshakes in the lab and not even gonna remember that this happened.” Astrid, you are killing me!! cryingcryingcryingcrying This one scene almost makes up for the lack of Astrid this entire season.

  • Broyles sadsad

Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0007109 Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0007130

  • It’s time for these tattered parents to get their happy ending.

  • If it isn’t doppelgängers, timelines, or Observers, then it is good old fashion cockblocking.


  • Someone give Donald the “Best New Dad” of the year award. “I can’t communicate with him in the traditional ways. When I take his hand and I lead him… he’ll know that I love him.” cryingcrying
  • It’s the nematode! OH. MY. GOSH. THE OLD FRINGE CASES!!thumbs up Hand glyph. Butterflies. Slugs. Heads exploding. It’s a love letter to the Fringe fandom! applauseapplause




  • The necklace! Oh yeah…that NYC blackout…it’s just Olivia getting revenge for her daughter.

  • Did that scene remind anyone else of the Buffy series finale when Buffy slowly gets up to face the First?

  • Olivia, superhero and mom applauseapplause


  • Walter! Don’t leave me!!

Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0011884 Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0011926 Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0011947 Fringe513AnEnemyOfFate0011989

  • Peter, Olivia, and Etta are back in the park. surprisebig grinbig hug WHERE IS MY OXYGEN TANK?!

  • He caught her!

  • Peter caught his little girl. Olivia knows! She remembers what happened. This is just perfect. Perfect!  Peter and Etta are adorable beyond words and Olivia is struckday dreaming

  • The white tulip.

OH BOY! Deep breaths. Deep breaths. I knew this day would come. BUT IT STILL HURTS!

Is it possible to strain an eye muscle from crying too much? I think I just have. It’s difficult to say goodbye to Fringe but what’s even more difficult is saying goodbye to the Fringe fandom. I know, I know, Fringies, this is not a final farewell because we will continue to stay in touch via Twitter, tumblr, or Pop Culture Nexus, but it won’t be the same. Some folks will drift off into horizon like Etta’s dandelion while others will reunite every now and then to discuss the show. No matter what path each Fringe fan takes, I want them to know how extraordinary they are. They have inspired me, strengthen my faith in fandoms, and surprised me.

I would like to thank the Fringe fandom for embracing me and Louise into their community and being our biggest cheerleaders online. They are limitless and they have elevated the show to “pop culture icon” status. It’s difficult to fully imagine the impact Fringe will have on pop culture because the show is still “fresh,” but mark my words, in a few years, we will see television tropes that can be traced back to the supernatural, familial show. Fringe‘s writing, acting, and music will influence others, however, the greatest impact will be from the show’s fans. The fans are the living embodiment of Fringe‘s message that fate can be changed. The show’s destiny should have been cancellation, yet destiny was altered. As September said, “Destiny can be changed. But you have to have the will to change it even if it requires sacrifice.” The fans had the will to change the course the show was on as a result of low ratings and there is no doubt that they made sacrifices along the way. Small and big sacrifices were made, but they they were made out of love and hope. The show’s themes were carried out by the fans, and the show reciprocated by integrating them into the story in the form of symbolic objects and people. Though they are not mentioned by name, the fans are represented by the dandelion growing amid the rubble in the street, the bullet that saves, the historian who records the team’s adventures, and the young comic book writer. They were written into the final chapter and that’s what the television experience should be about. It should be an interactive relationship. The show is not there to be consumed solely, but it should be discussed, reimagined and to some degree informed by fans. And I like to think that Fringe is a model show of the reciprocal relationship scripted television can have with fans.

Thank you Fringies for enhancing the TV world, and thank you Fringe Files and Tumblr for providing the screencaps and gifs.

I would also like to take a moment and thank my parents for becoming Fringies and supporting the show, fandom, and Pop Culture Nexus. I love you Mom and Dad!!


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  1. OK—First off: I am beyond tissues and need to find a towel!

    Second: Please consider going back and doing more reviews from season 3 and 4 as I am just not ready to say goodbye to your fringetastic ‘First Time Viewer Reviews”! It is almost as hard as losing Fringe itself!

    Third: Thanking your parents at the end is reminding me of the Peter/Olivia/Etta beautifulness and is one of the sweetest things I have ever read! Is it okay if I call you Etta from now on?

    Fourth: It has been an honor supporting you and Louise all these months—The love you girls have for Fringe is one of my very favorite things! 🙂

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