Do you suffer from Fringe Withdrawal?


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  1. I just spit my drink out all over the place so…thanks for that! I DO suffer withdrawal and am glad to know I am not the only one. I need help!

  2. That is hysterical! My daughter calls me the crazy Fringe lady!

  3. How did you gals know? Of course we are going thru withdrawal,oh i miss them like crazy!!!! Loved your video!

  4. Wait-do you guys have a secret camera in my house? Because not only do I suffer from all the things you mentioned but I find myself answering in Fringism in my mind to each person that talks to me. I also walk around mumbling things about “Faux” and “O” and Linc and Pete….yes, a sickness had taken over this house as I am not the only one who suffers. My mini me (Anna Elizabeth) is showing SEVERE signs of withdrawal….she is trying every way possible for us to get our cable service to carry Science channel…wonder if they sick of all the letters scented with red vines and bacon?!?!?! If you guys find a quick fix other than drowning ourselves in foods we never would fathom of eating before OR gluing oneself to the DVD boxes of Fringe (and watching) we will be glad to hear the cure. Yes, we need help and a Fringe fix and less desire to wonder how it feels to be Ambered ;-/

  5. Oops…Forgot to mention that I Loved your video. See-just the mention of Fringe takes over and my mind will not get back on track. Oh-gotta run-Anna Elizabeth has our Peanut Butter and Bacon sandwiches ready. Fringies Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Well at least you two can see that I get all my ‘Fringe Enthusiasm’ honest….LOL!
    Keep posting these vids girls as they are helping soothe these painful withdrawals……it seems like it hurts worse everyday!!!!


  7. Perfection! Utter perfection!!! This…to say it made my day would be an understatement. It has given me strength to come out with this daily struggle. Hi. My name is Cerissa and I suffer from Fringe Withdrawal. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  8. @HoosierAnthony

    YES, YES I suffer from Fringe withdrawal. My wife has threatened divorce…I told her that was okay because in the alt-universe I would marry Anna Torv.

  9. Who isn’t suffering from withdrawal?
    Thanks for the vid, glad to know I’m not alone.
    I find it helps to write and read lots of fanfiction and do lots of fan art and to keep re-watching the DVD’s and coming back to popculturenexus. It’s the only way to cope (especially since no-one I know watches Fringe)
    Although if I had to pick the perfect ending that would have been it.
    But that doesn’t make it any better…

  10. Lynn Finch @dixiegirl256


  11. you guys are awesome… i answered yes to all those questions!

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