AMC’s new show Immortalized

Out of morbid curiosity, I saw an episode of AMC’s new show, Immortalized, which is Project Runway for the world of taxidermy. In each episode, a taxidermist known as the “Challenger” faces off against a renowned and award winning taxidermist known as the “Immortalizer.” Their works are then judged and one person is crowned the winner. In addition to bragging rights, the winner gets to prepare and stuff the loser. JK. The show’s season would be super short if that happened. And while it is not my cup of Mudder’s milk, the competition was interesting. I always imagined the head of some caribou mounted on wall when I heard the word “taxidermy,” but there is more to it as the show demonstrates. The way the hair is ruffled or the animal is positioned can determine whether the final product is a work of art or a stuffed animal. I was impressed by the Immortalizer’s piece in “End of the World.” It looked like a three dimensional depiction of an image straight out of a National Geographic magazine. I thought he should have been crowned the winner but the judges had other plans. Oh well. I won’t lose sleep over it. If you happen to be a huge fan of taxidermy like Amanda Seyfried or you are just interested in seeing how it is done, then you may want to check out the show on Thursdays at 10pm.



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