Favorite Moments from Castle 5×14 “Reality Star Struck”

Fringe may be over but I still have an insatiable desire to create crazy, photo captions, and this week’s Castle episode seemed like a perfect outlet. It was a treat seeing Patrick Fabian of Veronica Mars fame guest star, and Gina Torres reunite with her Firefly castmate, Nathan Fillion.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite moments from 5×14.

Castle trying to guess his Valentine’s Day gift

The Star Wars reference alone made me love this scene, but sci-fi references aside, Castle and Beckett’s adorable banter is proof that they would be an awesome couple to go on a double date with.

Castle5x14.1Castle5x14.2 Castle5x14.3 Castle5x14.4

Captain Gates is a fangirl

Every now and then the spotlight with a soft-colored gel shines on “tough-as-nails” Captain Gates and makes her endearing. Who knew she was secretly a fangirl underneath that suit?

Castle5x14.5 Castle5x14.8 Castle5x14.9 Castle5x14.10 Castle5x14.11 Castle5x14.12 Castle5x14.13

And like any good fan, Gates suggested Castle and Beckett watch the show. There aren’t a lot of rules to being a fangirl, but one of them is to get as many people you can watching your favorite show.

Castle5x14.18 Castle5x14.19

Castle eating popcorn

The man could make eating sugarsnap peas funny.


Castle experiences the three stages of a TV shipper

Step 1: Realizing two characters are more than just “work partners”


Step 2: Hyperventilating when the characters express their amorous feelings


Step 3: Angrily yelling at the imaginary writers behind the TV screen to stop creating obstacles for the couple

Castle5x14.25 Castle5x14.26

There is a stage 4 that involves crying uncontrollably when your favorite characters live happily ever after, but this only happens when the TV show escapes the cancellation bear and goes out on its own terms. Few actually reach stage 4 and if you do, commemorate it. Save the box of tissues you used or dry freeze your uneaten chocolate. It’s important you remember that moment.

Castle and Gates discuss the show

Two fans are always better than one.

Castle5x14.27 Castle5x14.28 Castle5x14.30

Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres

Pretty much every scene Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres shared together should be in this post, but I’ll go with this one because Castle says, “Spoiler alert.”
Castle5x14.31 Castle5x14.33 Castle5x14.34
Beckett finds out Gates has her gift

I totally forgot Gates didn’t know Castle and Beckett were a couple. It’s ironic she is the Captain of a squad of detectives but can’t decipher the Caskett clues right in front of her.
Castle5x14.35 Castle5x14.37 Castle5x14.38

Castle and Beckett celebrate Valentine’s Day

Castle5x14.40 Castle5x14.41 Castle5x14.42 Castle5x14.43 Castle5X14.43.5 Castle5x14.44 Castle5x14.45 Castle5x14.46

Thanks for reading! If you liked the Castle photo captions, let me know and I’ll continue making them for the next episodes.

Thank you castle-fans.org for the screencaps.



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  1. Loving the photo captions! Would be cool if you continued making them 🙂

  2. OMG!!!!!!! 🙂
    Castle is my second favourite show (after Fringe of course)
    I miss the photo recaps so much, it would be absolutely amazing if you could do some more for Castle.
    This one was fantastic. Made me laugh so much.
    Please continue 🙂

  3. BRILLIANT! Please continue making these!

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