Favorite Moments from Castle 5×15 “Target”


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Way to hit us in the gut, writers. One of the most cherished relationships on the show is the father-daughter bond between Castle and Alexis, and this week that bond is put in jeopardy when Alexis is kidnapped.

The blatant “I miss Alexis” intro

In case you didn’t know this episode was about Alexis, the opening scene served as your warning sign that emotional turmoil was ahead. Castle woke up to Martha making Alexis’ favorite pancakes, and the two talked about how their favorite girl use to be the center of their universe before moving to college. Ladies and gentlemen, “feels overload” ahead in three miles.

Castle5x15.1 Castle5x15.2 Castle5x15.4 Castle5x15.10

Beckett and Castle talk about Alexis

I enjoy those moments when Castle discusses with Beckett his latest parenting dilemma because it satisfies my shipper heart with imaginings of what their conversations would be like if they were married raising Alexis. Even before Caskett officially became an item, I wished Alexis would go to Beckett for advice and guidance. This happened once when Alexis was interested in studying abroad, but sadly, it was never developed further by the writers.

Castle5x15.11 Castle5x15.12 Castle5x15.13 Castle5x15.14 Castle5x15.15 Castle5x15.16 Castle5x15.17 Castle5x15.18

The hug

Castle was placed on the other side of the table metaphorically and physically in this week’s case, but he was not alone. Beckett sat beside him and comforted him with a hug, despite the possible ramifications of their PDA.

Castle5x15.31 Castle5x15.32 Castle5x15.34 Castle5x15.34.5

Castle watching his daughter’s videos

Initiate cryfest! I know from personal experience that I am in dangerous territory when something reminds me of Fringe, and this scene did exactly that. This was about three levels of pain below the torment of having to witness Olivia watch Etta’s birthday video. (sniffle) Excuse me while I go crawl in the fetal position and sob.

Castle5x15.36 Castle5x15.37 Castle5x15.38

Castle in tears

I’ve seen Nathan Fillion in Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible and Buffy which is why I thought I had seen him express almost every emotion, but I was so wrong. I was not prepared to see him at the brink of emotional breakdown when he thought the pool of blood belonged his only child. My heart shattered watching Fillion’s performance. And though the scene was centered on Castle’s anguish, I believe this will be the moment we look back on as a turning point in Caskett’s relationship. Beckett was miserable watching Castle pace back and forth because she could do nothing for him. She hid the information about the van hoping to save him from the distress he was in, but she failed. She couldn’t provide words of encouragement because the blood could be a match, and she couldn’t manifest her love for him because she had to keep their relationship a secret. She was suffering her own silent hell. She loves Castle but she realized she is cheating him of a complete partner. She knows her job may be at risk if their relationship is revealed, but she will have to make that sacrifice to obtain the relationship they both deserve



Castle is Liam Neeson from Taken

Just another thing I loved about Fillion’s performance- his emotionally dead appearance. Let this be a lesson to all criminals out there: Do not mess with Castle’s loved ones.

Castle5x15.40 Castle5x15.41 Castle5x15.42 Castle5x15.43 Castle5x15.44

Alexis abroad

What the what?! This case just went international.

Castle5x15.50 Castle5x15.51

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